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03 March 2006

Teeth capped, Wayne Brown From bad to worse in Mesopotamia, Lovelocks Gaia

Why do dentists in Aus want A$900-$1200 to cap a tooth,
in Bangkok they want A$300-$600

But in Caloocan Norte Luzon, my Asawa got 2 teeth capped for P3000,
thats less than A$40 each
Admittedly they are Acrylic, not Ceramic, but they look fine and the dentist said they can chomp anything.

Seems like an intercontinental scam. Why suffer caries, get the whole damned lot acrylic capped.

Having a rough day?
  1. Picture yourself near a stream.
  2. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air.
  3. No one knows your secret place.
  4. You are in total seclusion from the hectic place called the world.
  5. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
  6. The water is crystal clear.
  7. You can easily make out the face of the person you are holding underwater.
  8. See? You’re feeling better already!


From bad to worse in Mesopotamia
In Our Time Wayne Brown Sunday, March 05, 2 'The Jamaica Observer'
[dont know why the JO has one of the best analyses of the Iraq war, Wayne Brown. Jamaica knows something about Imperial hubris, and will suffer more than most when oil hits the BinLadenLevel ($200)]

"..Lewis Lapham, the outgoing editor of Harper's, last week:
'I don't know why we would run the risk of not impeaching the man. We have before us in the White House a thief who steals the country's good name and reputation for his private interest and personal use; a liar who seeks to instill in the American people a state of fear; a televangelist who engages the United States in a never-ending crusade against all the world's evil; a wastrel who squanders a vast sum of the nation's wealth on what turns out to be a recruiting drive certain to multiply the host of our enemies. In a word, a criminal - known to be armed and shown to be dangerous.'
Sadr - whose huge Shiite following in Baghdad's giant eastern slum comprises fully 10 per cent of Iraq's population - is an urban character who's not only at home with his Sunni neighbours but (when he is not killing the Baathists among them) has consistently sought alliances with them against the US occupation. It was Sadr, eg, who, 18 months ago, sent Shiite fighters to support the US-besieged Sunnis in Falluja.

Sistani would like the Americans to stay in Iraq and function as the Shiites' strong right arm, battling the Sunni insurgency on behalf of the 'democratically elected' Shiite majority. Sadr wants the Americans out - period."

Eyeballed James Lovelock's small book "Revenge of Gaia"
he definitely states that higher global temperatures will lead to scrub & deserts across much of the globe.
He also says that with temperatures lower than present much of the world is forested.
-the way he puts it "Gaia perfers it cooler" - anthropomorphic and teleological to the max.
LJ is not a paleontologist. Most of my readings have suggested that cold earth means deserts and dust, warm earth means rain and forests.
I await the definitive answer to this question, which is critically important to our children & grandchildren.
I am constantly bemused by rednecks who drive air-condtioned behemoths, and cry concern for their children.

Kuwait reserves, riverbend raided, Queens death star, DU , No more flying

peakoil 2/03/2006 2:52PM
Kuwait's oil reserves are only half those officially stated, according to internal Kuwaiti records seen by industry newsletter Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW). "PIW learns from sources that Kuwait's actual oil reserves, which are officially stated at around 99 billion barrels, or close to 10 percent of the global total, are a good deal lower, according to internal Kuwaiti records," the weekly PIW reported on Friday. It said that according to data circulated in Kuwait Oil Co (KOC), the upstream arm of state Kuwait Petroleum Corp, Kuwait's remaining proven and non-proven oil reserves are about 48 billion barrels.

riverbendblog 11Feb06
Meanwhile, the noises outside had gotten louder as the raid got closer. Every once in a while, you could hear voices calling out for people to open a door or the sharp banging of a rifle against a door.

Last time they had raided my aunts area, they took away four men on their street alone. Two of them were students in their early twenties- one a law student, and the other an engineering student, and the third man was a grandfather in his early sixties. There was no accusation, no problem- they were simply ordered outside, loaded up into a white pickup truck and driven away with a group of other men from the area. Their families haven’t heard from them since and they visit the morgue almost daily in anticipation of finding them dead.
It came ten minutes later. A big clanging sound on the garden gate and voices yelling “Ifta7u [OPEN UP]”. I heard my uncle outside, calling out, “We’re opening the gate, we’re opening…” It was moments and they were inside the house. Suddenly, the house was filled with strange men, yelling out orders and stomping into rooms. It was chaotic. We could see flashing lights in the garden and lights coming from the hallways. I could hear Ammoo S. talking loudly outside, telling them his wife and the ‘children’ were the only ones in the house. What were they looking for? Was there something wrong? He asked.

Suddenly, two of them were in the living room. We were all sitting on the sofa, near my aunt. My cousin B. was by then awake, eyes wide with fear. They were holding large lights or ‘torches’ and one of them pointed a Klashnikov at us. “Is there anyone here but you and them?” One of them barked at my aunt. “No- it’s only us and my husband outside with you- you can check the house.” T.’s hands went up to block the glaring light of the torch and one of the men yelled at her to put her hands down, they fell limply in her lap. I squinted in the strong light and as my sight adjusted, I noticed they were wearing masks, only their eyes and mouths showing. I glanced at my cousins and noted that T. was barely breathing. J. was sitting perfectly still, eyes focused on nothing in particular, I vaguely noted that her sweater was on backwards.
We found out a few hours later that one of our neighbors, two houses down, had died. Abu Salih was a man in his seventies and as the Iraqi mercenaries raided his house, he had a heart-attack. His grandson couldn’t get him to the hospital on time because the troops wouldn’t let him leave the house until they’d finished with it. His grandson told us later that day that the Iraqis were checking the houses, but the American troops had the area surrounded and secured. It was a coordinated raid.

They took at least a dozen men from my aunts area alone- their ages between 19 and 40. The street behind us doesn’t have a single house with a male under the age of 50- lawyers, engineers, students, ordinary laborers- all hauled away by the ‘security forces’ of the New Iraq. The only thing they share in common is the fact that they come from Sunni families (with the exception of two who I'm not sure about).
Who do you call to protect you from the New Iraq’s security forces?

Battlefields in the Middle East: Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere
The Queen's Death Star
by Leuren Moret March 2, 2006 GlobalResearch.ca

The Sunday Times Online, February 19, 2006, reported on a shocking scientific study authored by British scientists Dr. Chris Busby and Saoirse Morgan: "Did the use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe? Evidence from the measurements of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK". The highest levels of depleted uranium ever measured in the atmosphere in Britain, were transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia; of special significance were those from the Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan in 2001, and the "Shock & Awe" bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003...
The British government facility (AWE) was taken over 3 years ago by Halliburton, which refused at first to release air monitoring data..He was able to get Aldermaston air monitoring data from Halliburton /AWE by filing a Freedom of Information request..He obtained the 2003 data from the Defence Procurement Agency.

..particles traveled in 7-9 days from Iraqi battlefields as far as 2400 miles away. The radiation measured in the atmosphere quadrupled within a few weeks after the beginning of the 2003 campaign, and at one of the 5 monitoring locations, the levels twice required an official alert to the British Environment Agency.

..after the US Navy, several years ago, moved depleted uranium bombing and gunnery ranges from Vieques Island in Puerto Rico to Australia, health effects there are already being reported. The documentary film BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (David Bradbury), has an interview with a family with two normal teenage daughters, living near the bombing range where depleted uranium weaponry is now being used. The parents showed photos of their baby born recently with severe birth defects...

..Dr. Keith Baverstock exposed a World Health Organization (WHO) cover-up on depleted uranium in an Aljazeera article, "Washington's Secret Nuclear War" posted on September 14, 2004..the mutagenic effects of radiation determined by Chernobyl studies are actually 1000 times higher than the ICRP risk model predicts... a separate study is needed for depleted uranium exposure risks, because it may be far more toxic than nuclear weapons or nuclear power plant exposures.

.. Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, a Japanese physicist at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, has estimated that the atomicity equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs has been released into the global atmosphere since 1991, from the use of depleted uranium munitions.

Dr. Jay Gould revealed in his book THE ENEMY WITHIN, that the British Royal family privately owns investments in uranium holdings worth over $6 billion through Rio Tinto Mines. The mining company was formed for the British Royal family in the late 1950's by Roland Walter "Tiny" Rowland
, the 800 tons of depleted uranium (DU) dropped in Afghanistan is as radioactive as 83,000 Nagasaki bombs, and the DU used in Iraq so far—40 million pounds in 2003 alone—is equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki bombs. And its effects are being felt at home: according to a Veteran’s Administration study of babies born to Gulf War I veterans, 67 percent had serious health problems including missing organs and limbs, fused fingers, organ malfunction or anophthalmos (being born without eyes).

No more flying:
George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 28th February 2006

As far as climate change is concerned, this is an utter, unparalleled disaster. It’s not just that aviation represents the world’s fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions. The burning of aircraft fuel has a “radiative forcing ratio” of around 2.7(11). What this means is that the total warming effect of aircraft emissions is 2.7 times as great as the effect of the carbon dioxide alone. The water vapour they produce forms ice crystals in the upper troposphere (vapour trails and cirrus clouds) which trap the earth’s heat. According to calculations by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, if you added the two effects together (it urges some caution as they are not directly comparable), aviation’s emissions alone would exceed the government’s target for the country’s entire output of greenhouse gases in 2050 by around 134%(12). The government has an effective means of dealing with this. It excludes international aircraft emissions from the target.

In researching my book about how we might achieve a 90% cut in carbon emissions by 2030, I have been discovering, greatly to my surprise, that every other source of global warming can be reduced or replaced to that degree without a serious reduction in our freedoms. But there is no means of sustaining long-distance, high-speed travel.

New fuel consumption figures for both fast passenger ships and ultra high-speed trains suggest that their carbon emissions are comparable to those of planes(22). What all this means is that if we want to stop the planet from cooking, we will simply have to stop travelling at the kind of speeds that planes permit.

(..each time I fly to SEAsia, I am aware of the ton or so of carbon & ice I am dumping into the stratospere. Six months or more of small car driving? Makes it difficult for me to personally berate car drivers for leading us into heat driven mass extinction...)

The Halliburton subsidiary KBR (formerly Brown and Root) announced on Jan. 24 that it had been awarded a $385 million contingency contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps.

02 March 2006

Odum, Brezhnev moment, Iraq Death squads, neuraminidase, Otaku Wonderfest

Everything that opponents of a pullout say would happen if the U.S. left Iraq is happening already, says retired Gen. William E. Odom, the head of the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration. So why stay?

last week, in the midst of the Golden Dome explosion, the U.S. military quietly announced that the number of fully trained Iraqi army battalions capable of fighting independently had fallen from one to a grand total of zero— yes, zero — over the past three months.

On SundayThe Washington Post reported :
The streets of the capital feel as unsafe as at any time since the 2003 invasion. As one U.S. major put it, Baghdad now resembles a pure Hobbesian state where all are at war against all others and any security is self-provided.

Iran is also flexing its regional muscle: one week after demanding that the Anglo-American forces withdraw from the city of Basra, an Iraqi city that sits just over the border from Kuwait and which is now in the hands of militiamen loyal to Iran, Iranian President Ahmadinejad made a stunning visit to Kuwait, where he delivered a speech that denounced the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

I think of the novels of [Milan] Kundera, of his vivid descriptions of what it was like to live in Eastern Europe in the 1950s and '60s – in the Soviet system where everyone realized the corruption, the abuse of power, the mediocrity of the government, the yawning gap between what was said and what was really going on, but no one could do anything about it.

American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush (Hardcover) by Kevin Phillips

Iraq's death squads 26 February 2006
John Pace, who left Baghdad two weeks ago, told The Independent on Sunday that up to three-quarters of the corpses stacked in the city's mortuary show evidence of gunshot wounds to the head or injuries caused by drill-bits or burning cigarettes...erior.
..last July the morgue ..received 1,100 bodies, .. 900 of which bore evidence of torture or summary execution. ..December, ..780 bodies, about 400 of which had gunshot or torture wounds.
..Mr Pace, who worked for the UN for more than 40 years in countries ranging from Liberia to Chile. "But the bulk are attributed to the agents of the Ministry of the Interior."
Mr Pace said the Ministry of the Interior was "acting as a rogue element within the government". It is controlled by ..Sciri ..the Interior Minister, Bayan Jabr, is a former leader of Sciri's Badr Brigade militia..
..Many of the 110,000 policemen and police commandos under the ministry's control are suspected of being former members of the Badr Brigade. .. Wolf Brigade, the Scorpions and the Tigers..accused of acting as death squads.....
.. Mr Pace, a Maltese-Australian who has now retired ..to his home in Sydney, says the constant violence and utter lack of security in Iraq are creating a vicious circle in which ordinary citizens are turning to extremist sectarian groups for protection.

statewatch irishecho ernestfuentes

Influenza A virus (A/Brevig Mission/1/1918(H1N1))
neuraminidase (NA) gene from the 1918 Influenza A virus (A/Brevig Mission/1/1918(H1N1))

1 atgaatccaa atcaaaaaat aataaccatt gggtcaatct gtatggtagt cggaataatt
61 agcctaatat tgcaaatagg gaatataatc tcaatatggg ttagccattc aattcaaact
121 ggaaatcaaa accatcctga aacatgcaac caaagcatca ttacctatga aaataacacc
181 tgggtgaatc aaacatatgt taacattagc aatactaacg ttgttgctgg acaggatgca
241 acttcagtga tattaaccgg caattcctct ctttgtccca tcagtgggtg ggctatatac
301 agcaaagaca atggcataag aattggttcc aaaggagacg tttttgtcat aagagagcca
361 tttatttcat gctctcactt ggaatgcagg accttttttc tgactcaagg cgccttgctg
421 aatgacaagc attcaaatgg gaccgtcaag gacagaagcc cctatagaac cttaatgagc
481 tgccctgttg gtgaagctcc gtctccgtac aattcaaggt tcgaatcggt tgcttggtca
541 gcaagtgcat gccatgatgg catgggctgg ctaacaatcg gaatttcagg tccagataat
601 ggagcagtgg ctgtattaaa atacaacggt ataataacag acaccatcaa aagttggagg
661 aacaacatat tgagaacgca agagtctgaa tgtgcctgtg taaatggttc atgttttact
721 ataatgaccg atggcccaag taatgggcag gcctcgtaca aaattttaaa gatagagaag
781 gggaaggtta ctaaatcaat tgagttgaat gcacctaatt accactacga ggaatgttcc
841 tgttaccctg atacaggtaa agtgatgtgt gtgtgcagag acaattggca tggttcgaat
901 cgaccatggg tgtctttcga tcaaaacctg gattatcaaa tagggtacat ctgcagtggg
961 gttttcggtg acaatccgcg tcccaatgat ggaacaggca gctgtggtcc agtgtcttct
1021 aatggagcaa atggaataaa gggattttca tttaggtatg ataatggtgt ttggatagga
1081 agaactaaaa gtaccagttc cagaagcggg tttgagatga tttgggatcc taatggatgg
1141 acagagactg atagtagttt ctctgtgaga caagatattg tagcaataac tgattggtcg
1201 gggtacagcg ggagtttcgt tcaacatcct gagctaacag ggctggactg catgaggcct
1261 tgcttctggg ttgaattaat caggggacaa cctaaagaga atacaatctg gactagtggg
1321 agcagcattt ccttttgtgg cgtaaatagt gatactgtag gttggtcttg gccagacggt
1381 gctgagttgc cattcagcat tgacaagtag .......... .......... ..........

pebble MP3
shure E2c earphones

Tong Tong Sea Village, by Stuart Isett
carbon emitters
Otaku Wonderfest

28 February 2006

Fighting Cocks on Sabang Beach

IMG_0216, originally uploaded by Giordano Bruno.

Deranged chicken

Back from Luzon & Mindoro
Some work on da house (ceiling, glass, locks)
3 families living there, a 2week old baby (Ann's 2nd, the father a Brit)
The boys are both walking Yasi & Takeshi (Korean & Japanese fathers)
The house has 2nd story narrow terraces on the South & West,
great for clothes-drying and sunset cones.
Views of a valley full of Banana trees
A Toad keeps the bathroom Ipis free (ie no cockroaches)
Bats,moths, a solitary firefly

Down to Mindoro, the beach, Snorkling,
saw my first 'cleaning station' with fish lined up to be cleaned.

A Philippine love story:
One of the 2003 "Oakwood mutineers"
(so named because they managfed to take over a Makati hotel of that name, rather than the entire country)
who escaped in December...
Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon, was arrested on Malebon Friday
"agents helped by the scent of his woman" (?)
His girlfriend Capt "Candy" Candelaria Rivas is a military prosecutor with TJAG of AFP
IntelServ ISAFP tracking Rivas 44 days on the run, because they suspect her of having an affair with Capt NF.
Faeldon was disguised as a woman, but gave himself away when he kissed 'Candy' on the mouth

'a simple glance' Their love affair began in Camp Aguinaldo:
Nag umpisa lang yan sa patingin-tingin, tapos nauri sa kaunting kuwentuhan (started witha a casual glance, talk, then developed into a love affair)