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03 November 2006

James Thomson, resveratrol, white shark, haifa pipeline

Indigestion from eating far to many raisins,
a body just cant get enough resveratrol from raisins...
at 4am the trains begin again...
Whence come you in the world of life and light
To this our City of Tremendous Night?--

From pleading in a senate of rich lords
For some scant justice to our countless hordes
Who toil half-starved with scarce a human right:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From wandering through many a solemn scene
Of opium visions, with a heart serene
And intellect miraculously bright:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From making hundreds laugh and roar with glee
By my transcendent feats of mimicry,
And humour wanton as an elvish sprite:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From prayer and fasting in a lonely cell,
Which brought an ecstasy ineffable
Of love and adoration and delight:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From ruling on a splendid kingly throne
A nation which beneath my rule has grown
Year after year in wealth and arts and might:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From preaching to an audience fired with faith
The Lamb who died to save our souls from death,
Whose blood hath washed our scarlet sins wool-white:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From drinking fiery poison in a den
Crowded with tawdry girls and squalid men,
Who hoarsely laugh and curse and brawl and fight:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From picturing with all beauty and all grace
First Eden and the parents of our race,
A luminous rapture unto all men's sight:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From writing a great work with patient plan
To justify the ways of God to man,
And show how ill must fade and perish quite:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.

From desperate fighting with a little band
Against the powerful tyrants of our land,
To free our brethren in their own despite:
I wake from daydreams to this real night.
(the other) James Thomson

mice were fed resveratrol, 24 mg/kg
Red wine 1.5 - 3 mg/litre..a 150-lb person would need 750 to 1,500 bottles of red wine a day
..Dr. Sinclair has long been taking resveratrol 5mg/kg.

Swanson Item# SWU283 100 Mg 30 Caps. $23

jumping the white shark
keep an eye on that 1948 haifa pipeline route:
nowpublic ptaka myspace oldamericancentury speakerofthetruth
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02 November 2006

Bush speaks, Zionist Uranium, Baghdad siege, Mike Ruppert

digbysblog. . Bush speaks: 1Nov06 (Araw ng mga Santos)
.If they control oil resources, then they pull oil off the market in order to run the price up, and they will do so unless we abandon Israel,
One: they're great propagandists, and two: they truly believe they can cause us to retreat by inflicting enough damage, and three: they're lethal. But I also understand they have no vision; they have no ideology. I mean, they have an ideology, ....
One great opportunity for China, Rush, is to encourage China to develop a society in which there are savers. In other words, a society in which there's a pension plan. Let me rephrase that: a society in which there's consumer because now there's a society of too many savers. The reason they're saving so much money is because there's not a pension plan or a legitimate healthcare system. The people horde the money they have in anticipating there's going to be a bad day.
[now my brain hurts, hey me to the nearest legitimate dispensary]

Zionist enriched Uranium bomb
According to Dr Chris Busby, the British Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, two soil samples thrown up by Israeli heavy or guided bombs showed "elevated radiation signatures". .. Harwell laboratory.. has confirmed the concentration of uranium isotopes in the samples.

..there are two possible reasons for the contamination. "The first is that the weapon was some novel small experimental nuclear fission device or other experimental weapon (eg, a thermobaric weapon) based on the high temperature of a uranium oxidation flash ... The second is that the weapon was a bunker-busting conventional uranium penetrator weapon employing enriched uranium rather than depleted uranium."
Chris Bellamy, the professor of military science at Cranfield University, :"At worst it's some sort of experimental weapon with an enriched uranium component the purpose of which we don't yet know. At best - if you can say that - it shows a remarkably cavalier attitude to the use of nuclear waste products."

Baghdad Is Under Siege
By Patrick Cockburn 02 November 2006 The Independent
Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital.

Things are certain to heat up in Venezuela between now and December 3 as the Bush administration tries to impose on the Venezuelan people what's it's already done here at home, and it will be relentless and ruthless about the way it does it.

Andrew Denton - Al Gore interview transcript

not peaked?
EA .. final public revision to July/2006 Production: 86.13-mbd - .. new global supply monthly record. cf 84.29-mbd in July/2005. The incremental changes in monthly, quarterly and annual records illustrate that we are far from any plateau scenario, let alone Peak..

suburbia video (I havnt seen it, we dont have the bandwidth here in the colonies)

USA LNG: cliff ahead, even if we build LPG ports , they may not come...

Mike Ruppert is ill. He has stones .., a cataract.. , hypoglycemia, .. low blood pressure and heavy blood toxicity from both known and as yet unknown sources... The good news is that a Cuban doctor in Caracas, Venezuela, is treating him free of charge....
historical note: Joe Vialls died on July 17, 2005, JV was rather more of a 'nutter' than MR. Some of his stories were fascinating, eg the Australian special forces in IraqWarII were dropped onto the pumping stations of the old Haifa pipeline. JV was a rabid anti-zionist, such that some say he was a zionist disinformation plant... If he really did die from a lingering illness in 2005 then being a prominent conspiracy theorist on the web seems to be very bad for your health.

eia production

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GHG emissions, peak oil, Hot Aus,New Zealand

Why do people waste energy? After much deliberation, I have arrived at the conclusion: Because they can.

In our office tea-room, I noticed the boss fill the (glass) electric water jug to his usual level of 8 cups, as he prepares his one cup of tea.
Then he runs the hot tap to 'warm the pot', remarking "it takes a long time for this water to heat up" - I guess the electric hot-water tank is out the back of the property.
One day I asked him, in appropriate humility, why he always heated more water than he used. He was unable, or unwilling to explain. "Why not" was all he could come up with.
I believe there several reasons why he, and indeed most people, waste this energy.
1) they are afraid of burning out the 'element' despite the fact that modern jugs have auto-cutouts.
2) People dont want to seem churlish, they want to 'leave some hot water for the next person' despite the fact that even a delay of 5 minutes means the heat is mostly in the air.
- People in general, even physics graduates, have a very flimsy grasp on heat-flow and wastage.
3) the main reason, is a sense of largesse. The sensation of profligacy is in itself pleasurable. Its rewarding to waste, and to prove to oneself that one is so successful and powerful that one doesnt have to 'scrimp and save'

GreenHouseGas Emissions
To try to get a handle on GHGEmissions, pick the biggest 5
Industry 20.8%
Deforestation 18.3%
Road transport 9.9%
Residential Building 9.9%
Oil processing 6.3%

For gaias sake, buy less stuff. Except new solar panels, windmills and refurbishing draughty houses.
Deforestation :
Its amazing how big this is. I wonder what the breakdown is for palm oil:
Transfat for fastfooods & crisps;
oil for soap,
oil for biodiesel.
That last is such an obscenity, the burning of the jungle to clear the land emits far more carbon than will be saved by replacing KSA oil.
Road Transport
If you bundle Oil processing with road transport you get 16.2%
Most of that could be saved, with buses and electric micro-cars moving people,
and trains moving freight.
But cars are just so damned exciting. Even the ads are exciting. eg the Citroen ad where the car transforms into a giant ice skater. Wonderful how car ads never show any traffic. Usually its a pristine country road. Or for the 4WDs they actually film the fucking things driving down a remote stream. Well for someone out hunting in a remote area when a 4WD appears in his face, imagine the temptation to put a round through the drivers stupid grin.
I dont know why rail doesnt replace trucks.
Flexibility I guess.

One case study: Sydney has a Southern container port, but no south-to-southwest rail line to where the big warehouses are. People have been demanding the rail line for ages. Meanwhile container trucks thunder down the streets.

Another case study: Containers have swept all before them in ship transport. Important was the entire system. Cranes, dock systems, cranes to rail & cranes to trucks, databases, radio transmission of manifests.

Whats required now is rail to truck systems. A few years back in Sydney there was a big fuss from truck drivers who had to queue for a day or more to get containers off railwagons. I havent heard much recently, but this sort of thing should be automated to the max. Every container should broadcast its gps position every 5 minutes. Advanced cranes & queuing systems must make it a fast and convenient experience getting containers off rail and onto trucks.
A smooth system is required before govt can enforce the carriage of freight by rail. New Zealand used to have a law saying that over 200(?)km freight had to go by rail if there was a line. Law since dumped.
The govt must see that rail links are put in. Trucks must be eliminated to the maximum degree possible. There will always remain the last leg. Container breakout depots to small trucks can replace a lot of container trucks, but not all.
Note that residential in cold rich countries uses gas to heat
- this cant simply be turned off, people would freeze
this is the big problem area.. old leaky houses, not gonna be replaced.
I dont know what the answer is, but I doubt its hydrogen pipes.

in hot rich countries residential uses electricity to cool
- this can be largely switched off, people can sit still in wet tee shirts
fans use much less power than air-con compressors.
(Initially thousands of old people will die because they keep moving, through inexperience)
(In my tropical house the entire extended family gathers within the arc of the fan)

hot september aus

But: small mercies dept: the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane season didnt wipe out any USA cities
26Oct 2006.. Matthew Simmons .. peaked?
Energy Information Administration data showed world supply of crude oil has declined to 83.98 million barrels per day in the second quarter after hitting 84.35 million bpd in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Tiny New Zealand, continued...
NZ MtCO2 emission 2002 33.6 rank 69) Bangladesh 35.6 Cuba 36.0
Also NZ grows huge areas of pinus radiata, which may be the biggest carbon sink of all. One reported unfertilised stand put on 50m³ per year for 20 years.
20m³ is typical.

The 2000CE figure is 76.1 MtCO2 rank 66 - this figure includes all other GH gases, including cow eructations I guess.
I dont know if NZ gets a credit for all that wood biomass.

losanjealous The Nietzsche Family Circus
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01 November 2006

Stern, Monbiot, Schellnhuber, Whitty

A quick initial look at the
Stern report
Its well presented, easy to understand, and my guess is its alarming projections are understated.
Most climate models predict increases in rainfall at high latitudes, while changes in circulation patterns are expected to cause a drying of the subtropics, with northern Africa and the Mediterranean experiencing significant reductions in rainfall. There is more uncertainty about changes in rainfall in the tropics (Figure 1.6), mainly because of complicated interactions between climate change and natural cycles like the El 43 Niño, which dominate climate in the tropics. For example, an El Niño event with strong warming in the central Pacific can cause the Indian monsoon to switch into a “dry mode”, characterised by significant reductions in rainfall leading to severe droughts.

The figure below indicates the percentage of models (out of a total of 23) that predict that annual rainfall will increase by 2100 (for a warming of around 3.5°C above pre-industrial). Blue shading indicates that most models (>75%) show an increase in annual rainfall, while red shading indicates that most models
show a decrease in rainfall. Lightly shaded areas are where models show inconsistent results. The figure shows only the direction of change and gives no information about its scale. climate200_______________________________________________________
in higher latitudes, some surface temperatures.50models show a general shift in winter storm tracks towards the poles. In Australia, this could lead to 51 water scarcity as the country relies on winter storms to supply water .

+4°: Agricultural yields decline by 15 – 35% in Africa, and entire regions out of (e.g. parts of Australia)

In tropical regions, even small amounts of warming will lead to declines in yield. In higher latitudes, crop yields may increase initially for moderate increases in temperature but then fall. Higher temperatures will lead to substantial declines in cereal production around the world, particularly if the carbon fertilisation effect is smaller than previously thought, as some recent studies suggest.

Drastic action on climate change is needed now - and here’s the plan
By George Monbiot (the guardian, 31/10/06):
.. we need, in the rich nations, a 90% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030.
.. use the cap to set a personal carbon ration. Every citizen is given a free annual quota of carbon dioxide.

GM sets out his 10 point plan on one page
A handy summary of his book.
I'm not convinced about
a hydrogen pipeline network to take over from the natural gas grid as the primary means of delivering fuel for home heating.
Electricity is a far better method of distributing energy than hydrogen pipes. So use electric heaters, just ensure its generated with no C emissions.
(all this talk about emissions causes uncomfortable memories of the 'Redemptrist' priests who, clad in purple cloaks, were brought in to our RC high school to harangue us about the perils of self-abuse)

get your war on
"it will be just a comma."
Bush is using coded language to reassure his evangelical base.
"comma" has a specific meaning in end-of-days fundamentalist xtian terms prospect

John Schellnhuber global-warming tipping points
the Sahara desert is expected to shrink with global warming as more plentiful rain brings a flourish of vegetation to its southernmost reaches.

This typifies the most puzzling aspect of GlobalWarming:
We are told that the South Sahara is getting dryer now, but JS reckons it ought to be getting wetter.
Overall, small mammal extinction rates peak during global cold phases. Heat ought to make a wet forested world.
But "Models suggest that with global warming will come a drop in Amazonian rainfall, leading to the gradual death of the forest"
Lovelock's gloomy little book has a page showing a forested earth when slightly cooler. He says Gaia likes it cooler. I believe he's just wrong. Not a paleoclimatologist. The only professional paleoclimatologist I know personally doesnt answer my emails. I reckon he fears to see his professional opinions up on my scurrilous blog. [I promise I wont use your name buddy]
Overall Gaia 'likes' it hotter afaict. Isotherms migrating polewards may move so fast that plants cant keep up. Watch the Australian wheat belt slip into the Southern Ocean (2005-6 wheat 20E6 Ton, 2006-7 wheat 6.5E6 Ton, get used to it)

13th tipping point by Julia Whitty
Cockroaches have been on earth about 300 million years and dolphins about 50 million years—what amounts to millions of rounds of play. During those aeons they have evolved what ethologists call "obligate cooperation": an evolutionarily stable strategy that reflects the individual's inescapable dependence on the group.

.. this morning, in the aftermath of the coral spawning on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the surface of the sea is slick and pink with eggs. From the air or from afar it looks like an oil spill and smells like a fish kill, drawing in creatures from the deep and creatures from the land, including crocodiles cruising the reefs. Underwater, the fish that make their living picking plankton are hyperactively at work—the day shift toiling alongside the night shift, as lobsters, cuttlefish, and flashlightfish forgo sleep to feast. Above, the air is crowded with seabirds plucking at the surface with pink-stained beaks.
In the coming days the gamete cloud will travel on prevailing currents, triggering the corals below to spawn. Seduced by moonlight, spring, and the tides, stimulated by the chemistry of other spawners, the tiny creatures that build their own world will build it again.
So too with us. The difference between people and corals is that if we build our world poorly, we can rebuild it well. We are our own antidote.

first gratuitous scarification for November

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31 October 2006

Kim Jong-Il, Hezbollah, George Monbiot, kiwifruit

waterboardc/o bartcop
"In his speech, the President called Kim Jong-Il 'evil,' 'wicked,' 'immoral' and 'iniquitous,'" Snow said. "The message is clear: the United States has a thesaurus and we're not afraid to use it."
the victory of Hezbollah in its recent conflict with Israel is far more significant than many analysts in the United States and Europe realize. The Hezbollah victory reverses the tide of 1967 - a shattering defeat of Egypt, Syria and Jordan that shifted the region's political plates, putting in place regimes that were bent on recasting their own foreign policy to reflect Israeli and US power. That power now has been sullied and reversed, and a new leadership is emerging in the region.

George Monbiot
Heat: How to stop the planet burning. ©2006
An oddly disappointing book. Chiefly because GM talks mostly about the UK, not the planet. Its reminiscent of the Arthur Mee's childrens encyclopedia my parents bought in 1959, after Suez, when the English empire was already a joke. Blurry b&w photos of foreign parts.
I guess GM isnt flying 'abroad' much these days, as jet aircraft are the most noxious carbon emitters he has discovered.
His columns pack a wallop, they are diffused in his book.
However, it is likely one of the most important books around.

.......... T CO2 per person
china..... 2.7
UK........ 9.5
USA....... 20.0

"micro wind turbines a waste of time and money"
I recall staying in a hippie hovel on Great Barrier Island. On the roof was a bicycle wheel with a hub generator. Pieces of tin as vanes, in the spokes. Fantastically inefficient, but on an island miles from any grid, a zero-cost way to run a radio, or charge a cell phone (which didnt exist then).
Tens of thousands of outback farms used small windmills to pump water. Way less investment than pv/electric.

GM reckons that emissions trading is like shoving food around your plate & pretending its eaten.
Taxes are unfair. What we need is rations & regulations. I cant fault him, but on my bicycle in clouds of carbon, it seems unlikely.
Huge subsidies to carbon, falling investment in alternatives.
GM scatters mentions of good things being done in Germany & Sweden & Switzerland etc.
Then he returns to Leaky houses in gloomy England venting scads of carbon.
Giant Plasma TVs 5x crt
Vacuum panel fridges 12% of current fridge energy use.

Smart meters: an idea he doesnt develop.
We have the smart sensors to turn streetlights, roomlights on only when something moves nearby.
Water heaters should heat water just before its needed (they could learn)
Dimmed lights until you need to find something.

Burying CO2: GM is bullish, although he admits the maps of suitable strata arent available.
I fear this is a boondoggle.

Worlds powerstations: 10.4E9T/yr (nice to see a 'world' figure)

He mentions 'underground coal gassification' but omits the more realistic CCCGassification, which SciAm claims may be the only realistic way to capture CO2.

Uranium. The blatant unreality of the situation where the State agrees that nuclear power doesnt need to insure against disaster. The constant leaks. Every reactor sits beside a pool cooling spent fuel. If the pool dries, tens of thousands die, cities become wastelands.
The good ore isnt plentiful.

Highvoltage DC cables (1700 in DRCongo) mean that wind etc can be spread about.
"In Helsinki 98% of heating comes from district schemes" - we need another book maybe "New Energy schemes in continental Europe" , GM's book begins to seem like "dreary failure of Englands energy vision"

GM rabbits on about Hydrogen "fairly cheap" (sic) - I fear he has bought into another big-carbon boondoggle.

On Land transport, GM reckons that buses are best. I regretfully must concur. I hate the things, from a bicycle seat they are unhuman scale. The answer seems to be to give them special lanes. Fine on Freeways, but in the city, the kerbmost lane is designated bus-only. Guess where bikes go?
Buses are ten times more efficient than cars.

GM doesnt bite the bullet and recognise that we meed micro-transport; 30kph electric cars, more like golf carts than current cars. We could drive one to the bus stop, then use another (hired) to drive around town.
Europe features briefly again: "Holland,Germany,Switzerland & Denmark several different kinds.. vehicle tracking systems, gps, call centres, shared taxis. I await the European Energy book for more details.. this isnt it.
Fast trains: above 180kph they use huge amounts of fuel.

Shop and shopping trips are a huge waste. GM's obvious answer is delivery. My idea is to have shared local bins which act as "Post boxes" You make your order, get a code in your phone, and a bin number. You trundle your handcart or bike trailer to the neighbourhood "bin" centre where your phone code opens your bin. This means you dont have to wait around home for the delivery truck.
The bin centre doesnt need one bin per citizen, as their use is rotated. Some bins could be refrigerated. Obviously a regular reliable cleaning service is required. That goes for any public facility (buses, hired electric cars..)

Air travel: There is no solution, we just must stop flying. I personally vote to allow GM to fly to conferences anywhere in the world. He deserves the break.
Hydrogen airships at 130kph are ok but dodgy in strong winds.

Some of the things GM attacks seem perverse. He criticises tree planting for offsets, but I reckon tree planting per se is a darn good thing. GM also hits out at the 'rebound' effect whereby increase in efficiency is followed by increase in use such that more energy is used. GM may be correct in saying that regulation is required, but its hardly an argument against efficiency.

Read this book, but keep an eye out for the real book on 'how to stop the planet burning'

My opinion is that energy is interwoven to densely into our civilization that we have no hope of extricating ourselves. Its not just one thing, 100kph+ cars, for example that we have to give up. Fast cars are less than 20% of the problem there are ten or more major features which require radical change. Big Carbon industry has control of the reins, they control the media/propaganda, they control the military. They will not go without a fight. We wont fight them until the deserts are at our back door,and the rising tides are at our front door.

Peak oil only means that BigCarbon will turn to Coal. They will insist on huge State subsidies, which will cook us all. The only hope is an immediate failure of nerve on a world-wide depression scale, such that economic activity almost ceases. But since most people are now city dwellers and truck fed on urea forced rice, we are staring at major starvation either way.

I look at my friends with their profligate lives, and their intense concern for their children's success. Every time they start that pseudo-truck engine, every time they switch on the electric clothes dryer, they are pouring molten lead into the throats of their grandchildren. How fantastic is thedesire for excess, that they deliberately turn away from this obvious truth.

New Zealand shocked by Stern Repor
In it he states that flying one kilogram of kiwifruit from New Zealand to Europe causes five kilos of carbon to be discharged into the atmosphere.

But Anderton says it is misinformation as all kiwifruit is shipped to Europe. He says it is an attempt to protect the British market.

Anderton says New Zealand kiwifruit growers are some of the most efficient horticulturists in the world

Some points about New Zealand:
1) due to oceanic buffering, NZ is among the least affected by RCC (Rapid Climate Change)
2) nevertheless, property near the wooden ship wharves should be discounted now.
3) NZ has lotsa grazing, but very little good arable land (0.27ha/person = China cf. Australia 1.2ha?)
without superphosphate, they gonna get hungry. They have a little gas, but enough urea factories??
4) NZ will need to take most of the Pacific islanders from low islands, but thats only a few hundred thousand
5) NZ emits little carbon, has a bunch of hydro dams, and not many people.
but note, Auckland, the biggest city, has the worst public transport I've ever come across.
6) NZ will squeal as loud as anyone else at the slightest suggestion that they must change their lives
7) A lot of ex-hippies went into kiwi-fruit growing. They were appalled at the huge amounts of toxic pesticides & herbicides they were required to pour onto their crops. Most of them abandoned their green principles, kicked all their hippie freeloader friends out of the barn, went into town and loaded up the land-cruiser with all the poisons that miniAgFish told them they needed.

puf4blast gratuitous scarification for October

30 October 2006

Elizabeth Rubin, Brzezinski, Melbourne photovoltaic, homo animals, not Chicxulub, Amazon felling

nyt: a long detailed report on Afghanistan from Elizabeth Rubin,
its astounding where this woman gets her interviews:

Musharraf agreed to a deal in the spring of 2004 whereby the militants would give up their guests in return for cash. Pakistani officers and the militants hugged and shed tears during a public reconciliation. But the militants did not relinquish their Al Qaeda guests, and they took advantage of the amnesty to execute tribal elders they said had helped the Pakistani military. The tribal structure in Waziristan was devastated, and the Taliban took to the streets to declare the Islamic emirate of Waziristan. Since Musharraf signed a truce with the militants last month, attacks launched from Waziristan into Afghanistan, according to NATO, have risen by 300 percent.

Dafur and the ICC:
Bush signed into law the American Service-Members' Protection Act, which requires American forces to liberate any American in I.C.C. custody. It is popularly known as The Hague Invasion Act.

[some of Rubins early reports from Iraq smell somewhat of the 'flowers and chocolates welcome' school.
I doubt she would venture beyond the green zone these days]

'Nature, Mr Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.'
heed the wombat

there were these group of neoconservatives in there, like Paul Wolfowitz, who has the deputy secretary of defense; Richard Perle, who wasn't even in the government but he was an outside adviser, who were effectively shaping U.S. strategy.

Do you buy that?

Brzezinski: I buy a great deal of that. I think Al Haig is absolutely right. We had, at the top a president, who was essentially uninformed about foreign policy, and then top policy-makers like Rumsfeld and, of course, Cheney who are, kind of, traditional, quote, end quote, "realists," hard nosed types.

But the guys who provided the strategy and made the argument that we have to go into Iraq, that we have to link the war on terror with an attack on Iraq, were the guys that Al Haig is talking about.

They provided strategy. They provided the argument that we would be greeted as liberators, that this would be a cake walk. And they have devastated American national interests as a consequence. ...

Melbourne SLAR PV photovoltaic
1.6 kW peak grid-connected pV array on the north facing roof, pitched at 30° ..
The annual electricity bill for this family of 5 in the Ecohome is $240.00,
and the annual gas bill is $160.
The PV contributes 1560kWh Annually (4.27kWwh/day).. one quarter of household electricity.

homo animals
also among birds that pair with one partner for life, as geese and ducks do, he noted: four to five% of the couples are homosexual, and single females will lay eggs in a homosexual pair’s nest. Homosexual couple often seem better at raising the young than heterosexual couples...

In colonies of black-headed gulls, almost every tenth pair is lesbian..
..one scientific description of mating among giraffes, in an area where nine in ten pairings occurred between males. “Every male that sniffed a female was reported as sex,” he said; but anal sex with orgasm between males was portrayed as a dominance, competition or greeting behavior.

The Chicxulub impact alone could not have caused the mass extinction,..because the impact occurred 300,000 years before the dieoff.
..A second huge meteor crash finally pushed them over.
.. The Deccan volcanism released copious greenhouse gases .. the oceans were 3-4° warmer at the bottom. On land it must have been 7-8° warmer.

Amazon: 13,100 km² were cleared in the year to July 2006, cf 18,790km² in the previous season..
Lula (just re-elected today)..