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20 January 2006

Abandoned Consul

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Abandoned Consul.
In ascending price order: The Consul-zephyr-zodiac from English Ford were a radical step in the car culture.

Step 1 around 1926 my Grandfather, Police Sargent in Woodville, a small town, gets the first car in town.

Step 2 1948 My father gets an American Mercury V8 -my uncle got one also. It remains a family secret what skulduggery was involved in getting new American cars.
This huge old car was a terror on corners. After we sold it we watched for years, as various gangs and crim types got into old V8s, we saw her a couple of times. Later we dreaded what bad types might be seen driving her.

Step 3 1960 the English Ford Zephyr. A 6 cylinder car that could corner way faster than the Mercury.
Father was a GP who did house calls, and the Z was much easier to manoeuvre around steep Wellington corners
Some poorer relatives got a Consul, Some richer rellies got a Zodiac (the deluxe marque) Many fine holidays with us 5 kids to Taupo or the Mount.
Although the total car ownership was way less than now, the road into Wellington then had frequent long traffic jams. Two lanes with tractors and cows, and half mile long lines of cars could form.
This was the real start of the total car culture in NZ. 1960 was the "compact" car year in USA, Falcon,Corvair and Valiant.

Step 4 1968? Father ditched Ford for A Chrysler Valient, because he doctored old man Todd who had the NZ franchise.
onwards towards today and gridlock, road rage and global heat death.
correction: the Zephyr appeared in 1954 in a somewhat smaller, more rounded version. This was the (small) car that father said cornered way better than the big old Merc

Cyota, Old time Renditions, Gervans prick watch, Tor M-1

whohastimeforthis a Crypto blog:
"Cyota accepted this particular deal due to RSA's strong brand name and presence in online authentication. (The last time I negotiated a corporate development deal with RSA was in my Los Altos apartment over a poker game with Jim Bidzos, where we decided to spin out his certificate business into a newco, Digital Certificates, Inc., later re-named Verisign.)"

Rev. George Coyne, a Jesuit who is director of the Vatican Observatory. "Intelligent design isn't science, even though it pretends to be,"

Monitoring and Detecting devices will become immensely important. Because new drugs take expensive mass trials, biotech detectors will be more common. DNA chips to detect hundreds of organisms, proteonomic chips to scan blood..
an example: 18 January 2006:
A South African Gervan Lubbe.. has developed a Malaria Monitor wristwatch.. preventing the disease before patients even feel ill.
..destroys it so early that the possibility of dying is absolutely zero and you don't even feel the early cold symptoms."
..The sturdy digital timepiece pricks the wrist with a tiny needle four times a day and tests the blood for malaria ..If the parasite count tops 50, an alarm sounds and a coloured picture of a mosquito flashes on the watch face. Three tablets that kill all traces of the disease must then be taken within 48 hours.
Gervans Trading, has already received 1.5 million orders for the wristwatch .. he said. ..$280,

USAnian kidnappings reported in May04, Blair claims ignorance.
- google N379P Tony, its not that difficult statewatch irishecho ernestfuentes
wikipedia has a 2001 story, so its hardly breaking news
flogging the simian The TOR-M1 surface-to-air missile system is a mobile, integrated air defense system, designed for operation at medium-, low- and very low –altitudes, against fixed/rotary wing aircraft, UAVs, guided missiles and precision weapon. The system is capable of operating in an intensive aerial jamming environment.
...Russia has struck a deal to provide Iran with Tor M-1 missiles,

18 January 2006

2 pictures

couple of pics from maruthecrankpot

Emancipation of the Niger, Lovelock mass deaths, Doctorow demeanor of W, Algae eat CO2 actually cyanobacteria?

LAGOS: the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta who have sabotaged oil facilities and kidnapped workers in the southern Niger Delta threatened yesterday to stage more attacks..
..Shell evacuated about 330 workers ..
Two attacks Wednesday cut 226,000 barrels a day, 10% ,..still shut almost a week later.
ExxonMobil denied a report..it had suspended tanker loadings at two terminals that together export 550,000 barrels per day, 23 per cent of Nigerian oil.
..London futures up $US1.82 to $US65.00

The Unfeeling president

E.L. Doctorow Sep2004 easthamptonstarThe greatest democratic republic in history was turning its back on the future, using its extraordinary power and standing (sic) not to advance the ideal of a concordance of civilizations but to endorse the kind of tribal combat that originated with the Neanderthals, a people, now extinct, who could imagine ensuring their survival by no other means than pre-emptive war.

ELD joins the ranks of the disillusioned, literally.. he had the illusion that USA "advanced the ideal" of some good sort, and with W's war this has changed. Dont know why ELD uses that old canard of Neands as vivious .. we dont know, and Homo Sap is the more likely villain In reality USA has always sponsored mass murder, under W it has simply become blatant. An idiotic president, either feigned or truly stupid, and a blatant aggressive war, the combination is eye-opening, albeit scary.
Previous presidents spoke with some grammar and gravitas. Wars were justified under pretexts, however flimsy.
Domestic USA 'rights' were honoured in theory at least.

In Australia, the PrimeMinister, J Howard, is acting with a similar Monarch- Autocratic style, Passing regressive laws with no discussion, since he has both houses. JH doesnt speak like a buffoon, he speaks like a mean minded suburban lawyer. He pronounces the pronoun "a" rhyming with "hay" rather than with "up". a particularly pedantic half-assed intellectual crap lawyer speak. A scolding demeanor, with a perpetual frown, somehow he has captured half of the registered voters. Mean-mindedness has conquered USA and Australia, some sort of vanguard of blinkered selfish stupidity as we march lock-step towards a desert world.

Lovelock "Gaia.. the worst will happen


Gaia has made me a planetary physician and I .. have to bring bad news.
..you and especially civilisation are in grave danger.

We have given Gaia a fever and soon her condition will worsen to a state like a coma. She has been there before and recovered, but it took more than 100,000 years. ..as the century progresses, the temperature will rise 8 degrees centigrade in temperate regions and 5 degrees in the tropics.

Much of the tropical land mass will become scrub and desert, and will no longer serve for regulation; this adds to the 40 per cent of the Earth's surface we have depleted to feed ourselves.

Curiously, aerosol pollution of the northern hemisphere reduces global warming by reflecting sunlight back to space. This "global dimming" is transient and could disappear in a few days like the smoke that it is, leaving us fully exposed to the heat of the global greenhouse. We are in a fool's climate, accidentally kept cool by smoke, and before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.

..The Revenge of Gaia ..the notion that there is land to spare to grow biofuels, or be the site of wind farms, is ludicrous. We will do our best to survive, but sadly I cannot see the United States or the emerging economies of China and India cutting back in time, and they are the main source of emissions. The worst will happen and survivors will have to adapt to a hell of a climate.

some replies to Lovelock Scotsman login: (from bugmenot.com) stupid@login.wtf Password yesyesyall
JL amongst the old-style windmill haters? But you can have windmills on cropland..
what puzzles me is: Warmer earth has meant more rainfall, less dust.

Why are we now being warned of the Amazon forest drying up? Why are Sumatran jungles burning? Is it merely because men light deliberate fires? One aspect of "Google Earth" that impressed me is how small the Sumatran forest is, and how big the Sahara desert is (try 'flying' Google Earth across the Sahara at 4000 feet - it goes on for a long way!

"Algae" eat CO2

digg csmonitor
digg blocks 'bugmenot' and their rego human detector fails, so dont bother trying to comment
17/1/06 ..Dr. Berzin, a rocket scientist at MIT..
..the right strain of algae (sic), ..he could turn .. power plants into clean-green generators with an attached algae farm next door.
..Bolted onto the exhaust stacks of a .. 20-megawatt power plant behind MIT's campus are rows of fat, clear tubes, each with green algae soup simmering inside.
..The cleansed exhaust.. with 40% less CO2, 86% less nitrous oxide.
..a combustible vegetable oil is squeezed out.. dried remnant can be further reprocessed to create ethanol..
..field trial at a 1,000 megawatt power plant
..algae with a high oil density - about 50% weight...15,000 gallons of biodiesel/acre Just 60 gallons are produced from soybeans
.. one 1,000 mW power plant.. could produce ..40 million gallons of biodiesel and 50 million gallons of ethanol a year. That would require a 2,000-acre "farm" of algae-filled tubes near the power plant. ..
[ I bet its actually cyanobacteria, not algae; see Bayless below
ironic that humans may save themselves using 2 billion year old primitive slime ]
lpl titan movie 263MByte!!!
this is NOT the movie - where is the movie of the Huygens descent? The stills dont convey the same sense of 'coastline' - I saw the stills combined into a movie once, but NASA doesnt have it
edirol R-1 Portable 24-Bit WAVE Recorder Ebay$376
bswusa AEQ DR100 $619.00
jellyfish star
tomshardware 8 gallons of cooking oil in your PC
sourceforge Space sim

17 January 2006

Strela-2, FEMA wagons, Gore complains, Cronkite complains

Another day, another chopper downed by Strela-2
bareknucklepolitics points to the video popdrain

FemaFEMA wagons, concentration camp next stop
16Jan06 rawstory Al Gore complains:
..The President claims that he can imprison American citizens indefinitely for the rest of their lives without an arrest warrant, without notifying them about what charges have been filed against them, and without informing their families that they have been imprisoned...
At the same time, the Executive Branch has claimed a previously unrecognized authority to mistreat prisoners in its custody in ways that plainly constitute torture in a pattern that has now been documented in U.S. facilities located in several countries around the world.

..an effort by the same administration to rework America's foreign policy from one that is based primarily on U.S. moral authority (sic) into one that is based on a misguided and self-defeating effort to establish dominance in the world.
Over 100 of these captives have reportedly died while being tortured by Executive Branch interrogators

..The Dean of Yale Law School, Harold Koh, said after analyzing the Executive Branch's claims of these previously unrecognized powers: "If the President has commander-in-chief power to commit torture, he has the power to commit genocide, to sanction slavery, to promote apartheid, to license summary execution."

re "U.S. moral authority. This is a joke. USA has overthrown governments in Iran, Congo, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc etc and sponsored mass murder by death squads in dozens of countries. What Al Gore is incensed about is the current regime is dropping all pretense of restraint by law in the home base of Empire. Get used to it Al
15Jan06 Walter Cronkite "It's my belief that we should get out now,"

16 January 2006

Chile's Bachelet, God's Condom, Acid Spider, China Maiko, Jagger's Enigma

Pink, originally uploaded by -Harry.

Maiko with a snake tongue.
Apparently the movie doesnt feature the white make-up. Given that it stars are not Japanese, it seems hard to recommend.

Woman President of Chile
Dr Michelle Bachelet, 54, left-wing single mother raising three children from two different relationships.
..Bachelet's father was a close adviser to the .. Allende..Tortured while in prison, Bachelet's father died six months later. MB was imprisoned under Pinochet,spent some exile time in Australia & EGermany
ppct God gives Adam a condom

This web under LSD is better than normal .. they used to say acid made webs worse...
Dr Rick Strassman has a book "The Spirit Molecule" .. he says humans have endogenous DMT ... "pineal DMT release at 49 days after conception marks the entrance of the spirit into the fetus"

self referential sign in Manila, warns against hitting head on itself.

google pulse, global googling in a day
tomanbay Egyptian blog.
* Egyptians are sometimes known for their own version of "IBM."; Inshallah, (God-willing), Bukra (Tomorrow) and Malesh (There's nothing you can do about it, so why worry)
* We Egyptians are known for our submissive resilience (what does this mean??? bas it seems true!)
Watched the first half of Mick Jagger's "Enigma". In the first 2) minutes: A navy chap says "a million gross tons of shipping plus (sic) a million tons of cargo". Then Tom, the protagonist says the 3 rotor "has a hundred and fifty million, million, million ways of doing it" but the 4 rotor has "four thousand million, BILLION starting positions"
Given the English billion is 10^12 then the extra complexity is 4000/150 = 27 times, which is roughly accurate, but the language is foolish. Apparently MickJ has his own 3 rotor Enigma, dont know why.