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01 February 2011

Who is Frank Wisner jnr?

Who is Frank Wisner jnr?
A former US ambassador to Egypt is in Cairo and "has the ability" to talk [gosh, that beats grunting and gesturing anyday] to Egyptian leaders, ...

He also said the Washington believed Egypt should revoke emergency law brought in following mass protests against the government. [um, I think they were 'brought in' in the 70s]

..Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, dismissed Monday's move by Hosni Mubarak... to appoint a new government, saying the situation in the country called for action, not appointments [er isnt that rather rude to an old man]

quick, google Frank...


Seems his old man was a monster ... thought that name rang a bell.

CARL SAVICH Blog November 21, 2006 ..

..son of Frank Gardiner Wisner, Sr ... one of the most infamous CIA agents, the man behind Operation Bloodstone, the US government program of recruiting Nazis and SS members.

Wisner also organized Operation Mockingbird.. to co-opt to the CIA the New York Times, the Washington

Post, Newsweek.... Wisner recruited Philip Graham
.....the Rome Daily American, the Manila Times, and the Bangkok Post...

...Wisner was responsible for the CIA overthrow of democratically-elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammed Mossadeq in 1953, Operation Ajax. In 1954, Wisner organized the CIA overthrow of democratically-elected President of Guatemala Jacobo Arbenz, Operation PBSUCCESS.

.. in charge of the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). ..sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and
.. recruiting former Albanian Nazi and fascist ultra-nationalists ...
J. Edgar Hoover, dismissed the OPC as “Wisner’s gang of weirdos”. .

Frank G. Wisner, Jr., and Richard C. Holbrooke, were both board members of the American International Group (AIG). ....
..SEC imposed one of the largest penalties in its history, $10 million, against AIG. ..

In 1965, Frank G. Wisner, Sr., committed suicide using jnr's shotgun (aged 55?)

A close friend, Avis Bohlen said he "was so depressed about how the world was going... he felt we were losing the Cold War."
..1997, Wisner (jr) joined the board of directors of the Enron Corporation... ..
... lobbied the Indian government to accept the Enron power plant project which overcharged India for power .. Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice pressured the Indian government to accept the Enron deal.

..Wisner worked under Kenneth L. Lay..counterpunch

Wisner (snr) grew very fond of Philby   spartacus
W snr even ran the rewrite for the movie of Animal Farm
The 'investors' were greatly concerned that Snowball( the Trotsky figure) was still presented "too sympathetically"..
Orwell Subverted

PA, John Key anti-anti-Mubarak, Omega-3, Ammonia

Palestinian Authority has yet again obstructed and threatened anyone who will show up at the peaceful protest (i3tisam) scheduled to happen today in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ramallah, Sunday February 1 at 4 pm. This is the second time that the PA refuses to let the Palestinians express solidarity with first our Tunisian brethren and sisters in their popular uprising and now in supporting the Egyptian people in their uprising against Mubarak's regime."
Marjorie Cohn explained in her book "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law," quoting a former CIA agent saying:

"If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear (after torture and interrogation) - never to see them again - you send them to Egypt," a place of no return for many, Suleiman in charge as impresario.

John Key: "Egypt’s provided stability and leadership and calmness. Obviously, the hope always being that that position would spread across the Middle East....
So there you have it: for the sake of Israel, the democratic wishes of the people of Egypt must be suppressed, and they must live under a brutal dictator who fixes elections and uses torture to stay in control. I guess Key got the Israeli memo then.

On January 25, Egypt's "day of wrath," copies circulated, containing specific political and economic demands, including:

-- salary and pension increases;
-- holding free democratic elections; and
-- banning Egyptian exports to Israel, mainly its natural gas
(ng hard to replace without a  shared border. Pity about that Iraq -Haifa pipeline,
pipedream of Wolfowitz/Chalabi et al)

Omega-3 mood mechanism mooted
By Nathan Gray, 31-Jan-2011
......the CNS and retina are enriched in PUFAs: arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
In the omega-3–deficient mice, ... pre-synaptic cannabinoid CB1 receptors were uncoupled from their effector proteins, and observed that a dietary-induced reduction of CB1R functions in mood-controlling structures was associated with impaired emotional behavior.
...reducing omega-3 levels in mice markedly reduced the function of the most abundant G protein–coupled receptor of the CNS – the cannabinoid CB1R receptor.
..first synaptic substrate for the impairment of emotional behavior, including depression, associated with the low levels of omega-3 PUFAs ..
The Argentine ant, for example, has 367 genes for odor receptors—twice as many as the honeybee.
.... adding or removing chemical tags called methyl groups to or from a handful of genes to turn them off or on determines an ant's fate in the social ladder. In bees, royal jelly and other environmental factors play a role in making these "epigenetic" modifications, and it is likely that the same holds true in ants. Some of the genes that appear to be controlled this way include the genes for wings and reproduction—
Indonesias Peak was (sort-of) more recent than I thought ...   around 2000
The Peak may be less significant than the point where net Oil Export - Oil consumption reaches zero

"Around here Jakarta pays the bills" Walter Wriston CEO Citibank Manhattran 1980

Market Physics
the "frictional tax" which we propose would not apply under normal market conditions, and in critical situations it would increase with the transaction volume.
... Noise in the financial markets could be generated by big players such as the Central Banks, by randomly buying and selling financial assets. Studies show that random investments create returns that are comparable to the market performance and usually greater than those of most funds. It should therefore not be a ruinous strategy for Central Banks to randomly buy and sell. Such random investment would trigger an unbiased "fog of uncertainty," which would reduce both herding effects and the value of insider information. Bubbles would burst while they were still small and posed no risk.
While friction generates an upper limit to instability, noise on the other hand creates a lower bound. Together, they provide two potent new tools for controlling financial markets, supporting their self-organization ability

[science daily appears largely free from the Carbon-denialist Zionist PRNI of its parent "Arts&Letters Daily
founded by the late lauded Dennett (D was big on anti-creationism but)

PRNI Professional Red Neck, Intellectual variant: Adopts a popularist stance, against welfare, state housing, levelling, class analysis, progressive taxation.

'professional' in the sense of against their actual beliefs, adopted stance to fit a trend, get on TV shows.

Dutton one of the more benign PRNI's he apparently started 'The New Zealand Friends of Public Broadcasting'

Looking for Shipping across the WestPacific, got quotes NZ$660 for 1/4m³ (Pack & Send)
If a container is 65m³ thats $171,000 for a container.

How do these businesses get any business?

As Capital trends back to Feudalism, income inequalities soar.
People perceive what they feel they deserve.

A Dentist feels she is 'naturally' entitled to a couple of beemers, couple of houses, cleaner, gardener. So a ceramic tooth costs $1600 + couple visits say $1600
In RP I get a crown for $80 (was $50 but that guy went outta business)
So theres a factor of 20x, just based on expectation.

That factor of 20 percolates across society, all the pompous twerps, those guys you knew in high school who got a pass in Maths, feel superior to the entire human race, believe they've a god-given right to 20x the true market value of their puny skills...
Based on police at the borders, police at the prison gate, police in the city square

John Fleming being interviewed by Kathryn Ryan this morning.
Expat in AustinTX working on
- A cheap way of electrolyzing hydrogen.
- A cheap way of converting it to ammonia.
- Ammonia-fueled engines at twice the efficiency of petrol engines.
Piezzo-injectors 0.3msec ultra-high compression piston engines.

Windmills/solar & spare electric grid capacity &  NH3 as liquid fuel
produced in 'container sized' units at Service-stations.

If steps 1 & 2 are indeed cheap and efficient this is radical.
JF didnt give numbers.
I somehow doubt he has a significant improvement in Haber-Bosch. Which makes a lot of waste heat.
He does seem to have the USA DoD interested.

He said his efficient electrolyser is $200 vs $100,000 for curent units.
but his unit is 0.2m³ so a 'container sized' would be $65,000.  ...   Verbal flim-flam John...

No hints on the physics. No mention of EROEI.
I expect it will be possible, but expensive.
the DoD wants 'inside the gate' fuel - ie they dont trust the grid. But that may be 'damn the cost'

Peak Oil is about cost & EROEI.
 Plausible schemes won't substitute for that old pre-1970 Texas 100x EROEI

JF says Texas has more windmills than any other state (except CA?)
NH3 might be a way to store the wind.
Implications for fertiliser ( & fuel oil ammonia explosives) not mentioned