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28 April 2006

Kovco coffin, Embryonic Stem cells, Zbig impeach, Chinese girl baby, Are You Really Filipino?, Chernobyl

roadtosurfdom .. The private mortuary firm that mishandled the body of Private Kovco is none other than Kenyon International, self-styled “world’s leading disaster management company”, and full-time Bush crony capitalists.
Raw Story has the skinny, but to refresh your memories, Kenyon’s Parent company, SCI, came to public attention when it...
how crappy are Kenyon's plywood coffins? Aint contracters grand?
google 3D target designation

More on Bradley & Lander & Embryonic stem cells: cell
eurekalert - We may actually have a Science based method to identify and possibly even modify stem cells. Up to now, with clones like Dolly, we have been operating in a barely-scientific way, jolt cells with an electric charge, and hope they become pluripotent. No idea really what is happening at a molecular level, just shock it and see. The existence of networks of multiple feedback regulators seems to be a characteristic of life. It seems possible to me that these networks are so complicated that we may never be able to mimic them. It may need those hundreds of millions of years of evolution to assemble such complicated systems. It may not be possible to fiddle with them in a lab in a timescale of a few years. Total biological control, nanobots... such things may be impossible.
The immune system may also be a hard problem - in recent years unexpected massive reactions have marred at least 2 'experiments'. "Suck it and see" may never produce medically useful results. Hope I'm wrong

Zbigniew Brzezinski
1. In the absence of an imminent threat (with the Iranians at least several years away from having a nuclear arsenal), the attack would be a unilateral act of war.
If undertaken without formal Congressional declaration, it would be unconstitutional and merit the impeachment of the president.

Chinese girl baby atlantis - shoe factory

alllooksameI got 11 correct
'This "exotic" and "hyper-sexual" shit has got to stop, creepy dudes.' -
Are You Really Filipino?: 115 Ways To Find Out.. "The Philippine Review," August 1995

thinkprogress It’s facinating that, according to Goldberg and Mirengoff, the way to establish “credibility and integrity” is to call President Bush “an embarassment” and “impotent.”
ft China is investing those WalMart dollars all over the globe.
RealPolitik, got USA worried..
..Nigeria is finalising a deal to give China preferential rights in bidding for four oil drilling licences in exchange for $4bn in infrastructure investment in the world’s eighth largest oil exporter.
..Over the last few years, energy hungry China has ramped up its interest in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea .. ..currently supplies 15 per cent of US import needs..
As part of the agreement China will buy a controlling stake in a Nigerian state owned refinery and invest in a railway line and power plants. ..Since 2004, China has struck a deal with Gabon to buy oil, as well as promising over $2bn in loans to Angola in return for oil concessions ..

Chernobyl guardian
"At least 500,000 people - perhaps more - have already died out of the 2 million people who were officially classed as victims of Chernobyl in Ukraine," said Nikolai Omelyanets, deputy head of the National Commission for Radiation Protection in Ukraine. "[Studies show] that 34,499 people who took part in the clean-up of Chernobyl have died in the years since the catastrophe. The deaths of these people from cancers was nearly three times as high as in the rest of the population.
"We have found that infant mortality increased 20% to 30% because of chronic exposure to radiation after the accident. All this information has been ignored by the IAEA and WHO

27 April 2006

Moal Boal,Uranium

Moal Boal
Moal Boal Cebu 1986 wearing the black Pulsar watch which I lost yesterday (26Apr06)
- 20 years and still accurate. Chernobyl had just happened
powerswitch The lower the ore grade, the more energy is consumed in the fuel processing, so that the amount of the carbon dioxide released in the overall fuel cycle depends on the ore grade. Only Canada and Australia have ores of a sufficiently high grade to avoid excessive carbon releases and to provide an adequate energy gain. At ore grades below 0.01% for ‘soft’ ores and 0.02% for ‘hard’ ores more CO2 than an equivalent gas-fired station is released and more energy is absorbed in the cycle that is gained in it. Ores of a grade approaching the "crossover" point such as those in India of 0.03%, if used, risk going into negative energy gain if there are a few "hiccups" in the cycle.
Price is not the signal; net CO2 is the signal, as noted above, low grade Uranium is worse than gas.
so this report is absurd:
"Uranium sources that cost up to $500, and perhaps even ~$1000/kg (which would increase nuclear power’s cost by 1-2 cents/kW-hr) can still be economic,
.. the price of ore will have to go extremely high ($500-1000/kg) before breeding would make economic sense, and this won't happen for well over a century; "
Uranium production in 2004 was only 40,000 tonnes. For the current level of nuclear power (10 EJ) the uranium demand of 69,000 tonnes had to be met by topping up the production from mines with so-called secondary sources, such as inventories, ex-weapons grade highly enriched uranium and re-worked tailings. For all electricity generation (63 EJ) to be from nuclear power, 443,000 tonnes/annum of uranium would be required.
.. The substitution by nuclear power of the primary energy derived from the combustion of fossil fuels needs special scrutiny, because in its use the electrical energy generated is not directly usable on road or air transport and although it can be applied to rail or tramways with fixed conductors, it would have to be used for electrolysis for the production and compression or liquefaction of hydrogen. Assuming that around 40% of the energy produced would be used for motive power and taking into account the conversion energy needed, the present global primary energy of 430 EJ would require electrical generation of 700 EJ.
.. This would require production of 4 million tonnes/annum of uranium (exhausting the entire global reserves in a year) fuelling 22,000 nuclear power stations of 1 GW(e) capacity (32 PJ). The idea that nuclear power can solve the coming energy crisis is therefore totally fallacious.
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), thereby transferring the financial burden onto ordinary citizens.
..The NDA will be responsible for the decommissioning of the early Magnox power stations and some nuclear weapons plants and research facilities. The costs are expected to be at least £46 billion
"If we doubled the global use of nuclear energy we would use all known reserves of uranium in 25 years," he says. "We would achieve emission reductions of only another 5 per cent
CountryUranium mining in tonnes
Australia460,000 t
426,000 t
Kazakhstan254,000 t
South Africa186,000 t
Brazil112,000 t
Namibia110,000 t
Uzbekistan109,000 t
USA102,000 t
94,000 t
Russia75,000 t

These ten countries possess about 96% of the global
uranium reserves. With their 2 million tonnes, all
439 world-wide operated nuclear power plants can be supplied for several

evatt.labor .. even for high-grade ores, there is a significant contribution from the construction of the nuclear power station, with the result that the station must operate for several years to generate its energy inputs. (For comparison, wind power requires only 3-7 months. ..
I define low-grade uranium ores to contain less than 0.02 per cent yellowcake, ..Van Leeuwen and Smith find that the fossil energy consumption for these steps in the nuclear fuel chain becomes so large that nuclear energy emits the same or more CO2 than an equivalent combined cycle gas-fired power station. Furthermore, the quantity of known uranium reserves with ore grades richer than this critical level is very limited... . With the current contribution by nuclear energy of 16 per cent of the world's electricity production, the high-grade reserves would only last a few decades. If nuclear energy were to be expanded to contribute (say) half of the world's electricity, high-grade reserves would last less than a decade. ..
.. according to Van Leeuwen and Smith, the first 7-10 years of operation of the station must be devoted to paying back the energy and CO2 debt. For comparison, an independent UK study by AEA Technologies for the European ExternE study estimates that the construction energy alone (ignoring mining, milling, enrichment, etc.) of a 1000 MWe nuclear reactor is 40 x 10^15 joules. Assuming a lifetime average capacity factor of 75 per cent, the energy payback period for construction is nearly two years of operation. It is emphasized that the energy payback period discussed here has nothing to do with money and everything to do with energy.
.. if nuclear energy is expanded rapidly, the CO2 emissions from construction could push the planet over the edge into irreversible climate change before the CO2 debt is repaid.
the best estimate for CO2 emissions during the whole nuclear cycle is 50-230 g CO2/kWh electricity produced, depending on the grade of uranium ore. This figure is in the same range as modern combined heat and power plants fuelled by natural gas which produce 150-300g CO2/kWh in direct and indirect emissions (Laka Foundation, 1996, based on W. Biesiot, Commission van Middelkoop)...
..the cost of CO2 abatement by nuclear power is US$ 8.82 to $11.76/tonne, compared with US$ 2.94/tonne CO2 abatement for the so-called 'ecology mix' of co-generation and renewable energy resources (World Information Service on Energy web site).
..the long term economic, social and environmental costs of nuclear power are fully accounted, its efficiency is actually about minus 2%, ie. the nuclear fuel cycle consumes more than it produces (Canberra Times, 24/4/01).
, as Mirage and Oasis reveals, as a response to global warming, nuclear power is too slow, too expensive and too limited. And, in an age of terrorist threats, it is more of a security risk than a solution....
a report produced in 2004 by the IAEA to mark the 50th anniversary of nuclear power conceded that it could not stop climate change. In an interview, Alan McDonald, an IAEA energy analyst, admitted that, “Saying that nuclear power can solve global warming by itself is way over the top.
Lean, G. (2004) ‘Nuclear power ‘can’t stop climate change’, The Independent on Sunday, 27 June 2004.
The cost of new nuclear power has been underestimated by almost a factor of three and the potential of small scale renewables critically overlooked according to 'Mirage and Oasis' a
Nuclear Power 'Can't Stop Climate Change' by Geoffrey Lean..
Nuclear power is "environmentally friendly, affordable, clean, dependable and safe," Mrs. Whitman said ..Mrs. Whitman headed the E.P.A. when it published rules for the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. After she left the office, the courts threw out the rules because they covered only the first 10,000 years of waste storage, while peak releases of radiation were expected after that time.
'Clean and Safe Energy Coalition'..the Nuclear Energy Institute..acknowledged that it was providing all of the financing..
Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace.....left Greenpeace in 1986, favors..nukes & genetic engineering ..
..Greenpeace released a report on Monday about 200 failures at American nuclear power plants, which it described as "near misses," since 1986..

26 April 2006

Wormwood|Chernobyl, Boreal forests, Jane Jacobs, Al-Zarqawi, Abu Omar, Skype

26April1986 Wormwood remember: the Chernobyl reactor explosion has cost
more than the $ value of ALL the electricity produced by all the nuclear reactors in the fCCCP
- In 86,I was flying about (there was a solar flare also), ended up by Lake Como, which was oddly devoid of tourists, had a bowl of strawberries. Turns out that Como was a hot spot where the Chernobyl cloud rained down (Sorry about that George Clooney). Also Strawberries are among the worst thing to eat in a hot zone. The Italian tourism board kept mum about the radiation levels. Guess I can expect the big C any day now.

earthobservatory.nasa By most predictions, the Northern forests that cover much of North America, Europe, and Asia, should be getting greener..But they are not.
A greening forest was what Scott Goetz, .. expected to see when he began to track the forest’s health using satellite data...between 1982 and 2003, he noticed something strange: the forest was getting browner, not greener ..
These two studies and several field studies hint that the world’s northern boreal forests may be in decline.
big pic
nytimesJane Jacobs dies at 89
a big player in the Cultural-Rev - you know, the movement that brought you ecology, feminism, humanism, ecstatic theology, anti-war, anti-nuclear, sexual liberation, world tribalism travel, free speech etc etc..JJ had a revolutionary simple view on things like exchange rates, imports,exports
- her view on primary products, raw materials or agricultural exports, was that the money received must circulate several times to be any use. A country that merely exports a product will find the money doesnt 'stick' around to benefit the place, unless it goes around several times in services & manufacturing. Aus is hanging on only because it has such a humongous and diverse range of raw materials & low-input grains. And because it defends its tiny population with grotesque cruelty.

"The Economy of Cities" (Random House, 1969)
"Cities and the Wealth of Nations: Principles of Economic Life" (Random House, 1984).
Dark Age Ahead" (Random House, 2004)..Jacobs assails the automobile as ''the chief destroyer of American communities'' and General Motors as an enemy of public transit.

Gene regulation nytimesA complex 'polycomb' tags spools [histones?] at a site K27.
..a signal for another set of proteins to make the spools wrap DNA tight and keep it inaccessible.
..Another complex tags spools at their K4 site, which has the opposite effect of making them loosen their hold on the DNA.
..mature cells have long stretches of K27-tagged .. and other regions where the spools are tagged on K4..

Kellog Shit coloured & Rooted:KBR
The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, began an investigation of the project and issued a report earlier this year. It sharply criticized KBR for not relaying the problems,.. The company received a slap on the wrist..
bareknucklepolitics still the one for videos
Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Appears In New Video, looking chubby & fit - a long burst from lmg shoulderhigh

Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Omar, "the planner" of the May 2001 kidnappings on.. Dos Palmas ..arrested in ..Zamboanga on 24Apr06

dependLobbyists' Lawyers Say Rice Leaked Information
.. when you want to tag deep, use acid:Armor Etch-All
more flickr: Sulawesi - Tana Toraja - Graves
shockabsorber Bouncd ad

Secure comping:
"Look into encrypted communications such as Skype and encrypting all records, if any. Since things will be ordered online, use TorPark as your webbrowser and use a HushMail email address." gbruno@hushmail.com
torpark hushmail

Paroja #11, originally uploaded by foto_morgana.

24 April 2006

Crusader attacks, Hu, Motor Mowers, Leaf Blowers

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the world, prayer and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his kin and all his companions.
.. I will remind Muslims to fear God and to save their brothers in the African Horn from the famine that hit them.
What does the destruction of the infrastructure in Iraq mean and the tragedy that befell them mean? And the use of depleted uranium, besieging Iraq for years, causing the death of more than one million children which amazed all who had visited Iraq, including the Westerners themselves? It is a malicious crusade against Muslims.
What does the reoccupation of Iraq mean by using lies and deception along with murder, destruction, detention, torture and creation of huge military bases to dominate the whole region? It is a Zionist crusade against Muslims.
.. Despite the numerous Crusader attacks against our Muslim nation in military, economic, cultural and moral aspects, but the gravest of them all is the attack against our religion, our prophet and the our Sharia tenets. The epicentre of these wars is Baghdad, the seat of the khalifate rule. They keep reiterating that success in Baghdad will be success for the US, failure in Iraq the failure of the US.
Their defeat in Iraq will mean defeat in all their wars and a beginning to the receding of their Zionist-Crusader tide against us. Your mujahidin sons and brothers in Iraq have taught the US a hard lesson while in the fourth year of the Crusaders' invasion, they are steadfast and patient and keep killing and wounding enemy soldiers every day.
It is a duty for the Umma with all its categories, men, women and youths, to give away themselves, their money, experiences and all types of material support, enough to establish jihad in the fields of jihad particularly in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kashmir and Chechnya. Jihad today is an imperative for every Muslim. The Umma will commit sin if it did not provide adequate material support for jihad.
O fellow Muslims, pay no heed for the number of the enemy and their arsenal of arms because victory is a gift of God while the enemy, praise be to God, is experiencing a critical situation.

"Stop the torture and killings!" .. "Falun Dafa is good," ..
For at least a minute, the protests punctuated both Mr. Hu's remarks ..Eventually, security officials made their way to the top of the camera stand and led the heckler away
[almost as if a conspiracy to embarrass Hu..]
Toxic Motor Mowers
..usa 2006 lawn mower engines contribute 93 times more smog-forming emissions (SME) than 2006 cars..California..lawn mowers > 2% of the SME from all engines.
..sales.. six million/yr
..A pending regulation in Ca..for small engines, cutting 22 tons of SME ..daily, = 800,000 cars .. catalytic converter .. Briggs & Stratton ..opposes. ..Snr.Chris S. Bond, R Miss..
[and leaf blowers]
What would an extra-terrestrial conclude from a leaf blower?

  • A species with a techno-civilization with access to precision steel and a range of precision engineering.
  • This technology applied to a device to blow leaves..
    Implies an extreme neurotic hatred of nature - biophobia, hatred of ones own biological origins.
  • Use of biofuels from geologic deposits, implies an indifference to air quality, and a civilization founded on frivolous poison spreading, a civilization that must crash when the geologic deposits run out,
    so a species indifferent to its own lungs, and to the fate of its descendants.
  • The noise emitted is similar to species distress screams , so the users are indulging in a harmful neurotic attention getting exercise.
  • From the design tolerances , the machines are evidently made in factories with slave labour, who else but slaves would tolerate assembly line squalor?
  • A slave society: who else but slaves, or insane beings, would use toxic air & noise polluters for a merely frivolous task?
..According to the Lung Association, a leaf blower causes as much smog as 17 cars.
..unintended consequence of disturbing and suspending smaller particulate matter such as dust, fecal matter, pesticides, fungi, chemicals, fertilizers, spores, and street dirt that consists of lead and organic and elemental carbon, according to the California EPA.

Duke U: Global Warming aint so bad , thats if we screech to a halt at "double" CO2
and whos ready to bet a sack of Chinese coal on that?

nb http://www.icerocket.com/
finds my blog when I search there on blog titles
technorati does NOT find my tag Basij
... looks like technorati has blocked me... so icerocket it is...and pinging technorati seems pointless..UPDATE 5May06 Found on Technorati ('15 days ago') moral: never assume you are important enough to block.