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23 April 2004

aaaColac Aborigine, Moopor, holds a bone to curse Prime Minister John Howard, watched by former ATSIC chief Geoff Clark
Uranium Munitions (DU)
The following estimates of damage from DU may or may not include
1) direct weight comparison of Uranium in DU & Nagasaki bomb
2) allow for (non-existent?) "Depletion"
3) allow for short/long lived isotopes produced in the fission event
I plan to do the reading, when I am feeling especially strong...

"..In terms of global atmospheric pollution, we've already released the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs, Moret said..."

"..DU dust does more than wreak havoc on the immune systems of those who breathe or touch it; the substance also alters one's genetic code.

Thus, birth defects are way up in Afghanistan since the invasion: children "born with no eyes, no limbs, tumors protruding from their mouths ...deformed genitalia," .. "silent genocide"
Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs
World Uranium Weapons Conference
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's..Lockheed Lightning P-38, which vanished on July 31, 1944..pulled from the Mediterranean near Marseilles.
aaaNot this one...
Neat multi-blog
Fog of War macnamara speaks
wtf world war animation
My Life continued..
I have switched from Johny Walker to VB stubbies
JW $28 = 280cc Ethanol
VB $30 = 441cc Ethanol but an embarrassing amount of glass for recycling...

I hate the new house, I have no fear of poverty or squalor,
I am afraid of spending lots of money
in an attempt at modern respectability,
only to end up in a low ceiling, cramped, polished floors
thin walled,halogen spots, failed attempt at middleclass habitation.

In praise of outside toilets and bathroom...
no smells inside, open windows mean dry towels...

Thankfully I have visual privacy, if not auditory privacy
- Steven next door an aging (ie my age) gay, seems friendly
and sliding glass doors to a tiny yard with slippery green bricks.

22 April 2004

Oh my love he works upon the sea
On the waves that blow wild and free
He splices the ropes and he sets the sail
While southwards he roams to the home of the whale

And he ne'er thinks of me far behind
Or the torments that rage in my mind
He is mine for only part of the year
Then I'm left all alone with only my tears

All ye ladies that smell of white rose
Thank ye for your perfume to wear on my gold
Thank ye all the wives and the babies that yearn
For the man ne'er returns from hunting the sperm

Oh my love he works upon the sea
On the waves that blow wild and free
He splices the ropes and he sets the sail
While southwards he roams to the home of the whale
from your man in
the great southern land
prisoners island

A Mountain I havnt climbed: (People used to bathe in the crater lake, too hot now I believe)
Last chance Texaco cont...
The unfolding disaster in Mesopotamia...
where is our General Maude to get us out of this mess?
Maude got the Anzacs out of Suvla,
then went on to clean up the mess in Mesopotamia.
Chap then died from bad milk. Buried outside Baghdad walls.
Previous chap, Townshend, had presided over the siege of Kut
"the greatest humiliation to have befallen the British army" ..
"especially coming so soon after Britain's ignominious withdrawal from Gallipoli"
the siege of Kut, unrelieved
aaaA laser guided bomb aimed to destroy a Falluja mosque
Under assault by insurgents and unable to rely on U.S. and coalition troops for intelligence
or help under duress, private security firms in Iraq have begun to band together in the past
48 hours, organizing what may effectively be the largest Private Army in
the world, with its own rescue teams and pooled, sensitive intelligence.
US destroying Falluja homes...This tactical "Israelization" of U.S. combat doctrine has been
accompanied by what might be called a "Sharonization"
of the Pentagon's worldview. Military theorists are now deeply involved in imagining how the
evolving capacity of high-tech warfare can contain, if not destroy, chronic "terrorist"
insurgencies rooted in the desperation of growing megaslums.

dont forget those stalwart chestnuts:

21 April 2004

PalestinePalestine playtime

A couple from Leni R.

Weird Science :
Vitamin D expert loses post
Sunlight may be good for you (or not)
Craig Venter finds a million genes in the ocean
.... a pilot study to shotgun clone and sequence microbial genomes
filtered from seawater in the Sargasso Sea (Science March 4, 2004).
..1.2 million new genes were identified, revealing a level of microbial
diversity in seawater..700 of those were new rhodopsin-like photoreceptors.
..there were ..180,000 genes and proteins in Swiss-Prot ..Venter told
The Scientist..In one paper, we're adding 1.2 or 1.3 million [genes]..

The 1997 discovery of Homo sapiens idaltu, or simply the Herto people
with their significant cranial capacity, large faces and teeth, adds
substantial weight to the theory that Africa was the only home to
intermediaries between nonmodern and modern humans. "The Herto fossils
are the earliest, well-dated H. sapiens of modern aspect,"

Sarah Tishkoff, assistant professor of biology at the University of Maryland in College Park,
looked at mitochondrial DNA variants among 600 living East Africans,4 extrapolating 170,000 years ago
for the start of the modern human lineage. This is strikingly similar to the radiometric date of
156,000 years ago for H. sapiens idaltu

..in the drainage of an abandoned California mine. Using whole-genome shotgun sequencing,
Jillian Banfield .. reconstructed the genomes of microbes found in a pink slick
that thrives in this extremely acidic environment...the first to reconstruct a
microbial community at the genome level and to examine community-essential functions across genomes.
..they could readily identify two complete genomes and three partial genomes. "..Nature March 4, 2004

20 April 2004

Now I'm ensconced in a trendy part of town, almost beneath runway#2,
I want to move to a poorer part of town, or of the world,
rich comfortable homogeneous whitebread folks make my gut ache...
dien bien phu 50th coming up, see it day by day

'I believe Senor's approach is similar to the tactical one taken at Waco against another "messiah." It resulted in many deaths and a legacy that led us to the "commemoration" atrocity in Oklahoma City'


From the webbing belt holding up ‘rip-proof’ combat trousers, a Gerber multi-tool dangles beside a Leatherman knife. Another gun, usually a Glock 9mm, is held in a black nylon holster halfway down one thigh. Spare clips of ‘ammo’ and a commando dagger are sheathed on the other leg. The knees are reinforced with strap-on rubber pads.... ‘Look at those pooftas,’ he splutters. ‘They might as well wear a fucking sign saying shoot me!’
Sam Kiley Spectator
Brig. Gen. Mark "I gotta go" Kimmitt.. deputy head of operations in Iraq
I gotta go
crushed by the burden of running a massacre

NYT "The American command has been keen to show a willingness to negotiate as a way to prevent already-high anti-American sentiment from swelling "
Really? ..or maybe they were brought to a halt by fear?
17April US occupation forces have tried to storm the northern Iraqi
city of al-Qaim, but have been repelled by resistance
fighters, ...Aljazeera
Eyewitness in Fallujah
Jo Wilding Sunday Herald 18Apr04
a child of about 10 is lying with a bullet wound to the head.
A smaller child is being treated for a similar injury in the next
bed. A US sniper hit them and their grandmother as they left
their home to flee Fallujah.
...The children are not going to live.
In Fallujah's darkened, empty streets, U.S. troops blast
AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" and other rock music full volume from a
huge speaker, hoping to grate on the nerves ..recalls the Army's
use of rap and rock to help flush out Panamanian leader Manuel
Noriega ..the FBI's blaring progressively more irritating tunes in an
attempt to end a standoff with armed members of the Branch
Davidian cult in Waco, Texas in 1993. (19Apr93)
Now you see these improvised fighting machines all over Iraq. Once painted with that solid olive drab color, they are now patchworks of red, black and green, with random pieces of metal sticking off everywhere, bristling with guns. They look incredibly bizarre. I call it the Mad Max Rolling Sideshow
..inside the Green Zone..A lot of very attractive young Iraqi women are brought in from other parts of Baghdad, to do jobs such as translation, secretarial, personal assistance, etc...
..sometimes the Americans holed up in there get courageous and make a break for it. When they just can't stand being without real American fast food any longer, they get in armored convoys and head for Baghdad Airport, where an authentic Burger King is now located. Generally nobody gets near the airport; the Americans have it sealed off. But inside there is a real live Burger King, staffed by local Iraqis duded up in the official polyester pants and paper hats...
Pat Buchananan - in your heart you know hes right...
The last time U.S. troops experienced a two-week loss such as this one in Iraq was October 1971
weird Science...
Comet impact effect, roll your own...