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07 January 2011

Hojatoleslam Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, Black Holes (not), UAV

Hojatoleslam Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr
Back from 3 years of studying in Qom, now truly Hojatoleslam
returned to oversee Iran's rule over Iraq.
He doesnt need a cabinet post. Maliki is his man

NYTimes approves, 'grey in his beard'
Those old accusations that he was immature, unschooled in theology, now void....


the LHC should have been able to produce small black holes that would instantly decay ...
... a signature of the black holes’ decay is notably absent
one form of string theory — the ADD model .. gravity is very weak relative to the other forces, such that it could only become unified with the rest of them at energies many orders of magnitude higher than the LHC could reach. But, in the ADD model, gravity only looks weak because portions of it are caught up in the remaining dimensions. This drops the energies down to something right in the heart of the LHC’s capabilities.
the energies involved are completely out of reach of the Tevatron. ...


2011 a prime, also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers: 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211
CT Scan

"Scan Eagle," the unmanned aircraft June of 2009 from the NOAA vessel McArthur II over the Bering Sea .. The drone has a 10-foot wingspan U Alaska.



ScanEagle is based on Insitu's Seascan aircraft, a ship-based surveillance platform. In 1998, Insitu and the U.  Washington .. coordinated the first UAV transatlantic flight, a 2,000-mile trip from Newfoundland to Scotland that used only 1.5 gallons of gasoline.[I thought this was an Aerosonde]
ScanEagle has a range of 1,500km and an endurance .. 28 hours... speeds .. 80km/h - 126km/h ..cruise .. 90km/h.. maximum altitude of 4,880m ..
..January 2007 Boeing Australia Ltd.. a contract to provide reconnaissance and surveillance services to the Australian Army using the ScanEagle (UAV)... [earlier the Australian Military had rejected their own countries Aerosonde as 'too small']

.. I am somewhat obsessed with UAV's ... combined with face recognition they are a new form of war/violence... thing is they fly so far you cant tell what nation sent them..

<- this helicopter flies in the window, maps the rooms and  flies around the house


UAV catcher (on some sort of stealth boat?)

Chinese wind power capacity has grown from 6,050 MW in 2007 to  .. 43,853MW last year, surpassing the US for the first time..
Growth in new wind energy installations in Europe is forecast to shrink from 14 per cent in 2010 to 1 per cent this year, according to analysts at Citigroup.
Force FHX Heli RTF Force., tiny toy; apparently has great stability.


Forest ALERTS.. Cancún, ..data from NASA’s MODIS cameras (..two are currently in orbit) data-mining algorithms U Minnesota .. Cisco’s “cloud” of machines to spot places where land use has changed.
..... tested against the Brazilian space agency’s PRODES ..every spot on the planet every six weeks,...

Alessandro Baccini, Woods Hole..how much tropical forests.. weigh..images from MODIS ..data from an GLAS, which bounced laser beams off the Earth 2003 -2009. GLAS’s main job was measuring the height of ice sheets, but the data .. from forested.. turn the 2D images from MODIS into 3D... to estimate the mass of plant matter ..

..Sassan Saatchi..Jet Propulsion Laboratory
... for various parts of the world the results do not match.
Simon Lewis, Leeds U..delegation from Gabon
...GLAS data. The instrument has died .. lasers can be flown on aircraft.
.. A recent study of 4.3m hectares of Peru,.. produced precise estimates of forest loss.. degradation ..reforestation,..
.. Dr Asner.. national survey of Colombia.
.... software .. huge archive of satellite images ..Google’s Earth Engine....
..satellite data for forest work by Astrium, a European ..
matet 2006

1984 ..Gallo and his co-workers had discovered a virus that is the "probable" cause of AIDS...
That same year, Casper Schmidt responded to Gallo's papers with The Group-Fantasy Origins of AIDS, which was published by the Journal of Psychohistory. Schmidt posited that AIDS was not an actual disease, but rather an example of "epidemic hysteria" in which groups of people are subconsciously acting out social conflicts. Schmidt compared AIDS to documented cases of epidemic hysteria in the past which were mistakenly thought to be infectious. (Schmidt himself would later die of AIDS in 1994.) '
long comment stream on ME, .... which I dont believe in, ... which proceeded to kill my mother...
Bug meals
Mealworms, for instance, churned out less than 1% as much greenhouse gas as cows and about 10% of a pig's smaller carbon hoof print. House crickets polluted even less, the researchers reported online 29 December in the journal PLoS ONE.
these insects are eating chicken feed? more interesting is when they can eat low value vegetation and _become_ chicken feed
people with conservative tendencies have a larger amygdala and a smaller anterior cingulate ..The amygdala..responsible (sic) for reflexive impulses, like fear. The anterior cingulate is thought to be responsible for courage and optimism....
...a so-called "liberal gene" -- the neurotransmitter DRD4 -- responsible for an increased receptiveness to novel ideas.
likely to be total bullshit...
still they do say that progress in Science comes form progress in technology as much as in ideas...
The dramatic fall of Mexican oil production, and its largest field Cantarell..the problems facing Non-OPEC supply. Since the production highs of 2004-2005, Mexican production has lost over 800 kbpd..was producing around 3.4 mbpd .. 5-6 years ago.
..The North Sea,(UK , Norway, Denmark, Netherlands Germany)..just lost 25% of its production in less than 24 months,.. over a million barrels a day...
[NZ Maui Gas less than 1/3 of its peak]

JCole on Iran (not a fan)
..OPEC) is being chaired by Iran at the moment. And Iran thinks the run-up of the price of crude to over $90.. ..
.. US is back to 20 mb/d +4.4% over last year ..
....US sanctions on Iran exempt petroleum sales..
Another petty act of revenge (sic) has to do with his blockage of petroleum trucks from entering into Afghanistan
... Iran was the other major import route..
..Iran is in a position to bring the pain to Afghanistan, US troops, and NATO by blocking fuel exports across its borders.
...Sadr does not appear yet to have reached the rank of independent religious jurisprudent (mujtahid) and so remains bound by the fatwas of al-Haeri .. surely it was the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that wanted al-Maliki as prime minister, and which put pressure on Sadr, their guest, to change his position.)
..Sadr is a force for intolerance in Iraqi society [JC trying to fit in?, prove he's not a self loathing Jew?  correction: JC is not a Jew]
I'm not sure what tolerance in Iraq would look like... certainly not depleted Uranium shells and JDAM bombs onto houses.
Juan Cole on Cast Lead (not a fan)
The Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost has released a March, 2008, US embassy cable describing the Israeli blockade and siege of Occupied Gaza as an attempt to reduce the society to the lowest possible level of functioning without provoking a “humanitarian crisis” (presumably mass starvation).

“Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis.”

And, with regard to taking money out of circulation in Gaza, a deflationary policy used as a tool of oppression:

‘ As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed to econoffs on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge ‘


05 January 2011

Paleo-Cllimate, 23 Things, Sweden

Morning dandelion in our concrete backyard
struggles to attain turgour pressure to open its
pointless parthenogenic petals.
Honeybee checks for pollen, leaves in a beeline of disgust.
We are disseminated on this sphere,
battling it out for piles of gold.
Western horizon clouds rush South.
Overhead barely moving.
The illusion that the world is spinning
about me.
"The end-Permian event was so profound, killing perhaps 90 percent of species, ... ecosystems took 10 million years to recover ..
Some marine animals such as the ammonoids did recover fast, within 1 million to 2 million years, but "physical environmental conditions continued to suffer setbacks for the 4 million to 5 million years of the Early Triassic, with four or five pulses of sudden heating and ocean stagnation,".. "The Luoping site and evidence from older locations in south China shows that ecosystems in total had not recovered until some 10 million years after the crisis."
Sweden danger
Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad Alzery, two Egyptian asylum seekers who were, according to Redress, 'removed from Sweden to Egypt by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency in cooperation with the Swedish authorities and outside of any legal process, ' on charges of terrorism in 2001. The deportation was carried out by American and Egyptian personnel on Swedish ground, with Swedish servicemen as passive onlookers.

In 2005, in Agiza v. Sweden (Communication No. 233/2003), the UN Committee against Torture found that Sweden had violated the Convention against Torture. The following year, in Mohammed Alzery v. Sweden (Communication No. 1416/2005), the UN Human Rights Committee found Sweden to have violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Alzery was released without charge after two years in prison however, 'he continues to suffer physically and psychologically as a result of his torture and ill-treatment.' Agiza was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a military tribunal. The process was not fair, and there is doubt as to the men's guilt.

Assange: "Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are the instruments of American foreign policy"
US$23.50Sound Magic PL30



Cambridge University's Professor Ha-Joon Chang
23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism



Iron Status May be Link in Degenerative Diseases December 2010
Eating purple fruits like blueberries and drinking green tea may help to prevent diseases including Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.
..the majority of debilitating illnesses are, in part, caused by poorly-bound iron, which may lead to .. hydroxyl radicals..
..the wrong form of iron..
Green tea and brightly colored fruits and vegetables ... good sources of iron chelators,.. purple fruits are considered best..

..vitamin C .. can only work effectively when iron is suitably and safely bound.
Archives of Toxicology 84(11):825-889, 2010
Green Tea Extract May Reduce Type 1 Diabetes Risk December 2010
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

.... linked to a potential anti-inflammatory action
..dietary intake of EGCG can delay the development of type 1 diabetes in non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice..Virginia Polytechnic ..

..polyphenolic compounds called catechins..
32 weeks of age,.. 67% of the animals in the control group had become diabetic (8 out of 12 animals), while diabetes affected only 25% of the mice in the EGCG group

..preservation of functional b-cell mass. In line with this finding, EGCG also exerts a cytoprotective effect on human pancreatic islets exposed to the inflammatory milieu relevant to type 1 diabetes
Study Suggests Optimal Levels of Vitamin D to Avoid Frailty December 2010
..A study with 4,551 women of at least 69 years of age indicated that blood levels of vitamin D between 20.0 and 29.9 ng/ml are at the lowest risk of frailty, while levels above or below this range are associated with an increased likelihood of frailty.. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).

..consistent with other observational studies that "imply that optimal serum 25-OH D concentrations for preventing frailty range between 20 and 30 ng/ml."

.. deficiency ..osteopenia, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, fractures, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

..increased risk of frailty or death after 4.5 years of study.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 95(12):5266-5273, 2010