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21 July 2006

mazen kerbaj 54

54, originally uploaded by mazen kerbaj.

mazen kerbaj is on flickr 54

ZionistEntity, Nasrallah

Hurrah! Hezbollah is killing more invaders than they are losing fighters!
July 21, 2006 - 9:04AM Two ZE military helicopters have collided near the Lebanese border..
..Earlier, ZE confirmed two of its soldiers had been killed in heavy fighting with Hizbollah guerrillas just inside the Lebanon border yesterday.
Al Jazeera television had said four ZE soldiers had been killed in the village of Maroun al-Ras.
....Hizbollah ..killed two soldiers and wounded nine others on Wednesday.
Earlier, three ZE soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously, in firefights in the area...
..elite {sic} ZE troops.. [what 'elite' amongst inhuman murderous swine isnt clear - maybe Reuters is just quoting a ZE thug]
The border clashes have shown that the Lebanese guerrillas are still moving relatively freely near the hilly frontier ..

ZE Genocide
Msm in Australia are too frightened to call the Zionist Entity a murderous monster, lacking any human features.
Where is the anger? lickspittle JHoward and fishnet Downer dont dare to bleat the slightest criticism of the ZE, they plead shamelessly to ZE to allow boats to rescue Aus citizens from Lebanon.

Please go to epetition and sign the Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition and forward this invitation to your friends.

Friday 21 July 2006, 2:15 Makka Time, 23:15 GMT
Safe! Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.. "I can confirm without exaggerating or using psychological warfare, that we have not been harmed."

20 July 2006

ZionistEntity on the ground, mazen kerblog, C-802

The ZEntity doing rather badly on the ground:
Aljazeera: [ZE]troops crossed the border to attack Hezbollah positions. Hezbollah claims six soldiers have been killed and 14 wounded.
The [ZE] army earlier announced that two soldiers had died.
Military officials said [ZE] troops crossed the border in search of tunnels and weapons.
Hezbollah said its fighters destroyed four tanks during the clashes near the border.

NYT puts it this way
At the Lebanese border, [ZE] soldiers had entered Lebanon to inspect a Hezbollah post when they were fired at, resulting in two dead and several wounded. A tank that came in to rescue them was met by fierce shelling, leaving three more soldiers wounded, including one in serious condition.

I have outlasted Apartheid, and I expect to outlast Zionism
I expect to see the day when the ZE is overrun and the warcrimes trials begin.

mazen on his balcony in Beirut, with his trumpet?
more images
Fisk, still worth reading..

DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal that the warship was struck from Beirut by an Iran-made radar-guided C-802 shore-to-sea missile of the Silkworm family[sic nb silkworm is a different missile]. Weighing 715 kilos, with a range of 120km,
Warhead 165 kg time-delayed semi-armour-piercing high-explosive
Guidance Inertial and terminal active radar
the smh had this wrongly as 'C-80'
... Given that 20kg 'drones' can cross the atlantic, isnt it time that hezb started flying a few into TelAviv Sports stadiums?
pour out a yellow vapour that might be anthrax, and expect dozens to die in the crush.
tomw aerosonde

19 July 2006

Blue Mango, Ebola Gorilla, Jeb History

c/o smirkingchimp
It was not inevitable that we would arrive at such a point. It took a helluva lot of public greed and capitalist sucker-bait to make us the very spoiled and dangerous porcine folk we have become, people whose lives under the Empire constitute the most extreme material luxury and wealth the world has ever known, and the most oppressive and nihilistic one from a global standpoint.

Still, it's not easy being an upscale suburban white middle class American. There is a certain amount of guilt involved. (Cut to forty million black Americans laughing hysterically.) Waking up to suburban life's true global cost is like finding out that you have a hundred slaves in some unseen place on the other side of the world making your clothing, working in your mines and harvesting your Gevelia coffee. It's more than a conundrum. It's a moral confrontation with real justice and values. Jefferson had the same conflict about his slave ownership. He never came to grips with it either. Old Tom never freed that piece of side action, Sally Hemmings. Nor are we about to demand freedom for the sweatshop slaves who turn endangered nyatoh rainforest trees into Sears "classic and timeless patio furniture."

[I had carelessly forgotten Joe Bageant]

On my first day back at work I proudly showed the pictures of my new Belizian family to a co-worker, pictures of the children playing under the blue mango tree, Marzy with the baby of the family, Little Luke, on her hip by the tiny cottage in the sand. The co-worker looked at them carefully, then looked up at me and said, "I just don't see how people can live like that!"
Perhaps one day, if she is very lucky, God will pry her eye open "wid his own finger."

.. the unexpected erosion of the steel found in this beam warranted a study of microstructural changes that occurred in this steel..
ANALYSIS Rapid deterioration of the steel was a result of heating with oxidation in combination with intergranular melting due to the presence of sulfur. The formation of the eutectic mixture of iron oxide and iron sulfide lowers the temperature at which liquid can form in this steel. This strongly suggests that the temperatures in this region of the steel beam approached ~1000°C by a process similar to making a “blacksmith’s weld” in a hand forge.

my Email to Joe Bageant at joebageant@joebageant.com
Hi Joe,
I enjoyed reading "Under the Blue Mango"
I have a small house in "Phase9" Bagong Silang outside Manila, sadly not on the ocean.
It cast about the same $5K. Only after it was largely completed did I find the blackmarket in power tools that oddly exists in downtown Manila. Around $40 for a new Bosch drill and angle grinder. I arranged for the tools to be used by my brothers-in-law ("hipag" brothers)
Up till now they have been sawing rebar using a hacksaw blade - I got the impression that an actual hacksaw was too rich, the blade was cutting it. This year all the users in the family
have spontaneously quit shabu (crystal meth). This is good news, since I never had the moral authority to convince them to quit. They now have the privilege of looking down on me as I drink my $1 Tanduay rum - actually a good spirit, but serious drinkers in Phase9 drink local gin, which is grim. My efforts to add calamansi ( a small lime) were regarded as effete foreigner behaviour. As to retirement, the tiny patch of banana trees that we "own" wont feed half the family, even if the neighbours dont pinch half. So my paradise isnt so well planned as yours. As to ownership, there dont appear to be any title deeds, or any plans. Ownership seems to be based on oral agreement. I dont have a clear idea about retiring there. I am legally married to a woman there, who has abandoned all ideas of coming to live in Australia. Chiefly because she hates the Australian Embassy, where insults are applied as a goad to ensure that potential immigrants loose patience. She also has rather vague ideas about wealth and earning, she prefers me to live there, God knows how this will end, but the place feels oddly safe, one can despatch a small child up the lane at 10pm to fetch some cola.
some photos of the neighbourhood:
Giordano Bruno

While I wasnt watching, Ebola & bushmeat have been killing gorillas
- I had had a hopelessly hopeful view on lowland gorilla survival.
Seems I was wrong.
Extinction disasters are approaching, believe me, Climate Chaos is bringing on a great simplification, a great extinction. Of all these extinctions, I mourn, in advance, the loss of our cousins, the great apes. Because they are cousins, because they are great. Because they might have taught us volumes about ourselves. Because they are so great to have around.
A 2004 outbreak of the virus, which also kills people, killed 97 percent of gorillas who lived in groups and 77 percent of solitary males, Damien Caillaud and colleagues from the University of Montpellier and the University of Rennes in France reported.
Overall, it wiped out 95 percent of the gorilla population within a year, they reported in the journal Current Biology.

nationalgeographic [this is old news!]

workingforchange (c/o smirkingchimp)
..as part of an education bill signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida has declared that “American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed.” That factual history, the law states, shall be viewed as “knowable, teachable and testable.”
Florida's lawmakers are not only prescribing a specific view of U.S. history that must be taught (my favorite among the specific commands in the law is the one about instructing students on “the nature and importance of free enterprise to the United States economy”),

18 July 2006

Gaza,DU, hip grooves, nuclear ice,

Reports this am 18/07/2006 10:46AM AEST that Palestinians have ambushed ZE troops in Gaza, offing one.
Cant confirm this right now.

An old Nir Rosen column from Feb 2004:
BAGHDAD - Rubaei Street in Baghdad's Zayuna district is one of the city's lesser-known oasis of normality. Far away from the more famous Kindi Street of Harthiya or 14 Ramadan Street of Mansour in the center of the city. On either side of the wide and brightly lit boulevard good restaurants are open well into the night, the sidewalks are crowded with families, and even young couples. Expensive cars slowly cruise the street, and people gaze at the crowds of girls in tight clothes.

I was sitting outside last night (staring at them too) with my Iraqi friend Rana in a fresh fruit juice and ice cream restaurant called Sandra. Owned by a Christian family, this restaurant is a secret I hesitate to reveal to the rest of the world. Sitting outside at dusk, I was sipping my strawberry smoothie while Rana ate imported ice cream, explaining that she did not eat the local ice cream for fear of nuclear contamination in the milk. She noted that the scene before us reminded her of the days before the war, when she would go out at night with her sisters, unafraid of the dangers that keep women sequestered in their homes today.

As she was waxing nostalgically about the good old days under Saddam Hussein, a refrain I am by now accustomed to hear, even from many Shi'ites, and I was trying not to roll my eyes, two sharp gun shots cut her words short and returned her to reality...

This "war" isn't meant to be fought using a lot of machinery. But depleted uranium, that kills the next generation. It's impossible (or at least impractical) to kill 30 million people with bullets. Spray depleted uranium around, and there won't be a next generation. A much more permanent way to fight a decisive long war. The troops are a diversion, they hold guard, Du does the real trick. After all the crop making fields are shot up with DU, there won't be any crops. Large scale starvation will follow, and at the same time only babies with 2 heads are born, if any. Then after like 50 years, there are no iraqis. So, the only reason the troops are there is to watch that the iraqis don't interfere with their fields beeing messed with.That's why there isnt a big investment on troop security, they're there on a low importance job (watchdog). All the IDE's an al-qaeda action get the news but the real story is completely elsewhere.

Dick Cheney:
So we've never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. (3-29-06)

(apparently he meant Saddam here; maybe he just had them backwards all along by mistake?)

By 2030, hip replacements in the USA to increase 174%, to 572,000 a year,.. Artificial-knee implants are expected to increase 673%, to 3.48 million..
Conversation eventually turned back to the groove theory, specifically to whether this groove might actually exist. Chao, a brisk and cheerful surgeon who trained at Harvard and Northwestern, smiled knowingly and reached for Landis’s X-ray. As we leaned in, Chao pointed to a cloudy, half-moon-shaped blur on the rim of the femoral head, just beneath the pelvis. It was 1.5 centimeters long and a centimeter deep; it looked like a tiny pearlescent goblet.

“There’s your groove,” Chao said, tapping the film with a pen. “It’s soft, and the pelvis is pushing down on it. It’s a dent.” Landis looked at the X-ray intently, faintly pleased at this revelation but distinctly unsurprised.

nytimesNuclear delusions: "When Vogtle..was being built in the 1970’s and 80’s .. An entire concrete factory, now defunct, was built here during that time; so was a factory to manufacture ice, a necessary ingredient in making the superdense nuclear-grade concrete required for the reactor-containment buildings ..
.. The plant took almost 15 years to move from blueprints to being operational. And by the time it began producing electricity in the late 1980’s, its total cost, $8.87 billion, was so far overbudget that Vogtle became yet another notorious example of the evils of nuclear energy...
“The fact that the T.V.A. is spending $1.8 billion to fix up an old plant, rather than just spend it on a new plant, suggests that a new one costs well over $2 billion,” David Lochbaum, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, told me in Washington.
[Thats in a country which has, or had, a history of big steel & reactors. Foe Aus to buy one off-the-shelf, expect Westinghouse to hold the place in hock forever]

100,000 West African black rhinos in 1960. That figure dropped to an estimated 14,000 by 1980 and the animals may now be extinct.
- 1960 was when I topped my 1y school ('grade 7') and received for a prize "Serengeti Shall Not Die" by Bernhard Grzimek, seems I have left it rather late to see Rhinos

technologyreview nanotube filtration: The new membranes,..Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), could reduce the cost of desalination by 75%, compared to reverse osmosis..
The carbon nanotubes ..only seven water molecules can fit across their diameter.
..water flow rates up to 10,000 times faster than would be predicted by classical equations,..
.... a silicon wafer.. coated with a metal nanoparticle catalyst for growing carbon nanotubes. .. to grow "like blades of grass -- vertically aligned and closely packed."..

bigelowaerospace Genesis I, launched by an old CCCP ICBM, right out of the silo!

17 July 2006

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, C-80

Lebanon Children killed by ZE
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in a remarkable act of defiance. Just after his house & headquarters and tv station bombed, He appeared on Labanese TV and said "look out your windows"
Whereupon "at least 2" missiles hit a ZE ship, one sailor killed, 3 more vanished.
The SMH is saying "a [IsNotReal] commander, Nehushtan, claimed a Chinese-designed, Iranian-made C-80 radar-guided missile had been used"
- no other references to C-80 missile. Possibility now is that Hezb have other guided weapons.
It seems the ZE soldiers taken prisoner were in a piece of Syrian land, beyond the 1948 ZE borders, so the invasion is one way.
The ZE murderous monster is roaming about bombing petrol stations in Lebanon. Aus PM dares not ask ZE for permission to rescue Aus citizens
At some point soon the entire world will rise up and wipe the ZE smear from the map.