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09 May 2003

"...When Mrs Bevan was invited to a reception for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Trinity College, Wittgenstein screwed up his face upon seeing her coat, fetched a pair of scissors, and snipped off two buttons. After the operation..it looked much more elegant."

Being John Malkovich... watching Ripley's Game, something about Malkovich smashing a fellow crooks skull with a poker rang a faint bell. Then his repeated cry of Meaning? Meaning? Meaning? gave it to me: Ludwig W. & logical positivism! The infamous poker wielded under Karl Poppers nose. Highsmith must have been at King's not the LSE.

Ludwig remains more trendy than Karl but we may need Karl's ideas as tyranny returns.

"In [The Open Society] I proposed replacing the Platonic question 'Who shall rule?' with a radically different one: 'How can we draw up the constitution in such a way that we are able to get rid of the government without bloodshed?' This question places the stress not on the mode of _electing_ a government but on the possibility of _removing_ it," Karl Popper

Exactly: Under Stalinism once a department or a minister is in place, only death can remove them. Capital has the great virtue of bankruptcy as a removal device. And in USA the two term limit is a blessing. A Son of a past leader usurping an election with his brother's help is a nasty dynastic tendancy.

08 May 2003

8 May 1903 In the early morning, he made Tioka call me. He complained about the sharp pains in his body...
In the same morning, at about 11.00 a.m., his servant, the young Ka-hui, came to call me in a hurry: "Come, hurry up! The white man is dead!"...
[Tioka bit the scalp, a test for life]
Then, having had a last look at his friend Koké, Tioka said : "Now, no more humans are there!"
Paul Gauguin 1848-1903
PG Pictures

06 May 2003

06May03 This is a fairly hot message I put on the ABC Forum ABC Science forum
under the pseudonym "kleinbottle"
..Got a reply from DC himself within a couple of hours (see the url for his temperate response)
- he says there are lots of gene-clocks, and most of them say "Old"
- I prefer mitochondria & Y chromosomal clocks because they dont have cross-over. They say "Recent"
I will consult my references (popular books I'm afraid) and reply soon..
I am so heated on this topic because I think it goes to Mechanism - how evolution might work.

My post:
The MultiRegionalists (MR) are attempting to co-opt the arguments against them. Darren Curnoe on 3May03 says we should look at the molecular evidence. If we did we would conclude that the Out of Africa OOA explanation is supported. DC also says we should Not consider human evolution as a special case. Special case is precisely what MR claims... Somehow they believe humans evolved all over the globe, as if some pre-ordained "force" produced humans inevitably. DR says he cant believe that Neanderthals and Sapiens didnt interbreed. Well thats his inability, not supported by the molecules.
MR says that all hominids in the last 2 million years are the same species. This is not the way we look at non-hominids... special case again. I thought I heard DC say that OOA was a theory whose time had passed. In fact each of the many molecular studies since 1991 points more strongly towards a recent non-replacement human origin.

I dont claim that MR supporters hold these views, but MR does have the whiff of anti-evolution, as if they are uncomfortable with hominids who are non human. Claiming that chimps are in Homo is fairly non-contentious, but seems like a smoke-screen for the other claim that all hominids in the last 2 million years are one species.
I certainly dont claim that ANU & UNSW people have racist views, but MR does suggest that there are deep ancient divisions between races, which modern molecular science just doesnt find.

Another Great Web Sites for our times:
Howard Sucks

Tendentious peaceniks:
American Tape Worm
pulp non fiction
war money 2003
btl online
the memory hole

Ernst Zundel 'Arrested' In Maximum Security Prison Cell
Holocaust revisionism is a hazardous occupation

05 May 2003

My favourite Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin, in 1913, arrived just in time at Piltdown to discover the critical tooth to establish the credibility of the Piltdown skull hoax.

My least favourite Jesuit: Robert Cardinal Bellarmine the only Jesuit on the Sacra Congregatio Romanae et Universalis Inquisitionis seu Sancti Officii when they sent Giordano Bruno to the stake. The other Inquisitors General were all Dominicans, more usually associated with torture, perhaps. Bruno himself was a Dominican, but not convincingly. . .Bruno was born in 1548, 400 years before me. Burned in the flower market in Rome 17 Feb 1600.

....from the sec Dialogue of De la causa, principio e uno :
The universal Intellect.. "As for us, we call it the 'internal artificer' because it shapes matter, forming it from inside like a seed or root shooting forth and unfolding..."
"The hermeticists say it is 'most fecund in seeds' or yet that it is the 'seed sower', because it impregnates matter with all forms, which, according to their nature and manner of being, succeed in shaping, forming and weaving matter in ways that are so remarkable and numerous that they cannot be ascribed to chance, nor to any other principle incapable of differentiation and arrangement"
Exactly, Giordano, and let me introduce you to the principle of Natural Selection, which is indeed so Capable. You can add it to the list of 34 heresies (Infinite space, Copernicanism, Anti-trans-substantiation...) (infinite space is again a heresy with new balloon XRay results tending to confirm the BigBang-Inflation theory)
Bellarmini wasnt yet a Cardinal in 1600. He was when he showed the instruments of torture to Galileo 32 years later.
"The irony is that the Roman church was always, up to the Enlightenment, the biggest supporter of astronomy, (surely not merely to establish the date of Easter). Ptomely knew that summer was several days longer than winter (in the North) so he offset the pure circle of the sun's 'orbit'. "one key difference between the two [Keplarian and Ptolemaic] is that the distance between the centre of Kepler's ellipse and the focus..coincident with the sun, is equal to half the distance between the earth and the centre of the eccentric circle in Ptolemy's model".. in 1651, Giovanni Cassini , before he moved to Paris to be the Sun King's astronomer, drilled a hole 27m up in the wall of the basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, in the heart of the Papal states. He measured the size of the suns image on the basilica floor, in winter and summer, to an accuracy of within 8mm. This accuracy was beyond telescopes of the day. His observations were confirmed by the leading Jesuit astronomer, Giambattista Beccaria. "Thus the Jesuite confirmed the bisection of the eccentricity, implicitly supporting Kepler's position and the Copernican theory they were forbidden to teach." (from J L Heilbron "the Sun in the Church" The Sciences Sep99)

21Apr03 Agriculture Secretary A Veneman announced she was appointing Dan Amstutz [ex Cargills] to "lead the U.S. government's agriculture reconstruction efforts in Iraq"
But his new status came as news to the Pentagon-led team..An official at the Baghdad-based U.S. ORHA said ..that Lee Schatz, a USDA employee, was in charge of the office's agriculture portfolio
Defense dept declares war on State?

May 4 The Prime Minister, Dalyell said, was also influenced by Jewish people in the Bush administration, including Richard Perle..Paul Wolfowitz..Ari Fleischer..
"They very much have captured the ear of the President... Blair was very sympathetic to them. I cannot understand why,"

..Tam Dalyell, ..accused the PM of "being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers".
..Lord Levy, Peter Mandelson..and Jack Straw...figures behind the ..Middle East policy.
Cabal is as cabal does

..seven sites associated with Iraq's nuclear program have been visited by.."special nuclear programs" teams since the war ended..None was found to be intact, though it remains unclear what materials -- if any -- had been removed.
Caesium all over the place