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24 November 2007

Hamish Keith, Mentes Peligrosas, iPod Onion, Auntie Benazir, PTSD, P38

Hamish Keith has a tv show on NZ Art. What a pedestrian fart the fellow is. I may be biased because HK trashed cousin Gertrude's "Slim Pink Book"
But HK says nothing about art, just blathers on about how decent James Cook was, what decent chaps those Maoris were, etc etc (nothing about flogging or eating slaves)
One test for art seriousness may be Gordon Walters:
HK's 1982 NZart book trashed Walters in a couple of lines.
Mentes Peligrosas: Confession of an American Thought Criminal
5. I long for the collapse of the American Empire. While we can’t predict what will arise to fill the ensuing vacuum, at least it will present an opportunity for us to create a more humane and just sociopolitical order.
19 "thwarted attacks" by terrorists on the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001. It's pretty thin gruel:
Charge Your iPod Using An Onion
dry the onion off and stick your USB cord into its side. What effect this has on the USB itself, and whether it can ever be plugged into a conventional port again, I have no idea. But, sure enough, the iPod turns on and begins charging— and as long as the onion has soaked up enough fluid, you can go for about 20 minutes!
Beware Auntie Benazir
Ms. Bhutto's repeated promises to end fundamentalism and terrorism in Pakistan strain credulity because, after all, the Taliban government that ran Afghanistan was recognized by Pakistan under her last government -- making Pakistan one of only three governments in the world to do so.
And I am suspicious of her talk of ensuring peace. My father was a member of Parliament and a vocal critic of his sister's politics. He was killed outside our home in 1996 in a carefully planned police assassination while she was prime minister. There were 70 to 100 policemen at the scene, all the streetlights had been shut off and the roads were cordoned off. Six men were killed with my father. They were shot at point-blank range, suffered multiple bullet wounds and were left to bleed on the streets.
- Fatima Bhutto
Bad art on myspace:

Flash videos are increasing, low-bandwidth users getting frozen out
Also, the content polit/intellectual of a transcript vs a video
cf Chompsky "video" where the visual part is a set of slow scans of still images, including one still of Noam
with caption "voice of Noam Chomsky"
- as a fossil from pre-1950 I want the tanscript.
Also, I'm a low bandwidtrh paisan in both my houses

Vets & PTSD
You can have that too. You can come home. It may seem like you will never know joy again; you may feel like all positive emotions are washed out, empty, or shadows of what they used to be.

That will not always be so. You can come home.


P38 on Welsh beach

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22 November 2007

Tuhoi, mitochondrial tree, toxic vitamins?, Giordano Bruno, Safari-1, Maya Droughts

via amptoons

radio radio
Google vs Bell
Over the coming years we can expect the Bell system to do everything in its power to destroy or subjugate Google. That's what history suggests; for since 1894 or so, the Bell system has swallowed or eliminated almost all of its would-be rivals. As one historian writes, in the early 1900s Bell would bankrupt competitors, and then "in truly medieval fashion, pile the instruments in the street and burn them, as a horrible example for the future."

do it yourself mitochondrial tree
1996 to 2005. Over that relatively short span plants budded as much as 20 days earlier, dark-winged fungus gnats led all insects by appearing nearly a month early, and small wading birds known as ruddy turnstones laid eggs after migrating from Africa and Europe a full 10 days earlier on average.
Gasoline contains about 31,000 kilocalories (Cal) per gallon. A very efficient car might get 50 mpg, and a conservative driver might drive 10,000 miles per year. If that driver eats 2000 Cal/day, a little number crunching shows her car "eats" 6,200,000 Cal/year while she eats 730,000 Cal/year. There's ~240 million passenger cars in the US (a little less than one per person). If ethanol is derived from edible plants (like corn) we will need to grow fuel equivalent to the calories consumed by ~7-8 times the current US population.
poop patrol
.. all babies seem to acquire the same set of bacteria over time, though they start in radically different places and experience dramatically different shifts in the populations over the first year. ... The Human Gut Microbiome Initiative ... it remains unclear what kind of microbes are best for your—or your baby's—gut. "We really have no idea," Palmer admits, "what is ideal."
toxic vitamins?
Treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may increase mortality. The potential roles of vitamin C and selenium on mortality need further study.

"I do not share your view that the scientists should observe silence in political matters ... Does not such restraint signify a lack of responsibility? Where would we be had men like Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, Voltaire, and Humboldt thought and behaved in such a fashion"
Albert Einstein - quoted in D C Cassidy 1992 Uncertainty: the Life and Science of Werner Heisenberg
An 18-foot (5.4-meter) minke whale ran aground on a sandbar in Brazil's Amazon jungle, some 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) from the Atlantic Ocean, Brazilian media reported Friday.
Richarson Gill’s book on The Great Maya Droughts , begins:
Millions of people died, and until now, no one knew why. The devastation is almost impossible for us today to understand. One by one, and by the millions, the people died of starvation and thirst. They died in their beds, in the plazas, in the streets, and on the roads. Their corpses, for the most part, lay unburied and were eaten by the vultures and varmints who entered the house to eat the bodies of people who didn’t die in the open.

nuclear reactor attack
Pelindaba Nuclear Research Center
..the Safari-1 research reactor, ... a large inventory of highly enriched uranium
In July 2005, the South African Department of Minerals and Energy authorised the conversion to Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) of the South African Research Reactor (SAFARI-1) and the associated fuel manufacturing at Pelindaba. At that stage the proposed scheduling allowed approximately three years for the full conversion of the reactor..Delays ... ..Delays
The reactor was initially fuelled with Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) sourced from the USA and elements manufactured either in the USA or the UK. In later years (post 1981), the reactor has been fuelled solely with HEU allocated from the South African HEU inventory (45 and/or 93%).

Its unlikely a few guys could extract HEU from a swimming pool, but its not great having crooks with guns around bomb-grade uranium
Two successful simultaneous incursions doesnt sound like a lovers tiff
clockwise or anti?

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18 November 2007

Adi Shamir, Al Jazeera , Bhutan, Hadoop, Iraq

ADI Shamir
the increasing complexity of modern microprocessor chips is almost certain to lead to undetected errors.
... A subtle math error would make it possible for an attacker to break ... public key cryptography.

Adi ( the S in RSA) is the guy that Murdoch turned to after Sky TV's subscriber cards were regularly hacked. Since Adi's encryption, Sky's signals are now no longer hacked.

... Head over to the "Tags" section on the settings page, make one of the tags you use for subscriptions public, and click on "add a blogroll to your site." ... I would but I'm a feared of making the slightest change... blogspot has gone XML , they tolerate my old CSS but the slightest change and I flip to vanilla XML
all that effort I put into my CSS gets trashed, and I need months of study of the new XML ... problem is I don't have a cushy salary like last year, and who wants to do that shit on their own time?

Happy Birthday english.aljazeera.net
Since it launched a year ago, Al Jazeera has reported from across the globe on the stories often untouched by other broadcasters.

Can it be just a year??
net-zero potato chips.
As factories and residences go off-grid, central control weakens. Anarchy loosed upon the world?
lost books
google spreadsheets
Tiggy in Bhutan

Tiggy on flickr

Since Yahoo bought flickr, you now need a yahoo ID to log on. However if you choose a separate id, it becomes difficult to switch tags to your yahoo email.
Yahoo evidently desire to own your entire existence within a single ID. You may prefer aliases.
I.B.M. is packaging in its cloud offering ... called Hadoop, running on the Linux operating system. Hadoop is based on an open-source search project called Nutch, and an open-source version of Google’s MapReduce software for spreading complex computer tasks across clusters of machines.

Since 'Storm Worm' became the worlds biggest supercomputer, we all await its commands. Storm is apparently unstoppable, but so far it seems to be used chiefly to spread via.gra erect.ile disf.unction spam.

Rather recently the USA was trying to ban the export of 64bit computers, for fear that rogues would simulate nuclear weapons?
Then in the 90's
Weta computers in Miramar NZ became the world's biggest Intel farm, to simulate orcs and elves in battle.
Celera became the biggest Alpha farm to match DNA sequences.
A volunteer global shared-cycles PC community cracked a 512 bit RSA composite.

The horse has bolted.

I maintain that there is no limit to the amount of computing resources that will be required for simulation. Long after the human population has crashed and stabilised,
we will inhabit an earth where the global crust will be converted to computers, and we will need to lose the waste heat. This, rather than CO2, will drive the need for solar shields (sulphates above the troposphere?). Hopefully some kind of low energy quantum computers will help. It has been proven that there is a minimum energy required to compute. Actually the energy is required to erase memory. Maybe we will kill our biosphere by our escalating need to forget.

Iraq: In 2003 I actually believed
1. there would be a brief period of boobytraps (IEDs)
2. the Iraqi people would sullenly submit within a few months to the USA/corporate takeover of their oil.

How marvelous that the Iraqi people resisted for 4 years. That alone leaves a stirling signal for future victims of USanian aggression, for generations to come.

Now that the USA is about to declare victory in Iraq, lets not despair. Four years of resistance is a great benchmark.

Victory in this instance means:

USA aerial bombs the shit out of any the neighbourhood origin of resistance. Keeps its troop patrols down to keep casualties low.
Only 50 death-squad victims bodies found in a day, considered satisfactory, since there were formerly hundreds.

This is a variant of the Roman Empire method of maintaining Empire.

1. Rather few troops in situ, Sadistic local rulers empowered by death squads.
2. At any local resistance, kill random large numbers of the population to terrorize them into submission.

Re the sadistic local rulers: USA seems to have trouble with them (Noriega, Saddam). [was Noriaga sadistic?]
re 2. The USA doesn't need to kill people with spears and crucifixions, it uses 200kg bombs and anti-personnel cluster bombs. Terror-at-a distance. The ultimate to this trend is fragmentation bombs launched from robot planes.

I sadly accept this USA victory, but I have hope that it is temporary, not stable, and the people of the world, in Nigeria, Java, and Mesopotamia, have a chance to soon overthrow the vicious corporate overlords.

My predictions on 12 Sep 2001 have proven more accurate. I predicted
1. The USA would bomb the shit out of somewhere, regardless of any association with the event.
2. Human rights would take a major dive in the USA.

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