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14 March 2006

AfroReggae, "Dr. Zhengrong Shi", Bellamy, Lovelock, Sadr City, Neturei Karta

don't shoot me, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

AfroReggae continue to go from strength to strength, running 60 projects involving hundreds of kids in favelas across the city. Aside from the nucleus in Vigário, they now have three others, including a state of the art "technology hub" and a centre in Complexo do Alemão. Aside from the main band, they now have eight more, plus a samba school, a circus troupe and a theatre group. They run workshop programmes in music, percussion, dance, capoeira, rapping, graffiti, circus and theatre.
..They are also, now, the subject of an award-winning documentary, Favela Rising, by the American film-makers Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary.

Australian Rich Men list:
I got terribly depressed by ABC childcare, young boss is worth $440M - $80 per day to park your infant with strangers seemed to indicate the total breakdown of humanity in Aus.
I was cheered slightly by the placing of Dr. Zhengrong Shi on the rich list.

forbes Shi, an Australian citizen, is mainland China’s richest man and one of its newest billionaires, worth $2.2 billion.
"Dr. Zhengrong Shi is founder and CEO of Suntech Power Co., Ltd.. established in 2001 .. manufacturing silicon solar cells..120 MWp earlier this year. ..10th in the world, and was forecast to be the 6th in 2006.
..National Prize for Excellent Achievements by Homecoming Chinese from the Central Government.
..PhD research at ..1988 under the supervision of Martin A. Green, a well known world leader in PV. In 1991 he obtained his PhD degree in multi-crystalline silicon thin film solar cells
..thin film technology now being commercialised by CSG Solar in Germany and is one of the inventors on the key patents ..

Recognizing Israel for What It Is
by Ahmed Amr
..Across the region -- even among staunch cold war allies -- the Bush administration is held in utter contempt. The fear of American conspiracies has been replaced with disdain for the Bush administration’s crude ineptitude. Even in Turkey, the most secular of Islamic nations, crowds are turning out in droves to see a movie that paints Americans as war criminals and brutes. It has already grossed more than any Turkish movie in history. Not to be outdone, a recent Egyptian blockbuster lampoons Rice as a striptease dancer and a slut. It’s a riot. The Egyptian actress who performs the provocative dance was a virtual replica of the American Secretary of State -- down to the gap in her teeth.
..It was only two generations ago that a man born in Nablus could wake up on any given morning and decide to seek his fortune in Haifa or Jerusalem or go fishing in the Sea of Galilee. For Palestinians, the last sixty years have been a very wicked intrusion on that very simple reality.
Those Palestinians who feel obliged to accept Israel as a concrete reality should merely be required to recognize it for what it is -- a racist colonial land grabbing settler state built on the premise that the native people of the land should be evicted based on a test of faith. It is a political reality that came about as a result of a massive ethnic cleansing campaign known as the Nakba. Israel can most accurately be described as a country built on the ruins of another people’s confiscated patrimony.

The Palestinians should follow the example of their neighbors and make exclusive claim to the heritage of the ancient people of the Holy Land. Let the Yiddish intruders carry the burden of discovering their authentic roots and redesigning their family tree.
This is not to suggest that the Yiddish folk who now lord over Palestine should be ashamed of their central European past. Most people of European heritage eventually mange to adjust to their ancestors' legacy.
bbc"The planning agency which designed Milton Keynes has been handed the job of reshaping a city which is no stranger to adversity: Najaf, in Iraq."
Yikes! Sterile cars-only, acres of lawnmowers, cramped rooms, dreary mall culture
to replace historic ancient city.
I prefer lanes as wide as a laden camel

from poliza
an alternet post
2 points:
1) Poor people have lots of babies because its cheap to raise them.
The women dont go to work in an office and they dont expect a car & a piano and a university education for each kid.
Birth rates fall when women are 'liberated' ie convinced that they and each child needs a heap of money to survive.
Men are irrelevant in population control. if you convinced/sterilised 1/2 of the men, the other half would fertilise all the women.
Only 'liberation' of women into being junior executives in downtown finance houses will cut population. Sadly those jobs are being outsourced/automated out of existence.

2) the Haber-Ammonia, tractor/truck industrialised agriculture is sold to us as 'High Yield' - this is absurd. Any peasant doing half-arsed permaculture with a bunch of different plants & animals can out-yield industrial agriculture on a Ton/hectare basis.
Industrial agriculture is *High Profit* not high yield, not least because it is *Low Labour* is only 3% are down on the farm.
Sadly the alternative involves most of us getting our hands in the dirt (and gathering human & animal wastes). No time for exotic JetSet holidays, we have to stay at home to mind the sheep. [btw the importance of sheep is not primarily meat,milk or wool. They are important because they bring nitrogen down from the steep hillsides where they graze, down to the valley where our dogs pen them]


Bellamy drummed out of the CAT:
"in view of his current position and recent public statements on climate change, we now have no option but to remove his name from our list of patrons as we no longer feel able for Bellamy’s name to be associated with the work of the Centre for Alternative Technology."
[Bellamy & Lovelock join with Kennedyjr and all the other JetSet BeachResort wind-turbine disdainers]

..as Lovelock puts it: 'Life on Earth actively keeps the surface conditions always favourable for whatever is the contemporary ensemble of organisms.'
[this is Teleology.. JL can design a fine gas chromatograph, but just maybe he isnt an ecologist]

climate blogs
julesandjames beyondscitech freedomblog grida blogspot wordpress 360 blogger

Last Chance Texaco...

U.S. firms that move production to China, like Wal-Mart, not only enjoy the cheap labor, they also know that those cheap wages are directly threatened by expanding political rights. When people gain political rights -- especially the right to organize -- they then agitate for more pay, better benefits and annoying things like workplace safety and environmental regulations.

US Army in jeopardy in Iraq
By Gary Hart | March 11, 2006
In greatest danger are the units in the Sunni central region cities. They are in real jeopardy if tens of thousands of angry Sunni and Shi'ite citizens, supported by their sectarian militias, surround and then overrun those units before they can be withdrawn.

.."The deaths squads that we have captured are in the defense and interior ministries," Minister of Interior Bayan Jabr said during a joint news conference with the Minister of Defense. ..

In Sadr City..government forces have vanished. The streets are ruled by aggressive teenagers with shiny soccer jerseys and machine guns. They poke their heads into cars and detain whom they want. Mosques blare for American troops to stay out. Increasingly, the Americans have been doing just that.

When the 45 day "time out" is concluded, pundits will again be asked "Dubai or not Dubai, that is the question." Other questions, such as "How many fingers, Winston?" will also be included in the test. There is one word, "Halliburton," which answers all questions. Learn it. Love it. Strong Daddy will be waiting for the results of the semester final to see if you've learned the single most important answer.

Leaders of Hamas, upon your elevation to the position of official representatives of the entire Palestinian people, we offer our blessing and a prayer to the Almighty:
MAY the Almighty guide you and bestow upon you His wisdom to enable you to lead the Palestinian nation according to His will.
MAY the Almighty unite the hearts of the Palestinian people to accept and embrace your leadership with love and good will.
MAY it be the will of the Almighty that we should merit to see the peaceful and speedy dismantlement of the Zionist entity - the state of “Israel” and the transformation of rule over the entire Holy Land, including of course Al-Quds, to its proper rulers, the Palestinian people. Then we can once again live according to the will of the Almighty, Arab and Jew as neighbors, as we have been doing for so many hundreds of years up until the inception of Zionism.
ULTIMATELY, MAY it be the will of the Almighty that the entire world merit in the near future, to behold the revelation of His glory, when all mankind will serve Him in joy and harmony, AMEN.
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Neturei Karta International, USA
Rabbi Ahron Cohen
Neturei Karta, UK

A great documentary filmmaker died on March 2. Garrett Scott co-directed Occupation: Dreamland, a riveting chronicle of an 82nd Airborne unit near Fallujah. Ironically, after risking his life for longer than most American journalists in Iraq, he died of a heart attack in Los Angeles. He was 37.


ps: Ted Rall no longer links, and this blogentry predates my "local save and photobucket when links break" strategy ... sigh, why do people block links/ i suppose its ti firce us to view their site ads...