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12 June 2009

Senseless Sentencing, GRB 090423, Titikowaru

Senseless Sentencing
Katherine Ryan's interview with Jennifer Walsh: JW said there is no connection between crime and economics -this absurdity should have been caught - JW then said something about low crime states being 'rural'.
JW said 'a few' then said 7000 people had these 25yr sentences. KR asked about non-violent offences being included, JW said something like 'absolutely not' then immediately said ' serious and violent' offences being required. 'Serious' begs the question.
Many other verbal absurdities from JW, i trust you will publish a transcript so a full critique can be made.tencing

I have a deep disdain for "sensible sentencing" rednecks who brought this execrable person here

vitamin e USA mail order 400 IU 250 Sgels USD$7.99 = NZD$13 5.2c nz each NZ price around 32c NZ vitamins have not responded to the great vitamin price fixing scandal of ca 1998, they just keep gauging the public
care Swanson does onsell your email, so create a special account

Most Distant Object : Gamma Ray Burster
Analysis of the light spectrum ... redshift of 8.2 = 13.035 billion light-years

GRB 090423 was detected by Swift on 23 April.so
...and debate continues about NATURE embargoes - anyway I just found out about it now...
.... also there are rumours about Kepler's discovery of Water-temp planets, but these delays may be concerns about accuracy, rather than Georg von Holtzbrinck Capitalism hiding publicly funded telescope data.
..1999 - Holtzbrinck completes the purchase of Macmillan Publishing Ltd. Nature Publishing Group
I have never loved Scientific American much since the Holtzbrincks bought it. I had a sub when I was 15... sea mail, but a dellight ...Genetic code, eightfold way, lasers... the 60s were fab. The mag had adverts for jet fighters .... I always wondered if the market for jet fighters was broad enough to justify the ads...
Sadly SciAm is now a thin, popular shadow of its grand days.
has an overview of publishing houses

Smithsonian's Submillimeter Array (SMA) clearly reveals the presence of a rotating molecular disk orbiting the young binary star system V4046 Sagittarii. The SMA images provide an unusually vivid snapshot of the process of formation of giant planets, comets, and Pluto-like bodies. The results also confirm that such objects may just as easily form around double stars as around single stars like our Sun.

Pilot ACE Computer
One of the earliest general-purpose electronic computers, Pilot ACE ran its first programme on 10 May 1950.__________________________________________________

aaa[NZ is full of un-imaginative European names "The North Island" "The Terrace" "Northland" "The Desert Rd" ] Later, when Father had switched to the much more nimble English car - a Ford Zephyr, we would examine each passing 48 Ford to see if it was 'ours'.
Those unwieldy V8s became popular with "bodgies" . They were often called "Maori cars" in the simple racist vernacular of the age. we did see it a few times, for a few years. Dont recall if it was driven by Maori.
[sigh,... the original site for this ford pic refused linkage, so of course I stole the picture and wont spread the site name. Why are people so dense onn the interweb? even the USADoD refused a link to a picture of a gun... what do they believe they are protecting? the continued existence of this blog is limited by images, which I an too lazy to steal, becoming dead links. ]
Michael Sandel, Reith Lecturer 2009,
on the "Pacific Solution" Aus dumping refugees on Nauru nb USA is now dumping Xray victims on Pulau, possibly not locked up?:
MICHAEL SANDEL: Prima facie, I find it appalling. But if some experiment were done of this kind, then I would want not only to count the number of refugees who were given asylum under the the refugees, the attitude toward immigrants, the quality of life and the self-esteem of the refugees and of immigrants. Those are among the things that I would want to look at.

Shakir working for CentrAm children

John Voight "denouncing President Obama as a dangerous radical " easy to see why Angelina doesnt talk to the creep

At school in the 1950s we were not taught the name of the great chief Titokowaru
We were taught about the "savage" Hauhaus who believed themselves immune to musket balls.
The Taranaki wars were only 90 years in the past, the fear in Wellington too recent. An earlier chief , Te Rauparaha, was much feared in early Wellington.
Te Rauparaha probably believed he had the rights to Wellington, but his fighting days were over by 1840 I guess. They say his canoe landed at the bottom of my street, Mulgrave st, and he had a drink at the Thistle Inn, where my grandfather drank 100 years later.
Nowadays Hauhau is rarely mentioned, but Titikowaru is. Tito kowaru lost an eye in an early daylight raid on a Brit post, subsequently believed strongly in musket balls. The Kaiser sent spies out to investigate his massive entrenchments, hence the trench warfare in Europe.
Corrugated iron covered with dirt could resist the field artillary pieces that the Colonial forces dregged up

Maori TV had an interview with a canny descendent of Tito kowaru ( or possibly the husband of a descendent) He was cagey about the chiefs burial place. Reports of grave robbers selling the heads of Rangatira still rankle.

Kimble Bent was a white man who loaded cartridges for Tito kowaru... his yarn is at

Tito kowaru's mighty Taurangaika Pa

10 June 2009

Biofuel, Omega3, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Biofuel looks good only for local,, hand picked beans
Camelina, (or wild flax)...grows on poor ground and has twice the yield of soy..low gell temperature. The spent biomass is..animal feed
..alternating with wheat..increases the wheat yield by 15%, and gives 100 gallons/acre of oil.

Dr. Bill Schillinger at Washington State U..1,400 pounds per acre at 16 cents a pound..$224 per acre; 28-bushel white wheat at $8.23 per bushel would garner $230.”

1 bushel Wheat at 13.5% moisture 60 lb = 27.22 kg 28 bushels/ acre = 1.9 Tons/hectare
Mali..10,000 km of jatropha hedges that yield .. 1 kg/meter/year= 5 million liters per yr of oil (85.8 bd).
Typical village hedge .. 2 & 15 km, making oil generation very much a local enterprise. It is growing because there has been a move to provide local women with engine powered grain mills, to start small businesses. But the fuel cost was prohibitive. Collecting and processing the nuts can not only provide the needed fuel, but also inject about $3,800 on average, per village per year. As a result local hedges are growing in length, though somewhat slowly (from 5 – 15 km in 8 years.) The projects have also benefitted from development of a shelling machine for the nuts.

But while the growth is commendable, it is nowhere near working at the scale needed to have a significant market impact. The latest news is that to get high yields, huge water inputs are needed--20,000 liters of water to produce one liter of biofuel. This news will further make scaling up oil production from jatropha difficult.
Mali arizona
A single liter of jatropha biodiesel requires a whopping 20,000 liters of water to grow, say researchers at the Netherlands’ University of Twente. That’s more than canola, corn, soybeans or sugarcane — more, in fact, than any commonly used biofuel crop. The two closest, canola and soybeans, require about 14,000 liters each.
Jatropha cannot be eaten as animal feed, but that makes a good fence

Vandana Shiva [their letter] addressed to Ricetec, Inc., which patented Basmati rice, and to the Grace Corporation, which patented the name. The letters said,
“We've used Basmati for centuries. ... Now we hear you've got a patent number for this, and you claim to have invented it. This kind of piracy and theft we know happens. There are people who steal in our village, and we treat them with understanding. We call them and ask them to explain what is the compulsion that led them to steal. So we invite you to come to our village and explain to us the compulsion that made you steal from us.

Big Dip

more economic graphs this Depresion is still tracking lower faster than 1929

Political Spectrum Quiz


Omega3 for cows
cows at 15 farms across Vermont have had their grain feed adjusted to include more plants like alfalfa and flaxseed — substances that, unlike corn or soy, mimic the spring grasses that the animals evolved long ago to eat...............
Nancy Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s vice president for natural resources, commissioned a full assessment of her company’s impact on climate change in 1999 that extended to emissions by some of its suppliers.
“I was shocked when I got the report,” Ms. Hirshberg said, “because it said our No. 1 impact is milk production. Not burning fossil fuels for transportation or packaging, but milk production. We were floored.”......................................
The answer, the scientists determined, was that spring grasses are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which may help the cow’s digestive tract operate smoothly.
Corn and soy, the feed that, thanks to postwar government aid, became dominant in the dairy industry, has a completely different type of fatty acid structure.......................................
As of the last reading in mid-May, the methane output of Mr. Choiniere’s herd had dropped 18 percent. Meanwhile, milk production has held its own.
The methane-reduction results have been far more significant in France than in the Vermont pilot — about 30 percent — because the feed is distributed there not just to organic farms, where the animals already eat grass for at least half the year, but also to big industrial farms.

.Another blow for Omega3 over Omega6
This begs the question: Does Grass make more CH4 than Soybeans? I have seen suggestions that it does
“Feeding grains and their byproducts will continue to be a important practices to reduce methane emissions,”
Chopped straw and hay are the vital ingredients to settle a cow's stomach and reduce emissions of methane by 20 per cent.
This material is used as bedding for cattle and cows usually have little appetite for it. But just as children are coaxed to take their medicine by cloaking it in a syrup, cattle are being fed a blend of foods that makes it irresistible.
The secret is to cut straw or hay into strips 6cm-7cm long and to mix them with silage, wheat, maize, soya or sugar beet. A dairy cow needs only 4.4lb (2kg) a day, a tiny percentage of the 130lb daily ration of forage it would otherwise eat.
Grains Good...
University of Alberta's Stephen Moore has come up with a set of tools for cutting a cow's methane output by up to 25 per cent.
...4.8 million tonnes of methane were produced in Canada in 2007,...a set of equations capable of figuring out how much methane a cow might emit based on the elements of its diet, including starch, sugar cellulose, ash and fat.
..In Canada, cattle feed is made from the grains that are available, and switching to another product may be difficult and expensive for many farmers, he said.
"Also, what these equations show is, if you provide a high-energy diet, the animals produce less methane," he said. "But you can't feed such animals high-energy diets for a long period of time because they will get sick, they will end up with metabolic problems."

Annoyingly there is no 1y article reference from U Alberta - I would love to see the "equation"

Klimakolonialismen' (Climate colonialism)
1/10 of Tanzania to be sugarcane for Swedish cars? or not?
very bad scenario for Tanzania

Jolie speaks on Justice

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) on Thursday chided lawmakers for ignoring the risks involved in operating the plant.
.Mikey Arroyo of Pampanga, chairman of the House energy committee. HB 6300 is principally authored by Nationalist People’s Coalition Rep. Mark Cojuangco of Pangasinan.
HB 6300 mandates the immediate rehabilitation, commissioning and commercial operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant..
Greenpeace Campaigner Francis dela Cruz said Cojuangco demonstrated that his intentions with HB 6300 cannot be trusted,...
“First he wants to revive a defective nuclear plant, ignoring all the risks and dangers that have been identified by experts. Every single study conducted on the BNPP has concluded that this nuclear facility is unsafe to operate,” he said.
Greenpeace revealed that even if rehabilitated, the BNPP will not pass the current international safety standards required of nuclear facilities.
NEARLY 30 years after work began on the Bataan nuclear power plant just north of Manila, Filipino taxpayers are still paying 155,000 dollars a day in interest on a structure that has never produced one watt of power.
Mikey Arroyo, first gent, periodically has to leave the country over scandals,
Mark Cojuangco , Is SanMig/coke, boasted that he preserved the Palawan forests by shooting peasants who attempted to farm his logging 'concessions'