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08 December 2006

Moshe Ya'alon, Unite! McDonalds, PTSD, Milton Friedman

Protecting a war criminal
Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon (ret) is a former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces. He is also a war criminal, .. was in New Zealand last week on a fundraising trip .. when some enterprising person had a judge issue an arrest warrant for him under the Geneva Conventions Act 1958, which allows universal jurisdiction for grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. But rather than seeing Ya'alon dragged into court and made to face justice for his crimes, the government quashed the warrant. He has since fled the country.

I heard old Moshe speaking on Aus radio. Now, I always change channel whenever a Zionist official starts talking about anything - I'm not interested in balance, I'm concerned about keeping sludge out of my head. I actually turn off the 'good Jews' - Jew residents of Occupied Palestine, even if they are saying how Palestinians should get better whatever. I just dont need any IsNotReali opinions on anything. I've lived long enough, almost as long as the Zionist plot, And I've heard enough. For some reason, perhaps I thought Geraldine would guard me, I broke my own rule and listened to Moshe on Radio National. What a sickening, racist, arrogant, murderous creep. I encourage his killing, someone please put an iron bar through the top of this man's skull. The prick blathered on about 'homicide bombers' - that infantile FauxNews neologism, that I bet Rupert himself is embarrassed about. Moshe lets slip an interesting idea: he says Iran is supporting both Sunni & Shia insurgents in Iraq because they want instability. Moshe & me are the only 2 guys who hold this instability idea. Except in my case I reckon its USAZion who are fomenting instability. They love death squads more than they love bombing children, which is a lot. Fuck off and die Moshe Ya'alon.
Meantime in Australia
A group of distinguished Australian lawyers,..have just formulated a legal opinion ..
They say that the proposal to put Hicks before a fresh military commission is a contravention of the Geneva Conventions, that such a trial would be in contravention of the Australian Criminal Code and that to knowingly counsel or urge a trial to be conducted before such a military commission would constitute a war crime under the Australian Criminal Code.
War crime indictments could be drawn up in other countries that claim "universal jurisdiction" - just as Germany is doing in respect of the outgoing US secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld.
It could mean that in future Howard, Downer and Ruddock could not travel to countries that claim universal jurisdiction for crimes committed elsewhere. Such countries include Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Germany.
Just like Henry Kissinger, and now Rumsfeld, our ministers might have to be very careful with their future travel arrangements.

..Army Specialist Douglas Barber, who committed suicide last January ..upon returning from Iraq. ..
We come home from war trying to put our lives back together but some cannot stand the memories and decide that death is better. They kill themselves because they are so haunted by seeing children killed and whole families wiped out.

..Corey Davis, who was a machine gunner in Iraq, says he began "freaking out" after he came back to Ft. Carson; he had constant nightmares and began using drugs. He says he finally got up the courage to go to the Army hospital to beg for help.
"They said I had to wait a month and a half before I'd be seen," Davis said. "I almost started crying right there."
..A therapist diagnosed Tyler Jennings with PTSD in May, but the Army's records show he is being tossed out because he used drugs and missed formations. Files on other soldiers suggest the same pattern: Those who seek mental-health help are repeatedly cited for misconduct, then purged from the ranks.
The things they carry .. To Hell and Back: Spinning the Downward Spiral .. Full Metal Lockout: The Myth of Accessible Health Care .. Big Money: The Compensation Angle

SAMI RASOULI: If this happened now, before tomorrow, believe me, the 1,300 al-Qaeda members that the Study Group mentioned, they would leave, or they have no business in Iraq anymore. They are here to target American forces. You know, it’s a war against them, whether they are here or in Lebanon, in Afghanistan or elsewhere. So this is the first thing. Iraqis will take care of them. Right now, they are not bothered with them, because they help the resistance element to fight the US army.


It’s a completely radical proposal made straightforward in the Iraq Study Group report that the Iraqi national oil industry should be reorganized as a commercial enterprise. The proposal also says that, as you say, Iraq’s oil should be opened up to private foreign energy and companies. Also, another radical proposal: that all of Iraq’s oil revenues should be centralized in the central government. And the report calls for a US advisor to ensure that a new national oil law is passed in Iraq to make all of this possible and that the constitution of Iraq is amended to ensure that the central government gains control of Iraq’s oil revenues.
All told, the report calls for privatization of Iraq’s oil, turning it over to private foreign corporate hands, putting all of the oil in the hands of the central government, and essentially, I would argue, extending the war in Iraq to ensure that US oil companies get what the Bush administration went in there for: control and greater access to Iraq's oil.

[I dont understand this, but it sounds nasty.. how can you 'privatise' oil while putting it 'in the hands of the CG'??? maybe it trickles down through the hands of the CG into a private barrel strategically placed beneath?]

Australia: Vehicles C=12,711,000 population P= 19,000,000 (estimate Dec2006=20,710,518)
Smeed's law D = 0.0003 * P^0.67 * C^0.33 = 5000
but actual deaths road kill: 2005 = 1,636 2004 = 1,583
so Smeed's law is out by more than a factor 0f 2
People are more scared of crashes now? they know they are likely to end up crippled, because hospitals stop death more.
I reckon Smeeds 14kph is slightly pessimistic, hence my suggestion for 30kph speed limit.

Nov 16, 2006 Rupert Murdoch ..
"When you have broadband - real broadband, not the type they're talking about here - where you get, say, 20Mbps of data into your home, it changes everything," he said.
"People then spend a lot of time with their laptops and computers. In Australia we only have a couple of million (people on broadband) and they don't even get 1Mb(ps)."
"I think it's a disgrace."
..We are being left behind and we will pay for it."

[belated reference to the big man's petulant outburst. Since Kerry carked it, we can call Rupert the big man. When Unwired internet is dragging, we say its a "Murdoch day"

thenation on Milton Friedman..
His most profound damage, however, was as a moral philosopher. He championed an ethic of unrelenting, unapologetic self-interest that effectively pushed aside human sympathy.

norightturn 5Dec06
For the past year, the Unite! union has been waging a campaign against McDonalds for fairer pay for its workers. They've had flash-strikes, protests, even a free concert. So, how'd they do?
They won - gaining a commitment to end youth rates, substantial pay rises for staff, secure hours, and overtime rates and a one-off bonus for their members. It's a stunning victory - made all the more stunning by McDonalds' anti-union reputation. I

turtle cleaning
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07 December 2006

Mars water, Freeman Dyson, coal,AI

Mars water flow recent, since 1999
Prediction: exo-life will be difficult to distinguish from complex organic PAH sludge.Where life is not, then a multitude of complex carbon rings will seem like life products. blebs will resemble true cells. Only if Earth-life came from Mars will Mars-life be immediately comprehensible
Paying The Price: Killing The Children Of Iraq
A documentary film by John Pilger [not seen]

The Current Crisis in the Middle East
True to form, Noam Chomsky
try "view in RealPlayer"

The Internets is being taken over by videos, which on my screen with FlashBlock show up as big empty areas with a little arrow.
I guess USAnians dont get it unless its moving. Meanwhile I experience the biggest loss of information flow since Sydney University took Science & Nature out of the library, on the grounds that 'everyone' had electronic access.
I used to really enjoy flipping through the paper editions of those journals. Now I can only see them during business hours, when the small Biochem library is open - they still have paper copies thee tbtg.
Now it is pleasant to hear Noam Chompsky's sarcasms, but after a lifetime as a sarcastic Aspie, seeing its lack of effect, I would be content to see a transcript.

YouTube, Flash, RealMedia, pdf ruining the Internets...


fin times
Can one imagine Charles de Gaulle in the late 1950s waiting weeks for a long study by French public figures on how to end the Algerian war that was damaging France’s national unity and international reputation?

victoria fires
nsw fires & dust
Summer's here and the time is right... for cruising out to the forest and indulging in a bit of arson.

Travis Bradford.. Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry
"Coal is the enemy of the human race"
- well now it is, but for those early steam ships and trains it meant England ruled the waves.

December 6, 2006
Ten U.S. forces were killed in four separate incidents Wednesday in Iraq, the U.S. military said.

seal hole
2006 Shell wildlife photographer of the year
Freeman Dyson
After the War, Smeed worked for the British government on road traffic problems and then taught at University College London, where he was the first professor of traffic studies. He applied the methods of operational research to traffic problems all over the world and designed intelligent traffic-light control systems to optimize the flow of traffic through cities. Smeed had a fatalistic view of traffic flow. He said that the average speed of traffic in central London would always be nine miles per hour, because that is the minimum speed that people will tolerate. Intelligent use of traffic lights might increase the number of cars on the roads but would not increase their speed. As soon as the traffic flowed faster, more drivers would come to slow it down.
Smeed also had a fatalistic view of traffic accidents. He collected statistics on traffic deaths from many countries, all the way back to the invention of the automobile. He found that under an enormous range of conditions, the number of deaths in a country per year is given by a simple formula: number of deaths equals .0003 times the two-thirds power of the number of people times the one-third power of the number of cars. This formula is known as Smeed's Law. He published it in 1949, and it is still valid 57 years later. It is, of course, not exact, but it holds within a factor of two for almost all countries at almost all times
Smeed's Law merely defines the number of deaths that we find psychologically tolerable.
In the last winter of the War, the German army and air force finally began to run out of oil. Bomber Command could justly claim to have helped the Allied armies

The belated success of bombing resulted from mosquito pathfinders lighting up oil production sites. It doesnt work to just saturate a city. Only 4 firestorms got up (Hamburg,Dresden,Tokyo,Hiroshima)

Traffic deaths have fallen in Aus from approaching 200 to less than 100 per million (nb within the 'factor of 2'?) 60's british cars had brakes that didnt self-adjust. You had to 'pump' the brakes. Crush zones, seat belts, and the acceptance of breath tests have lowered death rates. As have better surgical techniques. It is quite likely that the benefits have been offset by more risky driving, so Smeeds law may still have some applicability

DNA loops_______________________________________________________
the singularity is always near
mit movie
actually rather tedious debate about can a machine feel pain, would a machine commit suicide if its pain registers were full? and it was prevented from emptying them? Would it run Amok, seeking suicide by cop, if it wanted to die but was prevented from self-harm?
[actually I made up these exciting questions, the debate just blithered on about Searle's Chinese room]

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06 December 2006

artemisinin, malaria, RNA, Midichloria mitochondrii, Apocalypto, wheat

a few squares of chocolate a day can almost halve the risk of heart attack death by decreasing the tendency of platelets to clot

the-scientist free mag stuff:
Beating Malaria
ACT [artemisinin-based combination therapy]..
Coartem, artemisinin derivative artemether with lumefantrine
$2.40 for 3-day treatment.
two new, single-pill ACT artesunate-amodiaquine number of pills from eight to two, $1dollar
Brazil's Far-Manguinhos artesunate with mefloquine (larium)[beware suicidal ideation ] to ..drug-resistant malaria that are endemic in southeast Asia and Latin America.
dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (Dihydroartemisinin is the active metabolite of the other forms of artemisinin: artemether, arteether, and artesunate.)
Malaria Atlas Project (MAP) have gathered information on 3,126 communities in 79 out of the 107 countries where malaria is endemic.
open access journal PLoS Medicine.

Fifty Years with Double-Stranded RNA
Some colleagues were shocked. I had stopped Herman Kalckar in the long corridor at NIH to tell him we had discovered that polyribo A and polyribo U combined spontaneously to make a double helix. The Danish biochemist had to hold on to his pipe as he responded, "You mean without an enzyme?" Corralling these long tangles into neatly ordered helices worked against entropy. And though it was completely reproducible, some scientists were still skeptical, but not all. After presenting the material at a meeting several months later, Julian Huxley, the English scientist and writer, came up and congratulated me for having discovered "molecular sex."

..Australian postdoc Nate Lo ..looking for human pathogens in the tick Ixodes ricinus, the main vector for Lyme disease.
..new bug .. not in the cytoplasm of tick ova, but ..
..between the inner and outer mitochondrial membranes and eat the mitochondria up. ..

midichlorians. .. George Lucas had invented these.. organisms apparently reside within the cells of almost all living things and communicate with the Force.

..suggesting that their new species be called Midichloria mitochondrii.

The trailer doesnt run on my wind2K, I fear to bring my own XP into work, because I fear arriving to find the locks changed by creditors.
Mayan headdress were so elaborate that the surmise is they used balsa wood.
(Mel G probably used polystyrene?)
product placement:
"I didnt want to bat, I was inside having toasted sandwiches and a coke"
Shane Warne [greatest bowler ever]

world in our hands
hurricane tree
2006 Shell wildlife photographer of the year
Storm felled trees clered by trucks which "naturally" made this tree shape.
wheat goes north
Unfortunately, in Australia, there is no poleward neighbour, the wheat zone moves offshore.
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05 December 2006

Iraq army, graceful exit, E-Passport, Daniel Smith, Hemp seed

plans to let the Iraqis take the lead in the battle were quickly scrapped.

"It started out that way," Baxter said. "But five minutes into it, we had to take over."

Staffed with veterans of the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s and equipped with a complement of refurbished Soviet tanks and American Humvees, the 4,000-soldier 9th division is considered Iraq's best hope for an eventual U.S. troop withdrawal.

But confusion swiftly reigned as insurgents in Fadhil pummeled dismounted Iraqi troops and their American advisors.

Hopeless Iraq army
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The overwhelmingly Shiite Muslim military force at the forefront of U.S. and Iraqi plans to secure one of the nation's most fractious provinces is accused of arresting hundreds of Sunni men on little or no evidence, threatening to rape a suspect's wife to coerce a confession, and intimidating its commander's critics, according to interviews with Iraqi and U.S. officials.

GWB43 speaks the truth:
"This business about 'graceful exit' just simply has no realism to it whatsoever."

A troll in Wamonthly is demanding to see documentary evidence that people were against the Iraq war from the start. In the world outside the USA this was the default position.
For the record 5/Dec/2006 1:26PM I'm against the Iraq war, always was. I'm against bombing or invasion of Iran. I'm against Israel bombing and shelling Lebanon and Gaza.
I'm shocked by Iraq death squads, purported to be Shia. I suspect USA has instigated & trained much of the death squads in Iraq. I have no evidence of this, except for history.

my post in Wamonthly:

I was UNconvinced by those "biological warfare" trucks with loose canvas sides. (They were hydrogen generators for weather balloons).
I never felt the need to state "I'm against this war" - being outside USA and walking with tens of thousands of protestors, it just went without saying. Who new that 46 months later people would be demanding to see evidence that I wasnt a blind USAnian idiot believing pathetic drivel about Niger yellowcake and Aluminium tubes. I mean it was all so trivially evidently trumped up.

I was quoting Conservative magazine:
Pat Buchanan:
"We charge that a cabal of polemicists and public officials seek to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America's interests,"
on 23Apr03

new link

E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon
president and chief executive officer of Greater New Orleans Inc... Without insurance, we have a calamity. We cannot exist as a business community without insurance."

Let me get this straight: Capital depends on the limited liability corporation.
the LLC depends on Insurance. Capital cannot come to the aid of drowning multitudes, because Insurance corporations demur. Capital will leave us all to drown.

04Dec06 Dili
One man has been hacked to death and 17 injured, as rival gangs with machetes and knives fought overnight in Dili, East Timor's

A US marine has been convicted of raping a (23-year-old )Filipina and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, 21, was also ordered to pay $2,000 to the defendant for raping her while she was drunk.
Raul Gonzalez, the Philippine justice minister "The US seems to be indicating they want to bring Smith to Okinawa for another trial, trial by the US court,"
He said Smith should be held in Philippine custody, but acknowledged that, under the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), the US could seek custody of the convicted serviceman.
.. Smith is the first American soldier to be convicted of wrongdoing in the Philippines since Manila closed down US bases in the early 1990s.

- the NYT seems to be saying that DS is in USA custody now. The sentence described as life.
RP judges rulings are widely said to be for sale. On the supremecourt
you can read judges statements. In one case, a boy given the death penalty for raping his 14yr old sister. No penetration was detected, but the judge declared that placing the penis near the vagina amounted to rape. The judge also said that no girl would lie, and no mother would coach her daughter to lie, so neither argument could be a defence. I understand that there is a $ bonus for a rape victims family. I dont know if the boy was executed, recently RP abolished the death penalty.

Hemp seed oil is 55% LA and 25% LNA, or 2.2 times more LA than LNA, making it the best seed oil for optimal health and prevention of fatty degeneration.
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04 December 2006

Concentrated Solar Power, polyethylene bag, DC megagrid

Antikythera Mechanism,_______________________________________________________
geekinator geekiness site

we have in the past few months reached the penny-per-MIPS* milestone. Intel's Core Duo running at 2.13 GHz now costs around $200 at retail (it's around $180 at volume), but can do about 20,000 MIPS.

Ban the bag
the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, simply being caught in possession of a polyethylene bag could get you seven years behind bars and a £1000 fine. The Maharastra government has also banned the manufacture, sale and use of all plastic bags, as have various other states and municipalities. Goa, Sikkim, Rajhastan, Punjab and Delhi, Bangalore and Darjeeling have banned the use of thin disposable bags.
Rwanda and the self declared Republic of Somaliland have also both banned thin plastic shopping bags, and Kenya is expected to also ban thin bags after Wangari Mathaai, the 2005 Nobel peace prize winner, linked plastic bag litter with malaria. When discarded, the bags can fill with rainwater,

My concern is visual-cultural. Streams and river banks get lined with pbags, which are gross visual pollutants.
The effect is to discourage the idea that a clean environment is possible. People just give up.
In many 3rd wrld situations, the poorest scavenge garbage dumps for pbs. The campaign there is for householder pre-sorting, so that the scavengers are exposed to less wet putrid waste, broken glass and ash.
'Clean' garbage is much less noxious for the poor to sort.
I believe that plastic bags are made from Natural Gas, Not oil. NG is a valuable resource that should not be wasted.
As a cyclist, I always have a back pack. I try to have a couple of plastic bags in my pack at all times. Car-drivers could easily have a dozen.
One negative effect: Garbage disposal men (garbos) have come to like plastic bags. Noxious household waste wrapped in plastic has made the garbo's work less smelly and dusty. Prepare for a bad reaction if you suddenly cease to plastic wrap your garbage. Otoh its trivially easy to put food waste and some dust into a 'worm farm'. My worm farm is just a bin with a few big holes drilled in the bottom, propped up on bricks.
I dont even collect the worm juice. Amazing how the volume goes down. Remember to keep it moist. My waste is not so worm friendly, a lot of coffee grounds and onion skins. Nevertheless the worms have invaded, up through the drain holes. I didn't bother buying worms. If you build it they will come. Heartening to see the mass of worms in my coffee-grounds. No bad smells (I dont put bones or meat scraps in)

condom speed video

Nov 21, 2006 - China intends to build one of the world’s biggest solar power stations at a cost of $765 million .. The 100-megawatt facility, to be built in Dunhuang..northwest China’s Gansu province.. Zhonghao New Energy Investment.. five-years to construct

This cost $765 million 100-megawatt seems high
154 megawatt A$420m ($US318) .. Melbourne-based Solar Systems.
Capital cost US$2.06 per Watt (cf Sizewell "B" 1995 $3 per Watt)

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has calculated that solar electricity imported from CSP plants in North Africa and the Middle East would be one of the cheapest sources of electricity in Europe, and that includes the costs of transmitting it.
..by building solar power plants that cover 0.5% of the world’s hot deserts, the entire world’s electrical needs can be met.
the advantage of DC cables is that the loss in transport is only about 3% per 1,000 kilometres,
, ,