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23 March 2006

Isahaqi, Burj Dubai, slave labor, McDonalds Happy Meals, Danang, Operation Krakatoa, Operation Iraqi Liberation, ALBA, Strong Communities New Orleans

Last Chance Texaco...

Isahaqi "all the victims had gunshot wounds to the head.
chris floyd Empire Burlesque
"Mr. President say the word "new." Repeat again, "new." Goooood!! Now Mr. President, say the word "clear." That’s right, "clear." Once again, "clear." Gooood! Now put them together, "new+clear." No Mr. President, not "newcuelar," "new+ clear," Goooood!!

World Social Forum, being held at Karachi, March 24-29.

countercurrents iraq-jamail
on May 22 of last year, US military commanders announced that they would consolidate troops into four large air bases. ..concrete instead of the usual metal trailers and tin-sheathed military officers.."said the consolidation plan was not meant to establish a permanent US military presence in Iraq."

22 March 2006.. .2500 workers on the Burj Dubai tower and surrounding housing developments chased and beat security officers..smashed computers and destroyed about two dozen cars ..
..In a sympathy strike, thousands of workers building a new terminal at Dubai International Airport also downed tools.
..skilled carpenters on the site earn just $7.60 a day, with labourers getting just $4 a day.

countercurrents eriqat.. But in order for the government to operate “profitably” it will have to employ slave labor, that is, labor it doesn’t have to pay so richly for.
We already have such a precedent. Many of the two million people already incarcerated in this country are veritable slave laborers. They “earn” anywhere from twenty-five cents to one dollar per hour, often working for major American corporations. But in some cases these poor prisoners are then charged room and board for being in prison, thus wiping out their minuscule income. In effect, since they are being forced to work without making any net income, they are slaves.

chris floyd
Late-Breaking News: USA Wins Vietnam War
Here's more from Corpwatch: "For example, 10,000 workers staged an illegal strike at Hong Kong-owned KeyHinge toys in the Central Vietnamese city, Danang. The workers, who manufactured plastic toys given away in McDonalds Happy Meals, told Lao Dong newspaper that unless they worked 12 hours a day without overtime they would be fired. The workers also complained they were only allowed two bathroom breaks a day and that the factory only had one cup for drinking water. They told Lao Dong they were treated like animals, not allowed sick days, and fined for any mistakes."

A powerful new militia dubbed "the Pakistani Taliban" has effectively seized control of swaths of the country's northern tribal areas in recent months, triggering alarm in Islamabad and marking a big setback in America's "war on terror".
The militants are strongest in North and South Waziristan, two of seven tribal agencies on the border with Afghanistan. Strict social edicts have been handed down: shopkeepers may not sell music or films; barbers are instructed not to shave beards. Yesterday a bomb blew up a radio transmitter in Wana, taking the state radio off the air.

krakatoa informeddissent
Two weeks ago a group of Britain’s brightest young physicists gathered at the US nuclear test site in the Nevada desert and headed for Control Point 1. There they waited for a test codenamed Operation Krakatoa to erupt.
A thousand feet beneath the desert scrub, components for a new British nuclear warhead were ready for detonation. Though it was not to be an earthquaking full nuclear blast — since Britain is a signatory to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty — the physicists were about to witness only the second “sub-critical” test Britain has conducted in nearly a decade.
..Under the NPT, which came into force in 1970, Britain is committed to prevent proliferation and to “pursue” disarmament.
...Last year a former warhead designer from the Los Alamos laboratory revealed there was a serious flaw in the US W76 warhead, on which British warheads are based, that could prevent it exploding.
.. in pursuit of a replacement warhead for the Trident
..by the time the first Trident submarine was commissioned in 1994, and the fourth in 1999, the Soviet empire and cold war were gone.

progressive Howard Zinn .. A more honest estimate of ourselves as a nation would prepare us all for the next barrage of lies that will accompany the next proposal to inflict our power on some other part of the world.

gregpalastlet me remind you of White House spokesman Ari Fleisher's original announcement, three years ago, launching of what he called,




O.I.L. How droll of them,

The top oily-gopolists, the five largest oil companies, pulled in $113 billion in profit in 2005 -- compared to a piddly $34 billion in 2002 before Operation Iraqi Liberation. In other words, it's been a good war for Big Oil.

As per Plan Bush, Bahr Al-Ulum became Iraq's occupation oil minister; the conquered nation "enhanced its relationship with OPEC;" and the price of oil, from Clinton peace-time to Bush war-time, shot up 317%.
Uncle Chutzpah and His Willing Executioners on the Dire Iran Threat: With Twelve Principles of War Propaganda in Ongoing Service E S Herman

alternet 20/03/2006 12:24PM
So why would the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its fellow travelers want to bolster criticism of Hugo Chavez?
In a word: trade. Chavez has been a vocal critic of the FTAA, an agreement designed to benefit transnational corporations whose increased wealth will, the theory goes, "trickle down" and benefit the impoverished. In response Chavez introduced a competing trade agreement, called ALBA, which, according to Teresa Arreaza, "advocates a socially oriented trade block rather than one strictly based on the logic of deregulated profit maximization. ALBA appeals to the egalitarian principles of justice and equality that are innate in human beings, the well-being of the most dispossessed sectors of society, and a reinvigorated sense of solidarity toward the underdeveloped countries of the Western Hemisphere."
.. The rising cost of oil has afforded Venezuela the opportunity to be, as Marc Weisbrot put it recently in the L.A. Times, "the lender of last resort." Venezuela loaned Argentina $2.4 billion, enabling it to kick out the IMF

Safe Streets, Strong Communities, a New Orleans-based criminal justice reform coalition that Price also works with, has just released a report based on more than a hundred recent interviews with prisoners who have been locked up since pre-Katrina and are currently spread across thirteen prisons and hundreds of miles. They found the average number of days people had been locked up without a trial was 385 days. One person had been locked up for 1,289 days. None of them have been convicted of any crime...

riverbend ..It's not the outward differences- things such as electricity, water, dilapidated buildings, broken streets and ugly concrete security walls. Those things are disturbing, but they are fixable. Iraqis have proved again and again that countries can be rebuilt. No- it's not the obvious that fills us with foreboding.
.. The real fear is the mentality of so many people lately- the rift that seems to have worked it's way through the very heart of the country, dividing people. I
.."Are you Sanafir or Shanakil?" I stood there, puzzled. 'Sanafir' is the Arabic word for "Smurfs" and 'Shanakil" is the Arabic word for "Snorks". I didn't understand why she was asking me if I was a Smurf or a Snork. Apparently, it was an indirect way to ask whether I was Sunni (Sanafir) or Shia (Shanakil).
Fukuyama is against the whole concept of a pre-emptive war -- "As Bismarck said, it's like 'committing suicide for fear of death'" -- but he has also been shaken by its execution. It is tough when you blame your own friends for the debacle.

"I'm not just shocked, I'm completely appalled by the sheer level of incompetence. If you are going to be a 'benevolent hegemon' (a reference to America's status as the sole superpower), you had better be good at it."

Fukuyama says his wife Laura Holmgren, a graduate in Soviet studies and stay-at-home mother of three, was strongly anti-war from the start. 20/03/2006 12:01PM

Burj Dubai

21 March 2006

GongGong, Cassini, Inflation, Capsaicin, Aus Greenhouse Gas

Weird Science

mars lava spirit
GongGong 3 cm mars rock, from Spirit
find your own impact craters... check these in GoogleEarth:
"crater02" lat=21.7381529426, lon=19.3536323891
"crater03" lat=21.3067498263, lon=19.3680633543

Mars odyssey 20Feb06
Saturn storm Cassini 27Jan06
our DNA is full of long strings of genetic code that are copied sometimes hundreds of times, the number of copies varying wildly from person to person.
And each of us is apparently missing quite a few large chunks of DNA. Other large segments of genetic code are misplaced DNA on their chromosomes or pasted in backward. Not that there's any one designated normal arrangement - we're all just different.

80LYear double helix msnbc
Mcluhan: "the motor car ended the countryside and substituted a new landscape in which the car was a sort of steeplechaser"

damtp fails to explain Inflation...
after E-34sec the place doubled in E-34 or was it E-37 secs 100 times or was it 200 times?
our visible chunk (13E9Lyr) was then basketball sized?
The whole enchelada was bigger then than our chunk is now?
gsfc.nassa New microwave polarisation supports Inflation?

Spicy food ..
Capsaicin led 80% of human prostate cancer cells growing in mice to apoptosis
Prostate cancer tumours in mice fed capsaicin were about one-fifth the size ..
"Capsaicin had a profound anti-proliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells in culture.
..dramatically slowed the development of prostate tumours ..human cell lines grown in mouse models."
..400mg of capsaicin three times a week..= three to eight fresh habanero peppers..
The capsaicin inhibited the activity of NF-kappa beta..16 March 2006

Kiwa hirsuta
Kiwa hirsuta .. not just a new species ..but a family of animals previously unknown
..south of Easter Island, using the submersible Alvin to study the creatures that live along ..hydrothermal vents.
.."Yeti crab.".. its family name, Kiwaidae, comes from Kiwa, a Polynesian goddess of crustaceans.
The creature is blind, and its hairs — really the kind of bristles found on moths or bumblebees — are colonized by bacteria organized in filaments.

GreenHouse Gas emiters in Aus (c/o SMH 'Drive' car apologists,keen to shift blame from cars to coal)
E6 Tons/yr:
cars 45
trucks & commcl 24 Vehicles 69
Net Aus 540
Electric gen 190 egen
Agriculture 97
ag CH4 66
manuf & construct 39.4
fugitive 26 (mining,energy)
coal mining 16.5
Pollution (excl CO2)
metal mining 10.5%
vehicles 8.9
building 8.7
nonferrous 8.5
solvents 6.8 & aerosols

cars l/100k kgC02 CO2Ton/16000km
commodore 11 26 4.16
smart 1.8
Prius 4.4 10.6 1.7
LandCruiser 16.4 6.27
commercial buildings annual: 41% is cool=ing & heating
CO veh 39.7% fires 34%
VO 3.1E6 soil 75.2% veh 8.4%
NOx 1.4E6 egen 35.3% cars 25.5%
SO2 1.4E6 egen 46% nonferrous 27.8%
partic 1.1E6 metalore 21.6%
NH4 1.3E5 livestock 21.6%
HCl 5.2E4 egen 93.5%
Toluene 3.4E4 veh 52.5% Solvents 7.8%
P 3E4 water/sewage 30.5% Murray 20.3%
Liddel power station 40% od Sydney electric
SO2 1.4E5 T
CO 6E3
VOC 6.2E2
NOx 6.2E4
Parammmata city pollution
veh 28.5%
mowers 17.5%
solv/aerosol 14.5%
incinerators 12.3%

20 March 2006

Cyclone Larry, War Criminal Condi

Cyclone Larry
I have no sympathy for any who are getting sliced by their own roof iron, if they have ever: used a leaf blower, an air-conditioner, or a car over 30kw.
- did they think they could use these frivilous machines, and merely dump their waste carbon into the sky with no consequences?
House Nigger
Sadly no-one wheeled out the anfo combi with the aluminium powder to kill this murderous bitch, while she was in Sydney.
Also sadly no-one ran over any sailors from USS Port Royal while they stood stupidly around the Cross, with their silly haircuts