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25 November 2005

Blue Mosque, xiaxue

ccc Joan at Blue Mosque
Photo album

Blog stuff: Blog awards bloggies
Political uncapitalist
Canadian dominionpaper

Another Asian who doesnt like the Chinese girl in da Harry Potter Movie:
xiaxue (a Singapore girl)
(One more by the way. Seeing Harry Potter like a Chinese girl disgusts me somewhat (it is so weird!!!) coz it remains me of the Farangs in Thailand going crazy over the Thai girls just because they are Asian and supposedly "exotic". I guess my mind is a little screwed lar, everytime an Angmoh tells me he likes Asian chicks I just think it's coz of all the Asia Carrera porn that he watched. Guess Harry must have seen Shu qi porn or something on Dudley's computer)

Michelle Leslie motherlode at my.toast.com.au More Leslie pics lee03 lee06 lee87 lee70 lee94 lee55 lee56 lee97

Keep this image in mind whenever you consider a Sony product

23 November 2005

Favourite Famous Filipinas,Miraculous Intervention,GM peas

Favourite Famous Filipinas

bitch blogs: pinkofeministhellcat victoriassecrets
bitch blog about filipinas likebanana
1986 Cebu rumours of a girl baby. Anyone born then missing a Kiwi father?

Proposed name change:
Intelligent design (ID) becomes Miraculous Intervention(MI) - thats what that Behe & crew are proposing. Its still "God of the Gaps" but by now the gaps are very small. a few nanos wide.
If the 'design' is implicit in the structure of the natural world, then we have Natural Science.
If the 'design' is only at a few difficult points (Centrioles?) then we have "Miraculous Intervention"
The thing about miracles is, they spoil Natural Science, because anywhere,anytime, big Nobodaddy might flip in a miracle, so research becomes impossible.
Personally I dont care if no biology is taught at high school, they can pick it up later.

coffee resort in Nicaragua sweetmarias
Cryoelectron tomography of a magnetotactic bacterium: a three-dimensional reconstruction of the interior of a Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense cell. The cell membrane is blue, the magnetosome crystal red, and the surrounding vesicle yellow. The image makes it clear that both the membrane vesicle and the "mature" magnetosomes are strung like pearls on a chain along a filamentous structure (green), which is similar to a cytoskeleton. (Image: Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense" "Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry"
project to develop genetically modified peas with built-in pest-resistance has been abandoned after tests showed they caused allergic lung damage in mice.
..CSIRO took the gene for a protein capable of killing pea weevil pests from the common bean and transferred it into the pea. When extracted from the bean, this protein does not cause an allergic reaction in mice or people.
But .. when the protein is expressed in the pea.. unexpected immune effects seen in mice.
..Jeremy Tager, Greenpeace "..the potential for unpredicted and unintended changes in the structure of transferred proteins. And I’m not aware of any country that requires feeding studies as part of its approval process.”
..(Phaseolus vulgaris) contains alpha-amylase inhibitor-1.. GM peas were almost completely resistant to the pea weevils.
..The injected mice showed a hypersensitive skin response, while the airway-exposed mice developed airway inflammation and mild lung damage.
..“When expressed in the pea, the protein was glycosylated at different points – that’s the only structural change...
Coal-to-fuel conversion,..around for 80 years..the Fischer-Tropsch process. What is new is the technology that removes and stores the pollutants..
coal reserves of 120E9 tons, Montana 1/3 nation 1/10 the globa Most of it is just under the prairie grass in the depopulated ranch country of eastern Montana. Mr. Schweitzer wants to plant coal-to-fuel factories in towns that have one foot in the grave..
"This country has no energy plan, no vision for the future," said Mr. Schweitzer, who spent seven years in Saudi Arabia on irrigation projects. "We give more tax breaks and money for oil
..He is also promoting wind energy and the use of biofuels..Montana to get 10% of its energy from wind power by 2010..Big Sky State.. a population under E6..
USA imports 13E6 barrels of oil a day
..South Africa a single 50-year-old plant provides 28% of the nation's diesel, petrol and kero .. old technology ..Montana $7 billion to build 150,000 barrels of synthetic fuel a day $35 a barrel.
.."The governor's idea is a big one," said Helen Waller, a farmer who is active with the Northern Plains Resource Council"I don't think there's any such thing as clean coal. And even if there were, it would require a lot of productive ranchland to be ripped up."
..But given Montana's history of abuse by mining companies - the giant open-pit mine in Butte is the most visible legacy of a bygone era - some Montanans remain skeptical
Kryptonite bike locks was selling a flagrantly defective product that could be broken by anyone armed with a Bic pen,
try googling this: "Kryptonite bike locks" Bic

RAWA, Crude DEsigns, Tikrit duck, Chavez handout,

this blog digbysblog
talks about
RAWA - the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan - was one of the most vocal groups speaking out against the Taliban when no one was listening. Now, one of their members responds to the bromides being wholesaled by a Republican observer to the recent elections.
The US started the fracas by not replacing religious tyranny with democracy, by not relying on the people, but rather by siding with the NA, the very worst enemies of our people. It goes without saying that Afghans will not see as their “liberators” those who drove the Taliban wolves through one door and unchained the rabid dogs of the NA through another.
rawa.org in the Seattle Times
in the comments, this reference to Afghan picsAfghan gallery

ps http://adobe.kodakgallery.com/ is naf, cant link to pics, no big size
- how many slackarsed photo sites are like that!!
Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth
"The form of contracts being promoted is the most expensive and undemocratic option available," said Platform researcher Greg Muttitt on Tuesday.
..long-term contracts with foreign oil ..beyond the reach of Iraqi courts, public scrutiny or democratic control."
..Louise Richards, chief executive of aid charity War on Want, said: "People have increasingly come to realise that the Iraq war was about oil, profits and plunder."
big anti-big business doc

However, Arabic satellite television stations aired footage showing an American colonel ducking for cover as the shell whistled overhead. Fearing more were on the way, U.S. security hustled U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and the U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. George Casey, into the palace... globalter some videos, but not nov05



"As we puzzle over how to end our nightmare in Iraq, the central question is the one raised by The Times on Aug. 7: “How much longer are valuable lives to be sacrificed in the vain endeavor to impose upon the Arab population an elaborate and expensive administration which they never asked for?”

Not this Times, though. It was The Times of London on Aug. 7, 1920, as a ferocious insurgency threatened the British occupation of Iraq.

whiskey barAnd so now we have Iranian-backed Shi'a death squads hunting their political enemies through the slums of Baghdad under the pretext of fighting the insurgency, while Sunni Baathists (and/or their jihadist allies) blow up Shi'a mosques at prayer time under the pretext of fighting the American occupation.
..Meanwhile, back here in the good old U.S. of A (the A is for assholes) the ruling party is reliving Joe McCarthy's glory years, while the leaders of the so-called opposition party try to hide their worthless carcasses behind an ex-Marine congressman who finally saw one too many broken bodies warehoused at Walter Reed and suffered a temporary fit of sanity, causing him to blurt out the ugly truth that the war is hopelessly lost
Last week, Chavez took another swing at the Bush team by ordering the delivery of "12 million gallons of discounted home-heating oil to local charities and 45,000 low-income families in Massachusetts next month." (Boston Globe)..The plan is yet another blow to the administration and the rickety system of predatory capitalism.
Massachusetts congressman William Delahunt explained that there was a "desperate need" for affordable home heating oil that would not be met by state or federal governments.'.. Chavez's gift will be distributed by officials from Citizens Energy of Boston and CITGO, a Houston-based subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela.
..Bush has become a modern-day Herbert Hoover paving the way for economic Armageddon by shifting $1.3 trillion of wealth (in just 5 years) from the middle class to his friends at the top of the fiscal food-chain.
Who could have imagined just 5 years ago that American citizens would be getting charitable assistance from Venezuela?

22 November 2005

Kabul, Khymer midwife, Life in the outskirts

grovestreet says direct image links are labile, will shift (urrgh]
so these next 2 will need to be copied to photobucket..
more of Joans photos
Joan, my sister, in Afghanistan, doing health work in a place that Medecin sans Frontiers has abandoned as too dangerous...
Khymer delivery, Dr. Joan's photo, her area of professional concern

Life in the outskirts, originally uploaded by carf.

denser than Phase 9, even

21 November 2005

Morales, Neil Armstrong, Aha oe feii?

"Why do I like Che?" Evo Morales, MAS's leader and presidential candidate, said in response to my question, looking as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Morales is the first full-blooded Aymara, Bolivia's dominant ethnic group, to make a serious run for the presidency
..normally serves as the headquarters of the cocaleros, the coca-leaf growers from the country's remote, lush Chapare region. Morales started in politics as the leader of these cocaleros, and he has pledged that if he wins the presidential election scheduled for Dec. 18, one of his first acts will be to eliminate all penalties for the cultivation of coca..
For Jeffrey Sachs..former economic adviser to the Bolivian government, the problem was less the international lending institutions' recommendations than the lack of follow-up on the part of Washington. Gonzalo Sánchez de Losada, the first of the two presidents ousted in Bolivia's recent wave of protests, has said that when he went to see President Bush at the White House in 2002, the president talked of little except Afghanistan. As Sachs put it later in an op-ed piece in The Financial Times, the Bush administration "proved to be incapable of even the simplest responses to a profound crisis engulfing the region." In an e-mail message to me, he said he had "never seen such incompetence" as the Bush administration's approach to Latin America, which he characterized as comprising "neglect, insensitivity, disregard, tone-deafness." Sachs cited one damning example in Bolivia: as his government teetered on the verge of collapse in 2003, Sánchez de Losada asked the U.S. government for $50 million in emergency aid. Washington made $10 million available. As Sachs put it bitterly, the decision in effect invited MAS and the social activist movements - peasants, coca growers, laborers and the unemployed - "to finish off the job of bringing down the government."

20/11/2005 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two improvised bombs killed five U.S. army soldiers patrolling near the Iraqi town of Baiji on Saturday, and wounded another five ... Baiji is 180 km north of Baghdad.

ccc For some time I've been under the illusion that William Holden was still alive. Actually kicked the bucket early 80s.
He famously played moon-man Neil Armstrong in James Michener's "The Bridges at Toko-Ri"...Grumman F9F-2 Panther, although clearly outperformed by the Soviet MiG-15, brought down five

Any LGD fan would love this story: Nessim D. Gaon, owed a bunch of oil by the CCCP, briefly seized
Paul Gauguin. Aha oe feii? (Are You Jealous?) 1892. on exhibition from The Pushkin Museum Aha oe feii? Larger

more St Gerards