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27 April 2012

Boinc, Assange-Nasrallah,HERV

Winter approaches, time to fire up some Boinc
 , use yr computer  participate in some big science - in the cold world, computer cycles heat your house and solve some big problems..

Mullers Ratchet

Caenorhabditis elegans is known for his high rate of selfing that may make it susceptible to the operation of Muller's ratchet. Now evolution@home has found that this worm would indeed be in trouble if there were no processes that would counter genomic decay in this worm or if selfing was very old. we conclude that pure selfing can persist for only short evolutionary intervals, and is expected to lead to extinction within thousands of years for a plausible portion of parameter space. Credible lower-bound estimates of nuclear mutation rates do not extend the expected time to extinction much beyond a million years. biomedcentral existing simulation results suggest that outcrossing rates of less than 1% do not reduce the rate of mutation accumulation substantially ... existing simulation results suggest that outcrossing rates of less than 1% do not reduce the rate of mutation accumulation substantially

C.Elegans can  only be thousands of years as selfing??
 [I am not convinced by Muller's ratchet. Mystified how mitochondria can persist for 2B years with no crossing ] 

 Earthquakes Apple laptops manufactured since 2005 are outfitted with accelerometers, as are many IBM (now Lenovo), Acer, and HP laptops. They detect sudden acceleration--as when a laptop falls from a table, for instance--and brace the hard drive for impact. Quake Catcher Network's software analyzes shakes sensed by a computer's accelerometer and report only big movements to the central server, ignoring the vibrations from a passing truck, a bump to a table, or even a minor earthquake. The pattern of signals received by the server allows the network to recognize a significant earthquake.

Primes primegrid n 19 Apr 2012, 21:12:27 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Generalized Fermat Prime Search, through PRPNet, found the mega prime: 773620^262144+1 The prime is 1,543,643 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell's “The Largest Known Primes Database” ranked 2nd for Generalized Fermat primes and 22nd overall. The discovery was made by Senji Yamashita of Japan using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 in an Intel Core i7-970 @ 3.20GHz system with 6GB RAM, running Windows 7 Professional x64. This GPU took about 47 minutes to probable prime (PRP) test with GenefCUDA. Senji is a member of the PrimeSearchTeam. ega prime: 773620^262144+1 (2^18 = 262144)

 I'm running this, only 3,300 others, an interest in proving primality, somewhat recondite.. primaboinca seeking counterexample to Agrawal conjecture primaboinca targets reached: no counterexample for n < 10^11; next target: 10^11- 10^12;  imath If Agrawal's conjecture were true, this would improve the polynomial time complexity of the AKS primality testing algorithm     Lenstra and Pomerance and suggest strongly that this conjecture is false. efmer berkeleyin boinc unitedboinc _________________________________________________________________

 thanks JulianA, great interview Hezbollah seems to startle itself with its successes. Their fuel-air device in Beirut killed so many US marines that Reagan pulled out of Lebanon.
In 2006 Hez snatched a couple of IDFers and then surprised everyone (including themselves?) by resisting invasion for weeks. I suspect that fibre-optics and actual cryptography were used, not just the farm-boy ciphers that SN claimed rt _________________________________________________________________

wafa Hundreds of Palestinians Arrested in March, says Rights Group NABLUS, April 11, 2012 (WAFA)..... One woman was arrested in Hebron under the pretext she attacked soldiers while crossing a checkpoint after soldiers took her 3-year-old son away from her.

The Genome Generation by Elizabeth Finkel 2012 Melbourne book review.
On first glimpse, another chatty pos sci book. On closer inspection a solid and startling investigation of C21 genetic revelations. EF is an ex research scientist, which typically means a book is solid. With a heap of references, many http (buy the kindle version?) This book is startling. I thought I had been keeping up with popular science news about the Genome, but I had fallen behind. Starts with an intro chapter, about that Saturday in 1953 - in the morning we were in the medieval vitalistic dark, in the afternoon we had a view of how molecules did life. Turns out the new 'Dogma' was over-rated. Only 1.5% of the human genome codes for protein. Chap2: "Junk is telling us something" One of EF's heroes is John Mattick (Melbourne?) sciencemag
The Eukaryotic Genome as an RNA Machine the genomes of all studied eukaryotes are almost entirely transcribed,  [in various cell lines?] generating an enormous number of non–protein-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). In parallel, it is increasingly evident that many of these RNAs have regulatory functions. EF says 8% of our DNA is fossil retrovirus and 45% are transposons (jumping genes) (others think the LINE etc may be retroviral traces, so over half , ie including the retrotransposons may be retroviral traces? .... virolution)"..  Melbourne Simons: nature Rett Syndrome fugu fish have less junk DNA, but they do have some. Bacteria: 20% of genes are regulatory proteins

This is the sticking point: if it takes genes to make proteins to regulate genes, there is evidently a limit to complexity. Is this why multicell took billions of years to arrive?

 Junk DNA Amoeba 50% roundworm 75% humans 98.5%

 have we reached another sticking point of complexity, even using small RNA controllers? 1993: C elegans missing vulva if micro RNA lin-4 not present (22Base RNA from 70 Base DNA)

 Its Double strand RNA (dRNA) that interferes , the cell recognises dRNA , DICER chops it into 20 base segments, RISC uses these to halt RNA expression. (plants,fungi,worms,flies). So far not useful medically, dRNA is fragile. in Humans 125 base miRNA protects against transposons oxfordjournals 2007 However, only a small proportion of these retroelements 0.05%, remains able to transpose...

among the non-long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons, only some long interspersed nucleotide elements-1 (LINE-1, or L1) and short interspersed element (SINE) (Alu and SVA) subfamilies continue to be mobile in mammals today (1,2). sciencewatch miRNAs A Macro View of MicroRNA

  nobelprize RNA interference ENCODE Project nytimes ‘Gene’ Has a Multitude of Meanings nytimes Now: The Rest of the Genome Although only 1.2 percent of the human genome encodes proteins, the Encode scientists estimate that a staggering 93 percent of the genome produces RNA transcripts. John Mattick, an Encode team member at the University of Queensland in Australia, is confident that a lot of those transcripts do important things that scientists have yet to understand. “My bet is the vast majority of it — I don’t know whether that’s 80 or 90 percent,” he said. 

 ..... But Only about 4 percent of the noncoding DNA in the human genome shows signs of having experienced strong natural selection. Some of those segments may encode RNA molecules that have an important job in the cell. Some of them may contain stretches of DNA that control neighboring genes. Dr. Haussler suspects that most of the rest serve no function. plosgenetics The Genetic Signatures of Noncoding RNAs John S. Mattick* sciencemag skinny moms nature genome-wide association study (GWAS). Missing Heritability and GWAS Utility bbc Spotty mice flout genetics laws nature Has evolution learnt how to learn? hopkinscolon From Polyp to Cancer nytimes 

 David B Goldstein     A Dissenting Voice as the Genome Is Sifted to Fight Disease ... men from Jewish communities all carry a certain lineage of Y chromosomes, one that is shared by many Near Eastern peoples.. ...the mitochondrial DNA of many Jewish communities looks as if it was derived from the population of the host community. Jewish communities may therefore have been founded by Jewish men, arriving perhaps as traders(sic), who took local wives......................... ...............

...... As part of a project on schizophrenia, Dr. Goldstein has done a genomewide association study on 2,000 volunteers of all races who were put through cognitive tests. “We have looked at the effect of common variation on cognition, and there is nothing,” Dr. Goldstein said, meaning that he can find no common genetic variants that affect intelligence

to be continued...
the scandal is, that the Human Genome Sequencing project has shown such few useful disease results
... if 1000 genes combine to produce a phenotype, testing would need 2^1000 examples...

Fracking . Most of the chemical-laced slick water injected down the well will stay belowground, but for every million gallons, 200,000 to 400,000 gallons will be regurgitated back to the surface, bringing with it, McGraw writes, not only the chemicals it included in the first place, but traces of the oil-laced drilling mud, and all thee noxious stuff that was already trapped down there in the rock: iron and chromium, radium and salt—lots
 of salt. ,,The question is what to do with that volume of bad water. If it leaks into small streams, disaster results: the classic case is Dunkard Creek, which rambles for forty miles along the Pennsylvania–West Virginia border. In Wilber’s words, “its clear, green eddies and swimming holes, shaded by hemlock and sycamore trees, attracted generations of anglers, paddlers, picnickers, and nature lovers” who enjoyed the 161 aquatic species found in its waters. In September 2009, however, pretty much everything died in the course of a few days— nybooks ________________________________________________________________________________ the Kapuni Stream is contaminated and they are blaming the toxic poisons being used by oil companies .. fracking.. They talk about the polluted stream and contaminated ground water and point to a curious cluster of cancer cases. Even the Taranaki District Health Board admits that the death rate from cancer in the province is significantly higher than in the rest of New Zealand. Even the Straterra website says the company recommends all waste be stored in metal tanks. I visited many sites in Taranaki and didn’t see any metal tanks, just wide-open concaved mounds of earth that certainly didn’t look lined in any way and were often near streams. “I haven’t seen any metal containers. Any garbage from their activities is kept there [the pits],” Michael Self says. “You have a big downpour of rain and it goes into the rivers.” When I push Fred McLay on the subject again, he tells me the pits are “generally lined with clay and that some operators are now using liners.” Only “some” operators? 

But the tragedy is that even if all companies now using lined pits, for many, many years they weren’t and the damage may have already been done. “One guy from the oil company told me that they were having difficulty in get rid of their drilling fluids,” says Sarah Roberts. “There was an effluent pond nearby and so they dumped it in there and it overflowed into the local stream. Another guy told me that he was disturbed about how his company was handling the discharge and voiced his concerns and was told that the oil company pays at the front end so that the Taranaki Regional Council doesn’t check at the back. massivemagazine propublica

[the Kapuni Stream pollution may not be from Fracking per se, some other Oil Co drilling..] ________________________________________________________________________________ DrOz Nutrition
 1. Nori..r wrap of sushi rolls omega-3s
 2. Wakame miso soup calcium and magnesium one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin B12. 3. Kombu: Metabolism Booster long, thick brown strips iodine fucoxanthin fat metabolism.

Sunflower seeds contain lignin phytoestrogens,
 Fennel, an anti-inflammatory; 
 Cranberry juice disrupts the formation of plague placque