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18 March 2005

Greens, Condi's boots
Friday late post
Green sites:

cccI've just blown an hour looking for pictures of Condi's black boots.
Best I could do was this

Bicycles, Jet Planes, Departure Lounge, Coal, Amanda
stolen from "Departure Lounge" on flickr

Bicycles Bicycles

cccYamaha electric bike
..a direct methanol type fuel cell (DMFC) unit with an output of 500W ..a new type of business-use bike for the near future. The fuel is an easy-to-handle methanol-water mixture... GPS navigation and camera-equipped rear-view monitor. It is also equipped with a 300W AC outlet so that it can serve as an electricity source..
gizmag has heaps of gadgets...

Aprilia's Electric Assist Bicycle - sensible inner city commuter

..29kg..there wasn't a single person who rode it who didn't rave about the experience. ..The Aprilia Enjoy .. combination of electricity and human power and until you feel the way in which the microprocessor blends the electric assist with one's own endeavours, you won't understand how compatible the two power sources are...
Electronic sensors monitor the speed at which you are pedalling and the force being exerted on the pedals, sending real-time data to the micro-processor to activate the motor when it is needed - most noticeably when starting off or negotiating a hill. Electric motors make their torque at the bottom of the rev range.
..a sharp rise and the 200-watt motor kicks in..a range of 40 kilomtres..three hours to recharge using mains power..
Sadly "velorution" is no longer a bike blog... it may be again


from the SMH letters column 18/03/2005
Aus immigration officials at the request of the Government are sent into primary schools in broad daylight, to imprison six- to 12-year-olds in the Villawood detention centre because they are "illegals" and defying the laws set down by the state. Not Stalin's Russia. Not Mao's China. Not Honecker's East Germany. Howard's Australia, March 2005

When I was 11 I was forced to go to an all-Jewish school. We were not allowed to go to non-Jewish schools at the time. My class started with 40 students. As the parents were arrested by the Gestapo, the Dutch police came to the school and forcibly removed their children from the classrooms.

18/03/2005 10:31AM
Autism ....in Texas counties as mercury emissions rose..for every thousand pounds of .. released mercury, we saw a 17% increase in autism rates," ..48 tonnes of mercury USA from coal-burning plants.
Air Wars:
"We expect the 777-200LR to ..consume 25 percent less fuel per seat..than the ..the A340-500."
"the Airbus 330/340 ..is more economical than the Boeing 777 because of lower fuel consumption."
jal say on a 900km leg 777-300.."40 km-person/litter" which is 94miles/gallon
say Boeing 777-200 HGW Fuel per Seat-Mile (lb./seat-nm) 0.0918
which I calculate to be 65 miles/gallon

17 March 2005

Wolf#2, LA picture, LA Cisterns

photo by Langfia Ayeona, her home village

so flickr pics can be linked

New carnivore for World Bank
"We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction . . . and relatively soon." - Wolfowitz

17 March 2005...The US House of Representatives has approved an $81.4 billion war spending bill

The World Bank can be beaten. The Ifugao people of Luzon drove off a dam project with a combination of survey peg uprooting, naked protests, a few rifle shots, and voila, rice terraces saved. It takes an old, coherent, culture, with a traditiun of self defence.
3/16/2005 Kirkuk's vital pipeline to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan has been shut down for most of the past two years, at first because of the US-led invasion of Iraq and later due to incessant attacks.
LOS ANGELES, 12March2005 In the last few weeks, Los Angeles has had more than 35 inches of rain. Most of that water has run straight down to the sea.
..TreePeople has convinced the city ..to catch the rain water in underground cisterns. The first project, a 110,000-gallon tank at a Los Angeles elementary school, has provided enough irrigation water to transform asphalt into green playing fields.
..Trees now shade the buildings at the school, reducing the need for air conditioning.
..That underground treatment unit filters .. A tanker truck ..takes it away.
..In the recent rains, 80 billion gallons of rain water has been lost to Los Angeles...imports 85 percent of its water at a cost of $1 billion ..
"We hemorrhage 3.8 billion gallons of water when it rains just under a half an inch in Los Angeles,"

16 March 2005

Ducks, Sun Creator, Commanders Robot & Global, Olmecs, Bolton

Todays shipping news: six tiny ducklings in the harbour outside office, another oiltanker in & out
Yesterdays shipping news: an inflatable with 10 guys in camo crouched low came by, all waving red (?) machine guns
no insignia, no flags, maybe they were terra-ists
Tech notes:
Sun Java Studio Creator (SJC) - an IDE for web-based apps only $100 but...
I am condemned to attempting to get Suns web-based IDE to work.
It does work with pointbase, but that database is cruddy, only because they have a naff registration system before they will part with docs or software.
- Way to discourage customers pointbase! And to think 18 months ago they were quoting me in their happy customer remarks...
So I tries mySQL , my favourite lite database (no transactions, but who needs them?)
sadly SJC wont update mySQL - there may be a way but Sun forums are now ignoring me, too many questions...
so I try postgreSQL, which is rather neat... Only 17Meg and true transactions..
I get SJC updating Rowsets, then the SunAppServer8 blows up, cant be dealt with
re-install, and now nothing works...

Far Far better to cough up 2 grand and get Borland or IBM... Sun seems to have lost the plot
Sadly I cant justify 2 grand to the boss, even tho I've wasted much more than that in the weeks I've been plagued with Sun
best I remain quiet, here by the bay, and tinker forever with no result in sight...

Commander Robot & Commander Global killed in Camp Diwa
15Mar2005 ..Philippine police shot dead 22 prisoners as they stormed a Manila jail [Camp Diwa prison]
on Tuesday. ..Alhamser Limbong, alias "Kosovo," Ghalib Andang, alias "Commander Robot," and Najdmi Sabdula, alias "Commander Global," were among the Abu Sayyaf leaders killed on Tuesday.
..the uprising appeared to have been led by Limbong, who was accused of beheading an American hostage..from a Philippine beach resort in 2001.
..Limbong was also charged with carrying out an Abu Sayyaf bomb attack on a ferry near Manila last year that killed at least 116 people.
The one-legged Andang and Sabdula were accused of leading the kidnapping of 21 people from Malaysia's Sipadan island in 2000.

Did the Olmecs start it all?
map: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2005/03/14/science/0315-sci-subOLMECch.jpg

to rude to miss rudepundit
and more:

another chap we would cheerfully see chopped into pieces

Toxic Biophilia, flickr
our smiles flickr photo by Langfia Ayeona. nb LA has somehow prevented her flickr images from linking in a blog, so I copied this one to photobucket.
I believe that most flickr images can be linked
blue pool http://photos1.flickr.com/2233076_526a84ef44.jpg
where is heaven http://photos2.flickr.com/3330375_1e43f001a4.jpg

flickr is going off! I'm considering going pro. C$3.50/month


re: I'm not surprised Toxic Biophilia:
I am not surprised that the USA regime is hostile to science, and to eco-constraints.
Although people always say they are concerned about environment, I am not surprised at the indifference to the USA regimes eco-attack. Most bio-philia is now toxic, eg golf and 100kW cars. You think you love nature, actually you're attacking her.
In the long run, despising science and cutting students, are signs that USA is going down...

national meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science expressed concern Sunday that some scientists in key federal agencies are being ignored or even pressured to change study conclusions that don't support policy positions.
Bush's proposed 2005 federal budget is slashing spending for basic research and reducing investments in education..
..restrictions ..diminishing the flow to the U.S. of foreign-born science students..
..Bush administration has cut scientists out policy-making.. particularly on environmental issues.
..global warming..Proven, widely accepted research is being ignored or disputed, she said.
"we don't really have a policy right now to deal with what everybody agrees is a serious problem."
..climate events that "our species has not experienced before."
..Union of Concerned Scientists ..U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 42% said they felt pressured to not report publicly any findings that do not agree with Bush policies on endangered species.
..a third of the Fish and Wildlife researchers said they were even pressured not to express within the agency any views in conflict with the Bush policies.
"This administration has distanced itself from scientific information," said Gottfried. He said this is part of a larger effort to let politics dominate pure science.
He said scientists in the Environmental Protection Agency have been pressured to change their research to keep it consistent with the Bush political position on environmental issues.

15 March 2005

Thistle inn photo by Dave Roberts
The Thistle is at the harbour end of my old street. Almost as old as the city, which is only 160 years.
Grandad used to drink there, father claimed he didnt. Katherine Mansfield wrote a story about the place

flickr pics:
15Mar05 "The Defence Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) questioned a KBrownRootpayment of $27.5 million to transport $82,000 worth of propane"
I'm not surprised by the loss of civil liberties and habeas corpus under the current USA regime.
I knew as I saw building 7 bring 'taken down' that liberties would go.
I'm not surprised by the vicious bombardment and massacres in Iraq. I knew the USA would need to bomb someone.
What is surprising is the huge extent of the financial corruption in the present regime, and the lack of concern amongst USA citizens and media
The list is long and the amounts are huge. You know the list... Enron, WorldCom.KellogBrownRoot, SaudiBinLadenGroup, Yukos, etc etc
- just a few years ago, any one of these crimes would have brought down governments. Now people dont give a damn.