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09 September 2005


5, originally uploaded by unseen.

flickr does porn,

08 September 2005

Cheetah, Glue sniffers

These pictures resisted hotlinking, so I copied them,
this way they get *less* credit.
Moral: dont resist hotlinking
(Velorution complained I was "wasting" his "bandwidth" - which is evidently absurd, why have a web site if you fear bandwidth? Obviously what he meant, but couldnt bring himself to say, was - 'If you dont come in through my home page, I dont get clicks for teh Advertisements there' - now if he had come out and said that, I could respect it, but to winge about "bandwidth" is so pathetic that I feel like hotlinking another bicycle image...soon
OK this is the credit:
http://www.marcelomin.com.br/mmin/img/inf002.jpg photo by Marcelo Min

07 September 2005

Saving the World

Decided this week to cease ironing my cotton work shirts. Wrinkles are ok, at my work I can dress how I please, so I am saving energy and simplifying my life, and delaying the greenhouse mass extinction.

In Cuba, Fidel decreed that all schoolchildren must wear polyester shirts, because he claimed that irons are a fire risk. As much as I love Fidel (and his beard), this illustrates the folly of CPE micromanagement. Its absurd to have the head of state meddling in shirts. And polyester sucks in the heat. Better tees.

SFA Symbolic for Actual (also Sweet Fanny Adams, Sweet Fuck All)
Activities taken with a lot of fuss to preserve the ecosphere, but which actually have minimal impact
example: the campaign to eliminate plastic shopping bags. These do little harm to the biosphere, apart from the odd turtle munching those blown out to sea. They are effectively inert, and are about as dangerous to the environment as sand, ie not very. The plasticisers, maybe pthalates, maybe causing 9 year old girls to grow breasts and lowering sperm counts, but the earth can cope with that. Plastic bags are a byproduct of the oil industry. After the peak (2005-2012?) byproducts may vanish. Meanwhile plastic bags are very convenient and hygienic. Obviously they can be used many times, and its sensible to reuse them, but they can not be central to any ecological program.
Its absurd that Aus citizens are focused on plastic bags, when the 100kW chariots they drive are driving us all to the precipice of mass extinction.
Thats what I mean for SFA, Symbolic concerns masking the Actual dangers.
(also see my definition for Toxic Biophilia, eg playing golf while imagining its close to nature)

06 September 2005

Chernobyl, disdain for the victims.

The apt comparison for New Orleans is of course Chernobyl, where authorities waited 4 days before evacuating people. Four years later the Union fell.

Withdrawal of confidence is the only but sure way to topple an irrigation state. External enemies can only assist, principally by following JPII's advice in Poland: Lend large sums to an elite, and insist the loans are repaid by cutting popular entitlements.

Something like 180,000 people will die from Chernobyl, but their deaths will be swamped amongst typical cancer deaths, particularly since Ukraine standard of living and life expectancy have plummeted since Capital conquered them.

Note in this NYT article the demeaning language used
4,000 admitted deaths are called a "smattering" and the larger number of eventual deaths are lost against "background noise"
According to "Chernobyl's Legacy: Health, Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts," a total of 4,000 deaths will probably ultimately be attributable to the accident ..
...Only 50 excess deaths.. can be directly attributed to acute radiation exposure after Chernobyl's reactor 4 exploded in April 1986, according to a panel of more than 100 experts convened by United Nations agencies. The remainder will be due to a smattering of excess cancers in people exposed to radiation near Chernobyl..

In Ukraine, the number of people designated as permanently disabled by the Cherniobyl {sic} accident (and their children) increased from 200 in 1991 to 64,500 in 1997 and 91,219 in 2001 -.. Both Ukraine and Byelorus still spend about 5 percent of their annual budget on Chernobyl victims.

..a small core {sic} of people, probably numbering 100,000 to 200,000, who continued to be severely affected by the disaster. These include poor rural dwellers who live in the few severely contaminated areas, people with thyroid cancer and....
..Other cancers and adverse health effects, when they occur, may be particularly difficult to link to the Chernobyl accident, because life expectancy dropped dramatically in the region after the fall of the Soviet Union. "The effect may be difficult to detect against the background noise," Dr. Mettler said.

In Ukraine, the counter-intelligence propaganda is even tougher: you can get sued by the state if you refuse to admit that radiation is actually good for you.
in Bangladesh after a 1991 hurricane created huge storm surges that killed more than 130,000 people. World charities helped build hundreds of concrete shelters on stilts, which in recent storms have saved thousands of lives.

05 September 2005

Danziger Bridge 3 different stories...

Story 1 Police shoot army contractors:

Five dead 'were army workers' September 05, 2005

At least five people shot dead by police as they walked across a New Orleans bridge yesterday were contractors working for the US Defence department, according to a report by The Associated Press.

A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers said the victims were contractors on their way to repair a canal, the new agency said, quoting a defence Department spokesman.

The contractors crossing the bridge to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain, in an operation to fix the 17th Street Canal, according to the spokesman.

The shootings took place on the Danziger Bridge, across a canal connecting Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River.

Early on Sunday, Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley of New Orleans said police shot at eight people, killing five or six.

No other details were immediately available.
Story 2: Police shoot 5 'gunmen' *after* contractors were fired upon
Posted on Sun, Sep. 04, 2005 miamiherald
Gunmen attack contractors on La. bridge
Associated Press NEW ORLEANS - Police shot and killed at least five people Sunday after gunmen opened fire on a group of contractors traveling across a bridge on their way to make repairs, authorities said.
Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley said police shot at eight people carrying guns, killing five or six.
Fourteen contractors were traveling across the Danziger Bridge under police escort when they came under fire, said John Hall, a spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers.
They were on their way to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain to help plug the breech in the 17th Street Canal, Hall said.
None of the contractors was injured, Mike Rogers, a disaster relief coordinator with the Army Corps of Engineers, told reporters in Baton Rouge.
The bridge spans a canal connecting Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River.
No other details were immediately available.
Story 3:
gunmen shoot army contractors: (this version in some USA reports)

It seems only the Australian newspaper (Murdoch!) has the balls to state clearly
that USA police shot USA army workers
Is this USA Govt at its shining best?

Christians fail, interregnum plans

Christian society in a competition with Islam
for the most evidently human structures,
has suffered a blow with the callous careless abandonment of the weak.
Empire incapable of effecting a plan for the poor in Buhrez, New Orleans or Rafah

Boasts from the tyranny
that New Orleans will be 'subdued'
not relieved, helped, aided, but subdued.,

After a sufficient disaster
Empire troops can be held off for 4 or 5 days
Prepared, organised groups can
in this time seize : Drugs cash ATMs
Drug reagents, armaments, police station armouries
bank/retail/gambling cash
confidential files, records State and Private.
gold jewels
military equipment
Biosamples, reagents equipment
detonators explosives and ingredients
Museum artifacts
Art Gallery works...

What groups are now preparing for the next city downed?
In Iraq, specialist war truckers
took advantage of the days of interregnum
to truck in overpriced supplies
and to truck out cash, museum contents.
Obviously, many in USA are now eying
Trucks, boats, fork lifts, drills grinders, explosives
waiting for the next crash...
30° Gulf water... is this a man-made greenhouse effect,
more hurricanes on the way?
But, One report says that the gulf 1970-1990 was unusually free of hurricanes

signs on the few remaining houses, armed, keep out
Hints for house defence:
Dont shoot from the windows, block them with double plywood filled with sand,old plates.
cut small gun slits in the walls, fire from these.
paint fake gun slits on the walls
Various NYT quotes:
...The president's declaration that "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees" has instantly achieved the notoriety of Condoleezza Rice's "I don't think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center." The administration's complete obliviousness to the possibilities for energy failures, food and water deprivation, and civil disorder in a major city under siege needs only the Donald Rumsfeld punch line of "Stuff happens" for a coup de grâce
Bush: 'Don’t buy gas if you don’t need it'
[- well now, that ole texan big hat surely aint adopting conservation??]
...it was impossible to ignore that the administration was no more successful at securing New Orleans than it had been at pacifying Falluja.
Stephen Pizzo: If a President can be impeached for lying about sex, what do we do with one who has divided our nation, disrupted large parts of the world and endangered the very environment that sustains human life? Let him continue on, unfettered, for three more years? Is that our fate?

Color check...

We all live in New Orleans right now.

I watched a woman trapped in New Orleans screaming on CNN last night, "We need help! Someone save us!"

She spoke for me, and for the nation.

"His mother was trapped in St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, 'Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?' And he said, 'Yeah, Mama, somebody's coming to get you. Somebody's coming to get you on Tuesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Wednesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Thursday. Somebody's coming to get you on Friday.' And she drowned Friday night.