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22 September 2005

7 up

7 up, originally uploaded by pure.caramel.

pure caramel also features in this xanga
cccthis is a pure.caramel funny

21 September 2005

Robots, oilcrash, water, Cement, Hurricanes, Apes, Walrus, Greenhouse, body counts, screaming hairy armadillo

cccrad robots

More oilcrash sites:
I just got V Smils latest book on energy. VS must be one of the premier numbers guys, but he's not entirely convinced of oilcrash.
Since publication in 2003 (2 years is a long time in this story!) the huge price for oil has exposed the fragility of supply.
The very idea of oilcrash is, of course, what will cause oilcrash, sometime before the price crashes the worlds economies
Australia has recently dropped subsidies for alternative energy, effectively abandoning the field.

Aus water:
THE cost of installing a rainwater tank, a symbol of environmentally friendly housing, would take families a lifetime to pay off if they used the funds saved on their water bills. The Housing Industry Association also estimates that using recycled water for the toilet would leave a household worse off by as much as $150 a year. The gap would only be partly covered by boosting the first-home owner grant by $3000 to $10,000, as a federal parliamentary committee proposed this week in a report into building sustainable cities.

What is required is for people to take responsibility for their water, which means double tanks to allow for rain flushing of roofs, filters, and regular inspection and changing of filters. This kind of responsibility for basic facilities has been lost, replaced by the idea that money solves every problem. So people die of thirst within days of a storm

Cement is usually made by heating limestone and clay to over 2,500 degrees F. The resulting chemical reaction, along with fuel burned to heat the kiln, produces between 7 and 10 percent of global carbon-dioxide emissions.
Wangari Maathai speaks
_______________________________16/09/2005 12:21PM

The number of storms that reach Category Four and Five..has nearly doubled over the past 35 years. .the frequency and duration of hurricanes overall have stayed about the same.
Category 4: 211 to 249 kph Category 5: 251 kph+
..the increase in hurricane intensity coincides with a rise in sea surface temperatures around the world of 0.5°C between 1970 and 2004.
Science..Peter Webster, said, "I'm prepared to make an attribution to global warming."
..unless there's a dramatic reduction in fossil-fuel use, the trend of more intense hurricanes will continue..
_______________________________16/09/2005 12:01PM
Wasp.. wings span 13 inches, .. 4.25 ounces of lithium-ion batteries. The whole rest of the plane -- including video cameras front and back -- adds 1.75 ounces to the total 6-ounce takeoff weight.
..In 2002, a rudimentary Wasp set an endurance record for micro air vehicles (MAVs) of 107mins It has since .. an autopilot ..that uses .. GPS.

The Kinshasa Declaration acknowledges that the root cause of poaching and deforestation is poverty,..
Numbers of gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo and orangutan have fallen sharply,.. some wild populations could disappear within a generation.
..UN Great Ape Survival Project (Grasp)
..a priority to develop and implement policies which promote ecologically sustainable livelihoods for local and indigenous communities", it says.
EU pledged 2.4 million euros .. to Grasp.
..100 sites, most of them in Africa, where viable great ape populations could be saved from extinction by implementing intensive conservation programmes.
..some populations of great apes, notably the Sumatran orangutan and the mountain and Cross River gorillas, could be extinct in the wild within a human generation.

- This is perhaps the saddest factor in the current global poverty/war... Our cousins, the great apes, are vanishing while we dither

________________________________16/09/2005 11:41AM

DARPA's press release, "the Walrus aircraft will be a heavier-than-air vehicle and will generate lift through a combination of aerodynamics, thrust vectoring and gas buoyancy generation and management."
payload 500 tons 12,000 miles in < clear="left">
________________________________________cccscreaming hairy armadillo Chaetophractus vellerosus

Crypto conspiracies:
CIA sources have confirmed that the neo-con penetration of NSA’s raw telecommunications intercept data by John Bolton was part of a multi-pronged attempt by Israeli intelligence to access the 'Fort Knox' of America’s cryptologic secrets: the massive repository database of global intercepts of phone calls, email, faxes, and telexes now known as '
ANCHORY but will soon be expanded into a super database code named OCEANARIUM. As a result of former NSA Director Michael Hayden’s outsourcing contracts named "Groundbreaker" and "Trailblazer," companies with ties to Israeli intelligence are gaining increased access to NSA’s operations and its massive archives of secrets.

Last Chance Texaco cont...

David Hossein Safavian, the Bush administration’s top federal procurement officer in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), was arrested yesterday based on a three-count criminal complaint filed in federal court, according to a Justice Department statement.
Halliburton made the news recently when Bunnatine Greenhouse, a civilian manager at the Pentagon who oversaw the Corps of Engineers contracts, lambasted a multibillion contract between the Corps and Halliburton as an example of "the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have witnessed." She was demoted for "poor performance."
[gives new meaning to "Greenhouse warnings"]
body counts
After generally rejecting body counts as standards of success in the Iraq war, the U.S. military last week embraced them -- just as it did during the Vietnam War. As the carnage grew in Baghdad, U.S. officials produced charts showing the number of suspects killed or detained in offensives in the west.

Lynch, the military spokesman, cited killings and detentions of 1,534 insurgents in the region..
It was not clear, however, how many of those detained or killed in the offensives were insurgents. Since 2003, U.S. forces have detained 40,000 people, twice U.S. generals' highest public estimate of the number of fighters in the insurgency. On Saturday, the Iraqi government said it had released for lack of evidence more than 500 of the 757 suspects detained in ongoing operations in the northern city of Mosul.

20 September 2005

ms im

ms im, originally uploaded by ko-knia.

Khmer Family.
ko-knia features great eye-lines

Miss Australia, Doron Almog,Basra, Blackwater

Looking at the bland shallow face of Miss Aus, (flat faces photo better, viz my wife) I recall meeting 2 Misss NZ. First was Elaine Miscall, around 1963? Dont recall if she spoke to me, I was more interested in her brother's Nazi memorabilia collection, including the SS dagger. Elaine was 2nd place Miss World.
2nd MissNZ encountered by surprise in my aunts living room in One Tree Hill. Weights strapped to her ankles, doing a scissors exercise on the carpet. She was briefly my cousins girlfriend. Around 1982? I dont recall if she got Miss World.
19 September 2005
Mad bulldozer Zionist Entity General Doron Almog cant visit England. HA HA!
He didnt get of the plane in London, because there was a warrant out for him.
Sharon is also worried. Great!
"Kate Maynard's firm Hickman and Rose is pressing the Foreign Office and British police to explain how Almog was allowed to leave without being arrested.
"We now know that Almog was tipped off and the police didn't board the plane and arrest him,"
..ZE army chief Dan Halutz is also in some UK activists' sights
20 September 2005 Great TV footage of squaddies leaping from burning brit tank. The Brits bashed down a prison wall to get two of their spies who had been shooting at Iraqis. So much for law and independence!
So peaceful Basra is under the occupiers thumb. Hope the Mahdi gut a few Aus mercenaries soon.
And before the new Aus anti-Ticklish laws come into place, lets call for the shooting of Dick Cheney.

Clinton snaps, criticises GWB:
What Americans need to understand is that ... every single day of the year, our government goes into the market and borrows money from other countries to finance Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, and our tax cuts,...We have never done this before. Never in the history of our republic have we ever financed a conflict, military conflict, by borrowing money from somewhere else."
juancole September 18, 2005
Security Situation in Baghdad Sinking like the Titanic
"The situation has deteriorated in Baghdad dramatically today. Five neighborhoods (hay) in Baghdad are controlled by insurgents, and they are Amiraya, Ghazilya, Shurta, Yarmouk and Doura. It is very bad. My guys there report that cars have come into these neighborhoods and blocked off the streets. Masked gunmen with AKs and other weapons are roaming these areas, announcing that people should stay home.

antiwar Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans.
..on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force...
"This is a totally new thing to have guys like us working CONUS (Continental United States)
Blackwater mercenaries are some of the most feared professional killers in the world and they are accustomed to operating without worry of legal consequences...

19 September 2005

Jeanne Bastos

cccMarrackville street festival on Sunday
Perhaps the broadest mix of cultures anywhere.
New to me was the lovely Jeanne Bastos
Salsa in Portugese, adding to the Greek, Vietnamese Saooan etc polyglot crowd.

Turns out that JB co-hosts "Brazil SOS Brazil"
89.7 Eastside radio Tues 2100 - 2400
Also saw new Aus file "Little Fish" which is great but will sink like a stone. The middle class in the movie are Vietnamese and the protagonists are white junkies, half of whom cark it. Sort of a successor to the fabulous extreme "Pure Shit" of 1976. But not a crowd pleaser, except for cineasts and ex-junkies.
Last Chance Texaco... Peak Oil:
I recently heard about "BottleBrush" drilling - water pumped into oil well through many branches. The interesting thing is that when the water table rises the well stops suddenly.
. In Australia, another kind of positive feedback is operating. China's boom is sucking commodities from the mines here, and the stockmarket is booming.. So its all great until its not.
. Talk to any car driver and they will say they will keep driving at any petrol price. Which completely misses the point. At some level, the oil price, which effects everything in the economy, will trigger a collapse. Its not a simple question of "what price will get car drivers to walk" - most can't wlk to work, and post-crash their jobs wont be there to walk to.
So we are in a race here: will the worlds economies crash before or after the CO2 has caused dozens of category 5 typhoons across Queensland, China, Mississippi? The crash will be worse than the hurricanes. Meantime, blithely burn on. The best estimate so far is Hubberts peak will occur in November this year.