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24 November 2006

Nuclear, Australia, Ruppert, Petras, Farc

Steely John, that undersized dildo who runs this banana republic (where bananas are $12 per kilo, thanks to PermanentElNino) has decreed that we shall have 25 nuclear reactors. On the coast, because all the rivers are drying up. So hot waste Westinghouse sea water will be pumping out. Pity about the Great Barrier Reef which runs down half the coast. Some blithering idiot was talking about shade-cloth to protect the reef from coral bleaching. Another idiot claimed to be less stupid and is proposing hosing the sea surface so the sea is opaque, and less light hits the reef. 2500 km. Who gets the contract to build 500,000 solar powered(?) ships to spray the reef? I guess they're actually talking about saving just a few km, so that a few tourists can admire it. The Great Barrier Reef, is actually a youngster, 50,000 years old. The coral organisms themselves are tens of millions of years old. They evidently go and hide for a few aeons when things go bad. I trust they'll come back when industrial-man is gone. If our coming mass-extinction exceeds the Permian event, they may not. I think one reptile-like pig shaped animal survived the Permian extinction. It may be slime only this time. It takes a billion years for slime to stand up and order a latte. Bad news is that in just 500 million years the habitable zone of the solar system moves out past earth orbit.

Michael C. Ruppert isnt having a good time in Caracas.
FTW is folding up. MR reckons that its now to late for individuals to relocate to avoid PeakOilCrash. Damn, I should have made a base in NZ. My Barrio Base probably wont hold, theres no room to grow food, and too many 38's.

An Open Letter to the People and Government of the US (And a Reply to the FARC)
by James Petras November 20, 2006
Washington backed a rightwing politician with a history of ties to Colombia’s death squads for President, Álvaro Uribe. His electoral victory inaugurated one of the bloodiest extermination campaigns in the violent history of Colombia.
US military officials and their Colombian counterparts funded a 31,000 strong death squad force which ravaged the country, killing thousands of peasants in regions where the FARC was influential. Hundreds of trade unionists were assassinated by hired killers (sicarios) in broad daylight in the towns and cities occupied by the military. Human rights workers, journalists and academics who dared to report on the impunity of the military involved in village massacres were kidnapped, tortured and killed; not infrequently they were decapitated or disemboweled to sow even greater terror. Over two million peasants were forced off their land into squalid urban slums, their lands seized by prominent paramilitary chiefs or large landowners. The ‘class cleansing’ of the countryside was right out of the counter-insurgency manuals of the Pentagon, instructing the Colombian military to destroy the ‘social infrastructure’ of the guerrilla movements -

- This letter is a clear description of a typical USA trained and financed death squad campaign.
Note it was started by that good ol boy Bill Clinton.
Aint he so much more charming than GW?
- Well the answer is: not very fucking much difference if its Clinton or Bush trained sicarios who kidnap, torture and murder you.
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health ministry, enfotiamine

A series of car bombs have killed at least 157 people.. Sadr City in Baghdad..
The six bombs, .. and a mortar blast ..
Interior ministry sources said five people were wounded at the health ministry building, about 5km from Sadr City.
..100 masked gunmen holding machine guns attacked.
..The attackers later withdrew after clashes with American and Iraqi security forces.

A health ministry spokesman said: "The gunmen fled as American helicopters and Iraqi armoured vehicles arrived...

The fighting lasted for several hours

The interesting point is the "several hours" [or "two hours" in the NYT] delay before the USA military arrives at the Health Ministry.

USA is evidently hunkered down in bases, to scared to come out for hours. Or they want chaos, and they allow attacks in force to proceed for hours.

Also note that the car bombs are not described as suicide attacks. The USA, a culture of dedication, not devotion, cannot inspire suicide bombers. (All their religosity is a tvivial facade, no neo-zion would take pain for Likud). Any non-suicide event in Iraq must be assigned a probability of being a deliberate USA act, they may have set of the car bombs to keep the chaos hot.

Shallots for Sciatica
enfotiamine is a lipid-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B-1). It is perhaps the most effective of the allithiamine group of naturally occurring, thiamine-derived compounds, found in trace quantities in roasted crushed garlic and other vegetables from the Allium genus (such as onions, shallots, and leeks).

lefty blogs:
seaton-newslinks. a USA expat in Europe
bilegrip an Australian spleen-venter
us-rockstroh a rant, not a blog

aboutmyplanet eco blog:


23 November 2006

selfish genes, Methane, Bushfire, Sciatica, death squads

So this blog is not quiescent, maybe my paycheck will clear!

Truly selfish genes
George Williams, who in 1988 wrote,
Perhaps it is just a matter of time before someone discovers (or invents in the lab) an all-male species. It makes diploid sperm that inseminate eggs of related species and give rise to diploid nuclei that exclude the egg pronuclei.

This would seem to be the ultimate in parasitic DNA—an entire eukaryotic genome that has no body of its own, surviving only by stealing the eggs of a related species in each generation. Although it may seem to be the subject matter for a science-fiction novel, this type of system was recently discovered in a clam, a conifer and a stick insect. Very cool!

in a review of Genes in Conflict: The Biology of Selfish Elements. Austin Burt and Robert Trivers americanscientist ..And you thought than Males were going redundant!

Methane not increasing
.. bbc
But because methane is broken down relatively easily, atmospheric concentrations would return to pre-industrial levels within about a decade if the various sources of production linked to human activities could be eliminated.

This has led some scientists and policymakers to suggest that cutting emissions of methane could be a more effective way of curbing climate change than focusing on carbon dioxide.

Bushfire season Broadcast TV is hopeless at giving precise details of where the fire threats are
The internet has some good sites.


blue mountain fire
Geoscience Australia has good graphics of updated bushfire hotspots, which I cant be bothered flogging. Go there if live among the gumtrees..

More than a million babies die across Africa every year in their first month of life..
¶ 300,000 babies who die because they are not breathing at birth could have been saved .. a mask and plastic bag device ..$10.
¶ 70,000 babies die of tetanus .. if mothers had been given two 20-cent tetanus shots..
¶..babies born prematurely who die could have survived if they had been kept warm and snug against their mother’s chests,
USA 4.7 newborns die for every 1,000 born, cf 66 per 1000 in Liberia, ..

my lifetime with a fuzzy foot. Because walking is less fun, I ride a bicycle, and am fitter for it.
I only had a few days of extreme pain, during which I scoffed an entire bottle of Librium, and, although I have no recollection of the event, apparently I rang my neurologist and verbally abused his receptionist. Thus greatly reducing my chances of a place in the queue for surgery. Which I've never had. Foot still fuzzy.
..JAMA..compare surgery for sciatica with waiting...Patients who had surgery often reported immediate relief. ..
After two years, 70% of both groups..had a “major improvement” .. No one who waited had serious consequences, and no one who had surgery had a disastrous result.
..The operation is quick and generally effective, Dr. Garfin said. It involves gently pushing the compressed nerve root away from the herniated disk. ..
..“nobody got worse.”

"the death squads" video
"the death squads"
"the death squads" channel 4
Based on the history of USA training and sponsoring death squads, I suspect the death squads in Iraq are the result of deliberate USA policy. Since Iraq didnt roll over and hand over the oil to a peaceful puppet, USA prefers chaos in Iraq to stability not under their control. I predict that USA troops will remain after 2008 whoever wins USA elections.

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22 November 2006

2nd attempt to crosspost to Multiply

to Multiply


does Multiply really cross-post from Blogger?

giordano bruno on multiply

How sad, I'm about to lose my broadband, (which in Australia is really not so broad
we pay Unwired for 1Mbit, get 300K on a good day, often less.)
Broadband in Europe is 5M, I'm told

21 November 2006

jobless, programmmer, cgi

This blog will be quiescent, as my job and my broadband have gone belly up.

So I'm looking for work in IT.


In recent years:
I wrote in Intel 32bit assembler the worlds fastest large integer modulus operation
- I tried to sell an RSA digital signature system based on my code.

The real winners were those who gave their software away.
PGP is now everywhere. My software is not.

Two Australian guys wrote SSL and gave it away. Its that little padlock image at the bottom of your browser window. They didn't bother with Assembler, computers soon got fast enough to sign in C.

Last few years I've written in C++, then Java applications. Both self-taught on this job.
Started in Access then mySQL then converted to Firebird. So I can do databases.
And I can teach myself new stuff. Hell I'm prepared to teach myself C# if thats what it takes.

I can tinker in css, set up wireless routers, install six flavours of Linux, generally be useful around the place. Programming is what I'm great at. Not so great at selling, which is why this company is folding.

Anyway here's an example of my code

Applet at: spinning boxes

The Irony is, I set out to New York to become a computer graphics writer, 20 years too soon. Back in my hometown, Wellington, the worlds greatest CG teams made LOTR on one of the biggest Intel farms in the world.

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