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15 November 2008

Reaper / Predator robot bombers, Khalidi, Inflamation

Reaper / Predator robot bombers
In Afghanistan, a U.S. Air Force strike wiped out about 40 people in a wedding party. This represented at least the sixth wedding party eradicated by American air power in Afghanistan and Iraq since December 2001.
American planes have, in fact, taken out two brides in the last seven months.

Reaper / Predator robot bombers: These fly quite low and in daylight
michaelyoncaution red-neck war-glory site
Seems to me that some rather cheap rockets could take them out.
If they have a characteristic sound, human or electronic ears might detect them.
I recall pictures from WWI of a man with two giant ear trumpets on a rotating platform. With modern electronics a static array of microphones could get a bearing. A vertical array might use rotation to get a vertical bearing.
Optical bearings could work in daylight, these would require humans as IR/visible pattern/object recognition is not reliable yet (when it is ,warfare will change profoundly)
A simple inertial locator in a small rocket could take out the lightweight robot planes, or at least disable the laser detectors on the bombs, assuming they are not all now gps guided.
These are slow low unarmoured planes. They may have low radar returns, but they cant fly for more than half a minute on silent batteries, so use sound to locate them.
There is something ghastly about robots wiping out weddings. Doonsbury joked about predators early in the BushJnr years.

Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell
The last of the Experience is gone
I recall the party I was at when I heard Jimi was dead. Do You??
Trolling red-neck anti-Obama sites, I have learned about several Lefty writers I should pay more attention to...
"In 2000, The Khalidis Held A Fund-Raiser For Mr. Obama During His Congressional Campaign. Both Mr. Khalidi And Mr. Abunimah, Of The Electronic Intifada, Said Mr. Obama Had Spoken At The Fund-Raiser And Had Called For The United States To Adopt A More ‘Evenhanded Approach’ To The Palestinian-Israel Conflict." NYT barackbook
BHO or OHB as the red-necks (correctly?) have it has made his first appointment
Rahm Israel Emanuel ...His father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician and former member of the Irgun

Diesel Fuel From a Tree Fungus? given that modern termites have abandoned gut- protocticts/bacteria soup for external fungi digestion
Fungi may be the best wood digestors - they do sprout on dead trees.

Sunda colugo, a type of flying lemur (above), carries its baby as it soars through a Singapore rain forest
(Im pleased that Singapore has enough jungle for new a species to be identified )
Inflamation involved in Cancer and atherosclerosis
Keep taking the baby aspirin
I was disturbed by one report that taking a biopsy of a prostate caused inflammation, which may have lead to tumour development...

For most of human history, inflammation’s ability to ward off infection outweighed its drawbacks. Today, as we live longer, exercise less, eat too much and smoke, many of us suffer from inflammation’s dark side—including its ability to contribute to atherosclerosis and other chronic disorders.
Is Chronic Inflammation the Key to Unlocking the Mysteries of Cancer?
n recent years a body of evidence has accumulated to show that chronic inflammation can play an important role in the progression of some types of tumors from a premalignant state to full-blown disease. macrophages are “reeducated” by cancer cells to do their bidding. They become factories for cytokines and growth factors that nurture tumor development.between cancer and inflammation has long been suspected.
Rosuvastatin was given to 17,802 seemingly healthy people, and their chance of developing heart problems plummeted.
The one thing the subjects all had in common was increased levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, which is used as a marker for inflammation,

P.J. O'Rourke glum for the Reagan days
We Blew It
by P.J. O'Rourke
...Or, put another way, Wall Street was pulling the "room full of horse s--" trick. Brokerages were saying, "We're going to sell you a room full of horse s--. And with that much horse s--, you just know there's a pony in there somewhere."

Anyway, it's no use blaming Wall Street. Blaming Wall Street for being greedy is like scolding defensive linemen for being big and aggressive. The people on Wall Street never claimed to be public servants. They took no oath of office. They're in it for the money. We pay them to be in it for the money. We don't want our retirement accounts to get a 2 percent return. (Although that sounds pretty good at the moment.)
.... We've had the rule of law largely in our hands since 1980. Where is the transparency? It's one more job we botched.


The last Empire that proposed Glastnost collapsed in a single evening...

11 November 2008

John Key Sociopath,Dr Vandana Shiva

John Key, Sociopath
It is obvious to everyone, everyone knows, that to be a Forex trader is the choice of a sociopath.
Cunning, numerate, at least minimally, to attempt to profit from national suffering, the forex trader is devoid of human concern.
The successful forex trader is lucky, readily convinced that he is 'master of the universe'
How quaint that respect is still paid to these leeches.
Non productive, non creative, parasites on our commonwealth.
How quaint to elect one such, in a 45% "mandate"

Solitary greed, smug theft, slick rapaciousness.

Not to conflate with "opportunistic" which can be a smart response to necessity. John Key's mother, Ruth, arranged a marriage to a drunk to escape Austria in 1939, a smart move for a Jew.

But to devote ones days to super-profit on nations misfortunes... a good morning trading at Meryl Lynch against the Zambian kwacha?
.. theres no law against it, sadly, but what kind of nation ignores the evils of finance to elect such a man? These are the sociopaths who have brought the world to a crash, having persuaded the likes of Haiti to abandon food self-sufficiency.
“Today’s global food crisis shows we all blew it, including me when I was president, by treating food crops as commodities instead of as a vital right of the world’s poor
But US law requires that almost all US aid be American-grown food commodities, benefiting US farmers. Bush proposed earlier this year that 25 per cent of future aid be cash.
A bipartisan coalition (in Congress) defeated him ...He was right, and both parties that defeated him were wrong.
Bill Clinton has told a UN gathering.thewest

Dr Vandana Shiva speaks
in pdf (ugh!) why? somehow even the best and brightest cant resist the urge to make a pdf. Somehow html just doesnt seem like a 'thing'- dammit people, its text..... I hope this document will be html- text soon.
Google 'view as html' does its best:

  • Industrial globalized agriculture contributes to and is vulnerable to climate change
  • Ecological and organic farming contributes to mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Transition to local, sustainable food systems benefits the environment and public health
  • Biodiversity reduces vulnerability and increases resilience
  • Genetically modified seeds and breeds: a false solution and dangerous diversion
  • Industrial agrofuels: a false solution and new threat to food security
  • Water conservation is central to sustainable agriculture
  • Knowledge transition for climate adaptation
  • Economic transition toward a sustainable and equitable food future
odd to see VS on agmates, which appears to be a redneck Aussie CC Denialist site???
She may not be right all the time, but she must be heard.
I can't decide if Haber-Bosch Nitrogen from oil-gas is essential or evil. V Smil, who perhaps is the dry end of the debate says a the nitrogen in a Chinese girl is 2/3 Industrial.
Shiva says that Indian women weeding have terrible blisters on their ankles from the HB Urea.
Shiva is very anti-soy. India killed local cold-pressed mustard oil, by insisting on containers with content labelling. The people had been bringing their old empty bottles to the small mustard oil merchant. So now they get what Udo Erasmus describes as oil treated with draino (NaOH) then bleached, filtered of extras, heated and generally abused.
Compulsory food labelling can kill local healthy food...
Permaculture seems to be the solution. I feel guilty that I dont insist my children till their our tiny urban patch.
VS says that cattle emit more methane eating beans. The experiments actually show that
Feeds high in fibre, such as straw, result in the production of more methane than forages of low fibre content, such as fresh green grass and alfalfa. The addition of grains, such as corn, barley or wheat, to the diet will reduce CH4 emissions further. An imbalance in the nutrient content of the feed eaten, such as a shortfall in the amount of protein or mineral, will also increase the amount of CH4 produced. For these reasons, cattle fed in a feedlot usually emit less CH4 than grazing cattle because they consume a substantial amount of grain and the ration is formulated to meet the animal's requirements for nutrients.
So VS can go overboard, but she is mostly wise.

90% of fish bigger than 30cm are gone. this is a weird impoverishment of the globe.
The last years wild fish catch is static in tonnage, declining in length?
the fish being used to feed pigs, chickens and farm-raised fish are often thought of as bait, including anchovies, sardines, menhaden and other small- to medium-sized species, researchers wrote in a study to be published in November in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources.
These so-called forage fish account for 37 percent, or 31.5 million tons, of all fish taken from the world's oceans each year, the study said. Ninety percent of that catch is turned into fish meal or fish oil, most of which is used as agricultural and aquacultural feed.


Bali Bombers,
shot at last.
Can one weep for a bunch of Australian, USAniacs, & Kiwi revelers in Kuta?


Organic farming 'could feed Africa'
Traditional practices increase yield by 128% in east Africa, says UN

By Daniel Howden in Nairobi
Wednesday, 22 October 2008
New evidence suggests that organic practices ...- are delivering sharp increases in yields, improvements in the soil and a boost in the income of Africa's small farmers
Organic farming offers Africa the best chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and malnutrition it has been locked in for decades, according to a major study from the United Nations to be presented today.

Africa is the continent with far the largest ratio of rain-irrigated land to people.
ACChange is predicted to shrivel wheat, but millet may increase yield. Africa with diversity and despite parasites, may populate a scorched earth again.