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13 January 2006

tiny GPS, plant phage in poo, Bonobo signposts, Vibrant barrio, toxic GM

tiny GPS, plant phage in poo, Bonobo signposts, Vibrant barrio, toxic GM

the world's smallest GPS receiver, which was developed by New Zealand-based Rakon, a company affiliated with GPS-make Navman
[get your New Sci logon from www.bugmenot.com]
modern genomics, it is now possible to screen faecal samples directly for whatever viral genes they may contain. ..2003 to look for viruses with DNA genomes, most of the genes he found were either from completely novel viruses or from phages..
..screened faeces for viruses with genomes made from RNA..97 per cent of the sequences they recovered came from viruses that infect plants..
The viruses present varied from person to person, and between samples taken from the same person at different times. Of the 35 plant viruses Ruan and Rohwer detected, 24 were known crop pathogens.
..using human faeces or sewage sludge as fertiliser could spread crop disease. Ordinary composting doesn't kill viruses such as PMMV.."I would not expect the viruses to be replicating.." says Blaut.
VIRUS grows outside Cell???naturalhistorymag Acidianus two-tailed virus, or ATV, is a bit more autonomous. The virus grows inside a member of the diverse and largely unexamined group of microorganisms called Archaea. ATV destroys its host cell after it has reproduced; once outside in the harsh spring water, it sprouts two tails all by itself.
Bonobos use symbols as signposts cnn
..she noticed that whenever a trail crossed another trail, the lead group would stamp down vegetation or rip off large leaves and place them carefully.
"What they are doing is leaving little notes in the vegetation," she said. "Those notes are signals about where they are going to go."
Savage-Rumbaugh said the plants were disturbed only at the junctions of trails and it was clear that the lead group was leaving markers for those who followed.
..In muddy areas where footprints were obvious, no plants were disturbed. When a tree trunk crossed the path, there were smashed plants in front and behind. If plants were disturbed only in front of the trunk, the animals then walked on top of the trunk, following it to another trail, she said.
"These cues are not left at arbitrary points, but rather at locations where the trails split or cross and where an individual following might be confused as to the correct direction to take," she said.
When all the members of the band travel together, the trail markings are absent, said Savage-Rumbaugh.
To prove her discovery, Savage-Rumbaugh said she twice followed the trail signs far behind groups of the apes. At the end of each day, she found her way to the reassembled band's new nesting trees.
Over 110 species of brightly colored harlequin frogs, in the genus Atelopus, once lived near streams in the American tropics, but about two-thirds of them have vanished since the 1980's.
Implicated in many of those vanishings, as well as amphibian die-offs around the world, is a chytrid fungus that grows on amphibian skin
The perpetual collapse of Iraq brings up an important philosophical debate. Is the state an ascendent or descendent institution? Let's dive into this:
If the state (and the state system in aggregate) is still a thriving institution, historical forces will conspire to drive the creation of states. States will spontaneously re-emerge if disrupted. Further, actions taken (read: invasions and regime change) against states will result in temporary chaos followed by easy and rapid stability. If the state system is in decline (ala Martin van Creveld), states will find it increasingly difficult to maintain financial viability, deliver critical services to citizens, control their borders and economy, and maintain a monopoly on violence. States that are disrupted will find it difficult, if not impossible, to re-establish order and functionality.
Squatter cities in the developing world were another example, with the view that squatter cities are what a population getting out of poverty ASAP looks like: self-constructed, and self-organizing, and vibrant.
The Barrio: I cant decide if 'vibrant ' is the word. Alive is certainly one word for it.

commondreamsGM toxic: Russian scientists added flour made from a GM soya to the diet of female rats two weeks before mating them, and continued feeding it to them during pregnancy, birth and nursing. Others were give non-GM soya or none at all. Six times as many of the offspring of those fed the modified soya were severely underweight compared to those born to the rats given normal diets. Within three weeks, 55.6 per cent of the young of the mothers given the modified soya died, against 9 per cent of the offspring of those fed the conventional soya.

12 January 2006

Syrian Rice, Iran in danger, Shanghai Coop, New Agenda Coalition

200510 st pauls gate, originally uploaded by superciliousness.

scene from my childhood

Salman Rushdie on extraordinary rendition."
"Maher Arar, a Syrian Canadian, was captured by the CIA on his way to the United States and taken via Jordan to Syria where, according to his lawyer, he was "brutally physically tortured."
.. Syrian-born Mohammed Haydar Zammar says he was grabbed in Morocco and then spent four years in a Syrian dungeon.
- How come the USA gets to use Syrian torturers? Isnt Syria a bad country, an enemy regime?
does USA buy the reports from the Syrian torturers? Are they sure they're accurate? Why?
Condi speak:
"There's no doubt that Syria is a big problem,"
"We need the international community united against what Syria is doing,"
"It's not helpful for the Syrians to make accusations about the nature of the investigation or to rant and rave against those who are against Syria,"
"There is firm evidence that Palestinian Islamic Jihad, sitting in Damascus, not only knew about the (Tel Aviv) attacks but was involved in the planning,.."We don't know the degree of Syrian involvement,".but "the Syrians have a lot to answer for."
This is a Syria that needs to understand that it should not think itself immune from the way that the region is going."

Iran under threat:
smirkingchimp antiwar globalresearch

Iranian news report from October 5, 2004 stated: "Iran's oil bourse will start trading by early 2006"

Sinah-1 is the first Iranian artificial satellite, launched at 6:52 UTC October 28, 2005 on board a Cosmos-3M Russian launch vehicle from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The miniaturized 160-kilogram reconnaissance satellite was put into a heliosynchronous near-polar orbit and will image the surface with a 3-meter resolution.

but: tbs-satellite says "Optical resolution: 50 to 250 m."

Iran plans
"the seven members of the New Agenda Coalition - Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, and Mexico."
these nice guys requested that USA not attack Iran.
these 7 apparently go around saying peace style things and saving mexican villages from wandering Ronin. Call themselves NAC (New Agenda Coalition) Just like the old NZ airline NAC which flew me on my first plane (Dakota DC3).

the July 8 demand of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that the US establish a firm timetable for vacating the Uzbek and Kyrgyz bases in central Asia which were extorted by Bush from Putin on September 11, 2001. On July 29, President Karimov of Uzbekistan had given the US an ultimatum to get out of his country within 180 days, meaning by January 29, 2006.
the SCO another bunch of wanna-be good guys?

The Case for Prompt Removal of U.S. Troops from Iraq
"Traditional Catholic Roman" speaks truth to Oil

Iran in danger

11 January 2006

YOGSOTHOTH, cthulhu, SLC24A5, Albinus, clean dirty coal

Hello cthulhu
more cthulhu"
Bike news gizmag streetsurfer gizmag sherpa folding electric bike
howtoons instructables on shockwave air cannon
edge Dangerous ideas..
single point mutation gives Skin colour?
a gene, SLC24A5, in humans, where 69% of the amino acids were identical to the fish gene .. They took the human gene, and put it in to the golden zebrafish. Guess what? The golden zebrafish regained their normal color .. Did this explain different colors in humans? The researchers then looked through different human populations .. for “polymorphisms”,..And the found one. Almost all Africans, native Americans and Asians (93-100%) have an Alanine in a certain position in this gene. Almost all white Europeans had ..Threonine there,
Albinus, Bernhard Seigfried (1697-1770)
Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani.

JC armidillo
..Six of the world's top polluters meet in Sydney this week to promote "clean energy technology"
The United States, Japan, China, India, Australia and South Korea.. Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate ..will not be backing fixed targets.. some analysts expect any resolution to be vague.
..plans to create a fund to help develop cleaner energy technologies, which Australia would kickstart with about A$100 million
.."As might be expected from a pact between six of the world's biggest coal exporters and users, this appears to be a deal to do nothing," Greenpeace spokeswoman Catherine Fitzpatrick said.

Worse yet, this appears to be a Greenwash, with Coal scrambling to preserve its massive subsidies.
Terms like "clean" and "clean coal" are disgraceful disguises for keeping on burning coal.
Foolish plans to bury CO2 are uncosted, untested, and dangerous.
(but see the greenshift item below... will sequestration actually be economic?]

CO2 burial (current euphemism: 'sequestration') will at least double the price of coal-electricity, and risk massive deaths in the event of catastrophic accidental release.
Why shunt huge subsidies to coal, which is speeding us towards the Great Extinction, when thousands of plants and animals will go extinct as temperatures and oceans rise faster than possible adaptions.
Look at New Orleans, the poor districts have been abandoned. Project that over the entire earth.
Thats where coal subsidies are driving us.
Bayless designed a bioreactor based on a newly discovered iron-loving cyanobacterium (blue-green algae), tentatively named Chroogloeocystis siderophila, that Cooksey discovered thriving in a hot stream at Yellowstone. [nb cyanobacteria are NOT algae]
In Bayless's bioreactor, algae grow on membranes of woven fibers resembling window screens interspersed between the Oak Ridge glow plates. Capillary action wicks water to the algae, fiber optic cables channel sunlight into the glow plates, and ducts bring in the hot flue gas. By spreading the cyanobacteria on membranes, "you get a lot of surface area for growth, but you don't need a lot of water and the bacteria use only about 10 percent of full-strength sunlight," Bayless explains. "This enables us to take one square meter of sunlight and spread it out over 10 square meters of growth surface."
The algae use the available carbon dioxide and water to grow new algae, giving off pure oxygen and water vapor in the process. The organisms also absorb nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which contribute to acid rain. Once the algae grow to maturity, they fall to the bottom of the bioreactor and are harvested for other uses. "We're storing carbon dioxide in organisms that exist in your backyard," Bayless says. "Once the algae is grown, if it can't be used as fuel or a hydrogen source, it can be used as a fertilizer or soil stabilizer."
A prototype of the technology was built that is capable of handling 140 cubic meters of flue gas per minute, an amount equal to the exhaust from 50 cars or a 3 megawatt power plant.
Every ant species .. has different, highly modified structures to support different types of bacteria,.. coevolution between the bacteria and the ants, as well as the fungus and parasites.. for tens of millions of years.. 200 species of ants display this complex symbiosis, .. the fungus-growing ants are more modified for culturing their mutualistic bacteria than for their mutualistic fungi,"

Tomato sauce prevents smoking rats lung cancer:
Risk of death with prostate cancer was lower for rats fed tomato powder than rats fed the control diet, but prostate cancer–specific mortality was similar for the control and lycopene groups. Calorie restriction also reduced the risk of prostate cancer. The authors suggest that a variety of interacting compounds in tomato besides lycopene may contribute to the reduction in prostate cancer risk associated with tomato consumption.
fruit and vegetable intake .. protective effect of fruit and vegetable consumption was found in 128 of 156 dietary studies ..the lower one-fourth of the population) experience about twice the risk
..Fruits, in particular, were significantly protective in cancers of the esophagus, oral cavity, and larynx
Strong evidence of a protective effect of fruit and vegetable .. in cancers of the pancreas and stomach (26 of 30 studies), as well as in colorectal and bladder cancers (23 of 38 studies)..
eat'em together...
The rats that were given both the tomato and broccoli combined had the smallest tumours. The ones to fare the worst were the ones that just got the finasteride.
ars A study of ferrets–which metabolize beta carotene very much like humans–shows that excess beta carotene stored in the lungs becomes oxidized into products that turn the normal control of cell division upside down. These oxidized metabolites decreased a tumor suppressor and increased a tumor promoter in the animals' lungs. The finding explains why very high doses of beta carotene appeared to increase lung cancer rates among smokers

By contrast, there are no reports of harmful effects from low-dose beta carotene supplements. And populations that eat more fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene and other carotenoids reportedly have a lower incidence of cancer, particularly lung cancer.

n the early morning hours of January 15, 2006, the Stardust mission returns to Earth after a 4.63 billion kilometer (2.88 billion mile) round-trip journey carrying a precious cargo of cometary and interstellar dust particles.
Hangover cures?: feverfew fumaric acid ginger inositol milk thistle niacinamide succinic acid. December BMJ "encouraging findings" for borage, a yeast product, and tolfenamic acid [Prickly Pear skin is supposed to be good. I wish I'd taken a cutting from the monster in Darlington]
Roisin Heneghan and Shih-Fu Peng beat out 1,500 applicants to win the commission to design the Grand Museum of Egypt

10 January 2006

Bad Badtz Maru rules in 06, gratuitous scarification

Bad Badtz Maru rules in 06

gratuitous scarification

Cheney choking , Sharon vegie, USA = Mukhabarat, Falluja resistance, Fake Usama, John Catt, Vines predicts gangs, Augie, Barclay's

I trust and pray that Cheney will suffer a long agonising death by asphyxiation.
I also pray that Sharon will persist paralysed and in agony for many years.
With these two monsters incapacitated the world can breath easy .
billmon Citizens of the U.S.S.R. are guaranteed inviolability of the person. No person may be placed under arrest except by decision of a court or with the sanction of a procurator.
The inviolability of the homes of citizens and privacy of correspondence are protected by law.
Constitution of the USSR December 1936
One thing that struck me about what the witnesses were saying- after the assassination attempt in Dujail, so much of what later unfolded is exactly what is happening now in parts of Iraq. They talked about how a complete orchard was demolished because the Mukhabarat thought people were hiding there and because they thought someone had tried to shoot Saddam from that area. That was like last year when the Americans razed orchards in Diyala because they believed insurgents were hiding there. Then they talked about the mass detentions- men, women and children- and its almost as if they are describing present-day Ramadi or Falloojah. The descriptions of cramped detention spaces, and torture are almost exactly the testimonies of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, etc.
It makes one wonder when Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest will have their day, as the accused, in court
"The Chicago Police Department is warning officers their cell phone records are available to anyone -- for a price. Dozens of online services are selling lists of cell phone calls, raising security concerns among law enforcement and privacy experts. Criminals can use such records to expose a government informant who regularly calls a law enforcement official."
(5Jan06) suicide blast near the shrine killed 63 people and wounded 120. That day's other suicide attack took place in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, and killed 58.
A U.S. Marine and soldier died in the Ramadi attack, in which the bomber who infiltrated a line of police recruits. Two soldiers were also killed near Baghdad when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. Two U.S. Marines were killed by separate small arms attacks while conducting combat operations in Fallujah.
09 January 2006
..Four crew and eight passengers were listed as being on board the UH-60 Black Hawk which crashed on Saturday..
..12km east of the town of Tal Afar..
In Falluja..three marines were killed by small arms attacks on Sunday.
On Saturday, two marines were killed by roadside bombs in separate incidents..

Whats the deal with "small arms" in Fallujah. Dont the grunts wear their body plates? Are the snipers hitting the gaps? Didnt USA crush, pulverise, Phosphorous & Uranium Drench this town? Arent there checkpoints? Ha Ha, eat dirt, marines.

"a people should know when they’re conquered," Gladiator
8Jan06US troops have raided the headquarters of the Association of Muslim Scholars, which opposes the US occupation of Iraq, and detained five people.

Fake Bin Laden
the bin Laden confession tape that was “found” in Afghanistan.
Eighty-year-old John Catt served with the RAF in the Second World War. Last September, he was stopped by police in Brighton for wearing an "offensive" T-shirt, which suggested that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes. He was arrested under the Terrorism Act and handcuffed, with his arms held behind his back. The official record of the arrest says the "purpose" of searching him was "terrorism" and the "grounds for intervention" were "carrying placard and T-shirt with anti-Blair info" (sic).
investment In December, the International Monetary Fund, in exchange for giving a loan of $685 million to the Iraqi government, insisted that the Iraqis lift subsidies on the price of oil and open the economy to more private investment.
As the IMF said in a press release of December 23, the Iraqi government must be committed to “controlling the wage and pensions bill, reducing subsidies on petroleum products, and expanding the participation of the private sector in the domestic market for petroleum products. The impact of the IMF extortion was swift and brutal.
oil is the life blood of Iraq," said General Vines, who commands the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, N.C. "If they don't produce enough income to support their security forces, members of those forces could turn to ulterior purposes and could become militias or armed gangs." thiscantbehappening
In our last conversation, Augie complained that the cost in lives to clear insurgents was "less and less worth it," because Marines have to keep coming back to clear the same places. Marine commanders in the field say the same thing. Without sufficient troops, they can't hold the towns. Augie was killed on his fifth mission to clear Haditha.
"The general integrity of Iraqi infrastructure appears to us to be heading backwards rather than forwards," London-based Barclay's Capital said in a report issued last month. (Jim Crane Associated Press)
junk mail as stalker...
Like a persistent suitor—some might say stalker—the company has been pursuing me for years. It started with the occasional flirtatious postcard dropped in my mailbox. But my coy refusals to respond seem to have only inflamed the company's desire, and it has launched an assault: a garish, monthly, multi-page missive bursting with boldface type, capital letters, and italicized imperatives ("Call"). And no matter how much I protest, the love letters just keep coming.

09 January 2006

Farley Mowat, State rights, Slavery & consciousness, Molecular evolution, Biological Singularity

Jap whale killers are quaking in their boots, those famous "dangerous vegans" on "Farley Mowat" of the Sea shepherd group have arrived in Prydz bay.
Rammings by Japs may be answered back.
"When the Farley Mowat came within a half a nautical mile of the Nisshin Maru, the factory ship began to run north. They have been running all day and they have not been whaling. The whalers are now 17 miles outside of the Australia Antarctic Territory."
"We ordered them to leave, said Captain Paul Watson. "And they left."
Random Thoughts after Xmas

the "right " of free speech
has no existence
is an empty concept

What is real is the State deciding
to allow itself the censure
fine,imprison or death
against a local person.
The States right to punish.
Rewards for favourable speech are rare; medals, awards
Literary grants?
Salaried positions? lecturer lawyer?

'civil rights' are meaningless
Here I join with Anarchists
there are no rights,
merely limits to State power.

At this moment in history the State is rapidly granting itself broad powers to punish.
The few objections are couched in terms of 'our rights'
Arrest detention (trial court hearing) prison execution torture coercion disappearance

We permit the State to take out certain groups
into lockdown solitary sensory deprivation torture
Harsh treatment because it validates
the previous pronouncement
of the immanent arrival of the deluges
Russian trucks in the Dakar rally
he approves despite the disgraceful waste and danger amongst a poor desert people.
Tough trucks seem a good
Young Labor call for coercion, conscription
into military or community service,
forcing yout into the boy scouts.
two things:
1) its not possible to coerce community, its a thing that develops, or not
2) enforced situations can be happy, despite the proviso that happiness cannot be forced

Consciousness as a social development
I recall a book titled "Burning water, smoking mirror"
the author claimed that Aztec sacrifice was not so terrible
because the Aztecs accepted that slaves & captives lacked an individuality,
merely being part of their captors person.
Another argument for recent consciousness is of course
Jayne's 'bicameral mind'
I have come to believe that the existence of slavery precludes the existence of consciousness.
While some are enslaved, the others cannot attain consciousness,
no matter how fully they believe they are conscious, they aren't.
If a few do attain consciousness, they experience it as a state of confusion and alienation,
which they strive to eliminate.
When slavery, including wage slavery, and gross financial inequalities are removed form the world
Then we may see true consciousness arises
Molecular Evolution:
In embryonic development there are moments where symmetry is broken
eg the development of fore/aft, top/bottom, left/right,
The last development is not 'random', it appears to come from the rotation of cilia sweeping some signal molecule consistently to one side.
Obviously fore/aft top/bottom must have been established ('at random') before Left/Right has a meaning.
The cilia are built of L-Amino acids. This inbuilt asymmetry provides for a consistent meaning for 'Left'
always spin counterclockwise?
(It is surmised that life chose L-Amino acids 'at random' at the point of origin of life)
Anyway the thing that occurred to me is, that the moment of symmetry breaking is a point of molecular selection.
Consider a circular section of a worm embryo, just before it 'decides' the point which is to be Dorsal ('top')
We assume that every point on the circle is potent, potentially dorsal.
Suppose that some molecule acts as a repressor (falling level) or de-repressor (rising level)
At some point on the time-gradient one cell on the circle trips/triggers to become 'Dorsal'
This candidate must then immediately suppress all other candidates on the circle, so that there is only one Dorsal point.

What we have is Selection for sensitivity to the signal, the most sensitive cell on the circle is selected.
So we have a good tool, the most sensitive cell for that signal.
Prediction: that signal which triggers the specialisation should be further involved later on,
because we have a known good responder.
that same molecule should be used in other signal cascades.

nb this is not inherited, we are in a somatic pool, no gametes nearby
but those who take advantage of an advantage will have an advantage.
The age old tautology which taught us how to
sickle ears on Tigris bank.
His first love, molecular biology.
dense stock of signal molecules
diffusion limits signal slope.
(what is that word when ants lick, speeding up diffusion?)
Biological singularity
An evolutionary event which only happened once
eg eusocial Termites emerging from solitary cockroaches
only happened once
('solitary' in the sense that sisters didnt cooperate,
not in the sense that they didnt occur in groups)
A biological singularity because it is
difficult to say how likely the event is
if we have only seen it once.
It may never happen again in a finite universe.

nb naked mole rats provide a mammalian simile.

The counter argument is? reproductive cheating?
Termites eat eggs not from the queen?
Diploid dilemma.
Any science detests single events
except as concrete counter-examples eg
thesis: no diploid insect could become eusocial
We have the single, decisive counterexample

the termite well disproves that thesis
but remain oddly flagellae licking sisterhood

Sisters work well in hives
the majority of sister-driven societies
naked mole rats, and wolves to some extent,
tend towards rigid, scent & vibration based total tyrannies,
top down, but proportional castes implies bottom up signals are also involved,
so maybe we have less to fear form female-anarcho-nestmound synarchy
scent vibration networks diffusing evaporation
time is a perfume evaporating
along a trail
belatedly recognised
when he realised he had lost it.
- re reading Bonner from the 70s
lacking sonic hedgehog, but full of ideas yet