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10 April 2004

Good Friday 2004, the first I can remember when all Christion rites align.

Great news on tv, The Empire has withdrawn from Sadr city
and halted its attack on Falluja, Thanks be to God for the resistance,
if not them then who?
One report says that ALL major town centers in the South are with the al-Mahdi Army.

42 U.S. troops and more than 460 Iraqis have died this week.

9Apr the 1st anniversary of Mothers last breath.
Her generation took great delight in an expensive hotel room at Rotorua.
I moved with people who took great delight in finding the best route from Goa to Kathmandu..
Big Sister somehow in the middle, A family who has never had
to collect anyone from jail, probably not even from A&E.
But whenever I get exasperated by the suburban normality of big sister I recall
that she is the only sib who contacts me un-provoked, with deep sympathy.

Little bro M has moved into Newtown ("The Lawyers are coming!")
I guess with no more white weddings,
our family is destinied to fall apart. Only Funerals may gather us,
and mine is nearer the top than the bottom of that list.

I have found a house, with a tiny brick yard, still near to King St.
the relief is astounding.
Also 50 polyproplyne sacks for $15, the only way top move books.

08 April 2004

Great Calderic lakes I have swum in:
Taupo, Toba, Atitlan
km² 622 1140 130

Are there other caldera lakes more than 100km²?

The Toba area includes the central Islamd of Samosir...
-home to the Batak people, who have a wonderful shouted greeting "Horas!"
which is rather stimulating when given by someone approaching
along the narrow berm between two paddies in the evening.
In 1979 you could rent an entire wonderful Batak house for a dollar
The local children sang Christion hymns in the evening,
Apparently the Jakarta Govt insists that everyone be Monotheist,
so the Bataks went Christion, just to annoy Jakarta,
Various stone platforms still existing indicated some
rather recent other kinds of worship.
Onward travellers included only anthropologists and
surfers heading for Nias,which had a remianing animist culture
and a good reef break.
In Prapat I was offered a set of
5 pentatonic drums for "a hundred" dollars,
museum grade now, I suppose.
TobaAtitlan  Toba
blew up 75,000 ybp and lifted 2,800 km³ , the only
really big bang which homo sap may have witnessed.
Taupo   Taupo, Ruapehu in the distance 26,500 ybp 800 km³
181 CE 100 km³ the most violent eruption in the last 5000 years

Atitlan  Atitlan
84,000 ybp 250km³

Toxic Biophilia is where you feel youre getting close to nature,
but you are actually in a fantasy of oil and toxic chemicals.
Like golf, 4WD cars, lawns, leafblowers, Jetskis,
Resorts with swimming pools.
Growing kiwiFruit... fill in the rest yourself.

I was amazed to learn that even Macadamia nuts require
massive amounts of pesticides, despite having a woodey shell.
A neighbour to a plantation swore that the sprays had
produces mutant forms of insects not seen before.
- He was innocuously exporting native flowers,
the parent stock obtained by secret incursions into
national parks.

07 April 2004

Al-Sadr has moved from a mosque in Kufa to his main office in Najaf
(The NYT had him "holed up " in Kufa, now in "an Alley"
charming Dashiell Hammett jargon for USA's new #1 villian)

Which war are we in again?
I missed the Bruno Lawrence doco on SBS
Who will write the definitive story about Ponsonby 1968-1975?
Something like Helen Garner did for Melbourne with "Monkey Grip" 1977
(another fine first novel by a woman)

It would have to include Jim Baxter,Bruno Lawrence,Shelly Lodge,Tim Shadbolt
Dean Buchannan,Brigid Lowry,Frank Pound,Auckland Motorcycles,The Purple House,
The Pink House,Raewyn Annear, Woozle, Freemans Bay,Tony Fomison,Ponsonby
Ice9, TrafficLight, Orangebarrel, Durban Poison, Sumatran black,
LedZepplin Western Springs Concert 1972
Barry Crump, Sam Hunt
Coromandel Communes (Wilderlands is non googleable)
West Coast mining towns (Blackball)
Seaweed gatherers at Ahipara

Dean Parker formerly of Vermont St is a fairly fine writer
Dean in The Listener
But maybe no-one can capture those days
(Pynchon failed to capture Washington State)
Take a walk down Ponsonby Rd


SUVs continued...
Some MonkeyWrenchingtips (from Dave Foreman)
If SUVs or motorbikes are polluting you favourite wilderness,
cut some rebar (steel reinforcing rod) at an angle,
hammer into the ground leaving 15cm spike, disguise with leaves
place in pairs , to puncture two tyres, so the SUV cant use a spare,
place deep in the trail so the driver has a long walk out.

To burn a SUV (or a bulldozer or a tank):
Use kerosine (petrol flashes too readily)
You need to soak a blanket in kero and throw it over the vehicle
- makes more heat than simply pouring kerosine over the vehicle
kero may be hard to light, so ignite it with a bottle of meths.
- watch out for exploding reactive armour on tanks

To sabotage secretly, dont put sugar in the fuel,
put grinding powder in the lubrication

To stop logging, put ceramic spikes in trees
- they cant be detected magnetically.
Warning: if loggers catch you they will be cross,
because at the sawmill, all hell breaks loose when
a big saw hits one of those spikes.
Dr. Thomas Szasz has a new book "Pharmacracy," "invasive rule of medicine.."
Weekend musing with big sibs on Beef Fat culture.
Bought in packets it was "Suet" to be hand rubbed
into the dry ingredients of Xmas pudding
Decanted from the Roast, it was "dripping",
usually one or two handleless cups
with solidifying drippng were in the "safe"
(a screened box opening onto the South side of the house)
cool enough in Wellington to store the Roast,
wrapped in newspaper, tightly to keep out blowies
- Un Wellington there was little household wildlife,
no mossies, no roaches, no ants,few flys
the occasional blowie, and the occasional fat furry spider.

06 April 2004

previous picture of Syed Muqtada Sadr has vanished from the web
Gone: http://corriere.virgilio.it/Hermes%20Foto/2003/10_Ottobre/14/sadr--230x180.jpg
so here is another:
Syed Muqtada Sadr
This man never said "bring em on", instead he made ready.

John Fox & Christina

Cindy & Tamsin

... Yes John is from Middle Earth, now a philosophy lecturer at La Trobe
Cindy & Tamsin are Monozygotes & very nicely too
  Kater&Ashley Wedding pics in the April04 folder
SQUARE WHEELS  go anywhere

05 April 2004

Last Chance Texaco...
now look what they've gone & done,
Riled up the Shia...
raising a green flag. . 5April04. 4:33pm (AEST)
Sadr followers seize Basra governor's office
7 U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq as a Shiite Militia Rises Up
(Moktada al-Sadr militia)
Check these phrasings from the NYT...
"punching a huge hole in American hopes
likely to shake the American hold on Iraq
leaving ..no safe havens except .. the Kurdish areas
..potentially dire implications"
US deaths top 610
Rice heads for the spotlight as Bush heads home to hide out on his ranch
4Apr 04 ..Bush prepares to head off to his Texas ranch
for most of this week, the spotlight falls on ..Condoleezza
Rice,..scheduled to testify Thursday..

Ranger filth Only in Australia:
1) put a uranium mine ("Ranger") in a world heritage area
2) connect a waste pipe to a drinking water pipe
12 workers drank 3 or 4 litres of water ..which contained 400 times the legal limit of uranium...and another cocktail of acids."
Now management has abandoned them, but resumed work at the mine
(141 spills and safety breaches over 2 years)

smile4 thanks madameinsane
, for all the penguins

moon phases - now if only there was a moonphaser the rightside up for the SouthernHemisphere...

Thinking about pristine wilderness, streams flowing over
big white stones, clear air, silence...
Every ad for a motorcar seems now to show it in a lovely landscape.

In AUS & Aotearoa is an honorable profession to carry
a powerful gun into the wilds, to reduce feral introduced mammals.
May I encourage,incite, and generally call for the murder
of any driver who is seen in such landscapes?

May any hunter with a powerful rifle, please
shatter the skull of any driver who intrudes into the wilderness.
This includes 4WD,SUV,skimobile, jetski at al.

May advertising staff who produce these obscene ads
have their children's skulls crushed in driveways by daffy drivers