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28 July 2006

Australia , Lebanon, Namer

Australia into Lebanon: update
this am I saw Johnny Howard say on Lebanon:
"Australia wont be part of a token force... we would only be part of a force numbering tens of thousands"
So thats it, the tail has dropped off the dog, it wont hunt.

It would have been interesting, in a grotesque absurd kind of way, to see Israeli precision weapons launched by Australian Jew boy adventurers like the late unlamented Asef Namer, descending on Australian Peace Keeping forces.
How shitty is it that Israel accepts wacko immigrants from Brooklyn and Melbourne and Moscow? Guess they replaced the locks on those Palestinian houses they stole. Across the West Bank there are many old Palestinians who can show you their house keys from 48, houses now occupied by wanna be IDF storm troopers.
but this
But 11 Australians serving as UN observers in the country would remain at their posts, including in southern Lebanon.
Prime Minister Helen Clark said New Zealand would keep two defence force personnel with the UN at their posts for now.

so the Aus on Aus deaths may still happen

Arthur Iles (test of photobucket blog feature)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Asaf Namer, Hadjetian, Lebanon

Australian Jew, Asaf Namer, useless idiot, murderous stooge, went to kill Lebanese, got offed by HA, we wont miss him.
Congratulations HA for ridding us of this vile fool.
Wednesday was 50 years since Egypt nationalised the Suez Canal,
I recall Israel was driven out of some Egyptian towns, so the IDF has some history of failures,
but nothing to compare with Asaf's unit getting "cut off" 4km from the border.
Seems that HA can pop Merk tanks, and other units abandon them in fear

Harpers Index
Americans Spending exceeded earnings by $4.16E10
Last year in which earnings outstripped earnings 1933
Chance that a passenger on a flight of 2.5hrs+ will have a cold within a week: 1 in 5

Lebanon refugee smiling c/o raytch
glass_garden ASASDAS current mood: enraged
Israel's offensive on Lebanon has resulted in an environmental disaster of catastrophic proportions. An oil leak from the recently bombed Jiyeh power station has covered Lebanon's coastline in 15,000 tons of fuel oil reaching Chekka in the north (meaning that the spill has spread up to 100 kilometers in length). Lebanon does not have the means to clean an oil spill of this size and as such the government has enlisted the help of Kuwait in the hopes of stopping it from spreading any further.
Dr. Berj Hadjetian, general manager of the Ministry of Environment has revealed that the oil spill will take decades to clean and can destroy marine life and Lebanon's tourism, as well as cause a number of skin and lung diseases. An anonymous source from the Jiyeh power plant says that all five of its fuel tanks have been bombed and one is still on fire. A further 25,000 tons of fuel oil are feared to leak out into the sea. The oil has already polluted rocky and sandy beaches, ports and resorts and residues have formed large oil stains out in the open sea. Fisherman and swimmers are instructed to completely avoid Lebanon's beaches in general and the affected areas in particular.

Beirut blogs
livejournal leaving soon?
raedyassin 404 27/07/2006 2:46PM
remarkze 404 27/07/2006 2:46PM
art & literature:
en francais

G Bruno's Kos diary:

27 July 2006

Bint Jbeil, Cesium-1373

Amazing, the IDF cant hold a couple of villages 4k from its 'border'. HA know something about hardening bunkers which IraqiNG & Hamas dont?
Is that why USA bunker busters are being rushed to Israel? Will Israel nuke a village 4km form its 'border'?

July 27, 2006 - 6:40AM (Aust ET)
..guerrillas ambushed an Israeli force advancing on the town of Bint Jbeil, 4km from the frontier.
Hezbollah sources said the Israeli force was cut off and most of its vehicles were destroyed. "Our men can hear the screams of their wounded calling for help," one source said.
The Israeli army said eight of its soldiers were killed at Bint Jbeil and 22 wounded. Arabic media had reported that as many as 13 soldiers died in the clash.
Several Israeli soldiers were also wounded when Hezbollah guerrillas attacked the nearby border village of Maroun al-Ras, seized {sic} by the Israelis in heavy fighting last week, medics said.

In the Gaza Strip, scene of another Israeli offensive, Israeli forces killed 23 Palestinians, including at least 11 militants, three children and a handicapped man, during fighting.

Cesium-137 if the blog that had this also sourced it, this & his site would be useful, instead he has blocked links - so he doesnt get a link here. Why do people blog if they dont want links?
Just after Chernobyl I visited Lake Como, marveled at the paucity of tourists, had a plate of strawberries. Turns out that Como was a hot spot (although not on this map?) Italian authorities were not warning tourists. (sorry about that George Clooney) and strawberries are the worst thing you can eat. Also Wales is still checking lamb meat, so this map underestimates the spread

26 July 2006

Oil Spill, Beiruit blogs, Condi speak, CYP1A2, Ethanol, titania, starshade, FOXP2

MASSIVE OIL SPILL spreading over 40% of the Lebanese coast, south of Beirut (Damour, Jiyyeh, Rmeileh, Saida, Sour).
considered to be the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the mediterranean.
will cost over 50 million euros to clean up (if clean-up starts today).
the oil began leaking into the sea when israeli military aircraft targeted CIVILIAN oil tanks in the jiyyeh area south of beirut.
hilarity ensues when one realizes that israel has polluted its own waters and coastline, in this flagrant act of environmental irresponsibility.
[bloggingbeirut has now shipped out to Cyprus]

an army that pulverized the invading forces of three Arab nations in the span of six days, is now facing an embarrassing role reversal: a war of the "many against the few" in which Israel is on the floorboards.
Who would have believed that a guerrilla organization with a few hundred regular fighters, something like a brigade and a half, could paralyze half a country, firing off hundreds of missiles every day?
haaretz headsup from billmon

Beiruit blogs
livejournal leaving soon?
laureghorayeb Mother of mazenkerblog?


why receive Condi?
A little learning...
Condi said a ceasefire would be a "false promise" - this is strangled syntax for a "Doctor"
- a ceasefire is a ceasefire, it isnt a promise you ficked up butch.
'Promises' may come afterwards during negotiations.
Anyway the multinational/Nato/UN force seems doubtful;:
They only had one small condition — for the force to be made up of soldiers from another country,” Mr. Barnea wrote. “The Germans recommended France; the French recommended Egypt, and so on. It is doubtful whether there is a single country in the West currently volunteering to lay down its soldiers on Hezbollah’s fence.”

but little Johnny Howard reckons he could supply Aus troops, way to make Aus a target JH!

ps "return to the Status Quo" is an absurd, meaningless illiterate use of Latin.
What Condi presumably meant was "Status Quo Ante" ie the status before...
cant some University give Condi an honorary Un-Doctorate?

scoop Sydney protest pics

ambulance Israeli precision

Weird Science

Slow Coffee drinkers at risk:
a gene CYP1A2 codes for an enzyme that helps to break down caffeine..one version CYP1A2*1F, metabolizes caffeine more slowly ...
People who carry one or two copies of the 'slow' gene are slow metabolizers..
Ahmed El-Sohemy U Toronto.. examined 2,000 people in Costa Rica who had survived, a heart attack..
..Slow metabolizers who drank two to three 250-ml cups of coffee each day were 36% more likely to have suffered a heart attack than single-cup drinkers. And those who drank four or more cups were 64% more likely to have been struck. The risk was greatest in those below the age of 60.
By contrast, one to three cups seemed to protect those individuals whose genes made them fast metabolizers. "The results are clear and quite striking,"

bioedonline Ethanol not green?
..Burton Vaughan at Washington State U
..producing ethanol-rich fuels tends to reduce biodiversity and increase soil erosion because of the way that sugar cane is grown.
.In Brazil, ethanol from sugar cane ..40% of the fuel in vehicles.
USA..Senate passed an energy bill that requires gasoline suppliers to add 8 billion gallons of ethanol a year to their fuel by 2012, current 3 bg
..sugar-cane fields are burned..the fires can spread to nearby native vegetation
..The energy needed to generate and transport plant fertilizer leads to significant carbon dioxide emissions, and cleaning the sugar cane also consumes vast quantities of water ..3,900 litres of water being used per ton of sugarcane
David Pimentel Cornell U..has famously claimed that ethanol production consumes more energy than it can release in a car. Vaughan supports this view. But it has been contradicted by studies from Argonne Nat Lab and the US Dep of Agriculture.
Vaughan et al claim that their analysis is more thorough because it accounts for the energy consumed in making fertilizer and farming practice.


bioedonline Sunscreen in the brain?
titania nanopartices 30 nanometres across, which they added to cultures of mouse microglia. ..Veronesi .. found that titania nanoparticles 30 nanometres are swallowed by microglia and that they trigger the release of reactive oxygen species ROS not as a burst but in a prolonged manner, over an hour or more. That could subject the brain to oxidative stress..
..preliminary results: titania nanoparticles can trigger cell death in neurons.

45m daisy-shaped, plastic shield in tandem with a powerful telescope, trailing 15,000km ..
centauri bbc aics
Webster Cash, an astronomer at the U Colorado.. plan to use a mobile flower-shaped 'starshade' to spot Earth-sized planets within a few light years of the Solar System. The shade, a 30-50-metre sheet of black plastic-bag-like material, would block out light from the target star, allowing a space telescope to look directly for planets.
..astronomers have detected 194 extrasolar planets ..
A distant 'Earth' would probably be about one ten-billionth the brightness of its mother star. ..this year NASA 'deferred indefinitely' its Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission.

..Cash thinks he can do the job on the cheap using his contraption with the already-planned successor to the Hubble: the James Web Space Telescope (JWST)... positioning the shade 50,000 km from the JWST ..
The starshade has a unique petalled shape [diffraction perpendicular]
..able to see Earth-like planets within 32 light years.. 1,000 stars. Furthermore, it may be possible to see whether the brightness of the planet changes as it rotates...
..task of aligning and moving the shade may be too great for the scheme to be practical: ..
..10,000 exo-planets within 10pc (30 light years)
colorado [pdf]

21Jul2006 ..Germany..to reconstruct the genome of Neanderthals
..suddenly seems possible.. work on ancient DNA by Svante Paabo, of the Max Planck Inst Leipzig.. and a new method of DNA sequencing ..Connecticut company, 454 Life Sciences.
..in Neanderthal bones ..fragments 100 ..DNA units.. just the length that works best with the 454 machine..decode vast amounts of DNA at low cost...already recovered considerable amounts of DNA sequence..from every chromosome ..as judged by matching the Neanderthal DNA to the human genome ..
..will require decoding 20 times as much DNA, because so much of the DNA in the Neanderthal bones belongs to bacteria.
..Dr. Paabo..has paid particular attention to a gene known as FOXP2, which from its mutated forms in people seems to be involved in several advanced aspects of language.
[Zebra finches down regulate FOXP2, a repressor, while 'practicing' his song]
[clone them?] ..Dr. Green said. "We would not want to recreate a situation of two competing advanced hominid species."

25 July 2006

Nasrallah, Hezbollah, USA MArines cut & run

Nasrallah downplayed Hezbollah's loss of the strategic border village of Maroun al-Ras, saying Israeli media have hyped up the first major ground operation of the 13-day-old confrontation "as if it's the conquest of Stalingrad".

Others said Hezbollah hid underground in reinforced bunkers until they thought it safe to come out and attack. The Israelis prefer to stay away from those bunkers, the soldiers said,

USA Marines timidly run from the beach in Lebanon. - too scared to berth in the port.,
First return visit since the "cut & run" after the fuel-air incident at their Beiruit barracks in 83

Seems the IDF hasnt documented a single Hezb killed, while losing 20 of their soldiers.

24 July 2006

Rules of engagement, Nuclear Power, Thousand barrels, Tigers

Rules of engagement
Sunday afternoon, noise from my kitchen, I discover a very small mouse in my garbage bucket, too small to jump out easily. He is frantically bounding into the air & not quite making it. Under our rules of engagement, I cant kill him there, so I drop a piece of cardboard in as a ladder. He must realise I set the trap that killed his mother, so I'm not thrilled to hear him nightly exploring around my mattress on the floor.

. . Meanwhile USA rushes 100 one ton bombs to the ZE, who appear to have no rules. Assuming that Uranium is used in these bombs, since USA bombs usually do, it would be preferable for most of the ZE's nuclear bombs would detonate now, if their military would then be permanently smashed so they cant continue to dust us all with radiation. So Iran might as well hit TelAviv now. In 500 million years the sun will evaporate the Earth's oceans. Our descendants will still be purging Zionist Uranium from their bloodstreams.

Books perused
"Nuclear Power is Not the Answer" by Helen Caldicott
I foolishly missed her book launch on 10Jul06 at Gleebooks.
A flip through her book indicated she has some solid research. Amazingly, one Nuke Industry guy said that most (all?) nuclear reactors can be put into irreversible meltdown by turning a few switches. So we are all at the mercy of a couple of thousand operators - we have to assume they never have a bad day, never get depressed, and couldnt possibly be infiltrated by murderous fanatics.
HC also nails "inherently safe" reactors - it is practically impossible to prevent all leaks of radioactive Helium coolant. And merely letting air onto the hot "tennis balls" could ignite the graphite. No Thanks!
Our streets will be patrolled by armed militia to protect the Plutonium waste-trucks. These militia can brook no protests for, say 10 half lives, around 270,000 years. Then we may regain civil liberties, if humans still exist and still remember such luxuries.

"a Thousand barrels a Second" by Peter Tertzakian.
yapob yet another peak oil book. A quick flick shows some well designed charts. An early chapter reminds us of the extent to which the world was once lit solely by Sperm Whales.
. . I am former slide-rule user, and one who in 1973 spent many hours playing with the HP-35, the first 'scientific' electronic calculator. I am convinced that everyone should be educated in magnitudes, chiefly in powers of 10, or "E" for exponent.
An example
I know, and can easily re-calculate in my head, that a year has around
3E7 seconds (3 * 107)
1 hour = 3600 seconds, 1 day = 24 ca 100/4 hours 1 year = ca 1000/3 days
so 1 year = (3.6E3 * E2 * E3)/4 * 3 = 3.6/12 E8 = 3E7 seconds /year

1000bbl/sec = 3E10bbl/year 30 billion) PT is an "energy industry investment analyst" so this is an insiders book, maybe worth a look
ps. Duwayne Anderson An Amazon reviewer has: Tertzakian describes mass transit as "prohibitively expensive"
Tertzakian is disingenuous with his frequent accolades for George W. Bush (which are undeserved, given President Bush's irresponsible approach to energy policy), and his relative silence regarding Carter's vision of an energy-independent America.
so caveat emptor on the road to empty

To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.

In early February, the statement was quietly altered, with the phrase “to understand and protect our home planet” deleted.
an estimated 36,000 to 48,000 people, remained without power.
Consolidated Edison customers in northwest Queens
..residents faced a seventh day without electricity today and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that he could not estimate when the power would be restored.
COn Ed arent sure how many nor how long. Trust them to run a Nuke in your neighbourhood?
But what happens when those streets aren’t busy...like, say, during the worst blackout in U.S. history? We may have eyes only for those we know, but what about when it’s too shadowy to tell the difference? With our vision impaired enough to create the illusion of intimacy and our vaunted technology no longer at our overworked fingertips, we get a taste of a potentially different culture. Sure, things returned to "normal" by the next day, but the experience left some of us wondering just was "normal" means.

Thomas Paine’s Corner
Betrayal of the Empire or Fealty to Humanity?
Thursday 20 July 2006, by Jason Miller
Confessions and Reflections
implausible as it may sound, I am thankful for the affliction with which I have been bestowed. It has opened my eyes, mind, and spirit to so much. Were it not for bipolar disorder, I would probably be living the American Dream. Living in a 10,000 square foot trophy home in a gated community. Watching Fox News on plasma television.

21 July 2006..
Tiger habitats have shrunk by 40% worldwide in the past decade..
tiger population .. 7,500.
..7% of their historic range.