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02 April 2009

Autism, Pipelinestan , Robert Ogden

World Autism day
Aspies rock, NTs (Neurological Typicals) dont create. Without Spectrums, NT's would still be sitting around in caves, gossiping about interpersonal relationships.

“The Minnesota Department of Education said that in the Minneapolis' early childhood and kindergarten programs, more than 12 percent of the students with autism reported speaking Somali at home.” The report then goes on to say that “more than 17 percent of the children in the district's early childhood special education autism program are Somali speaking.”
Minneapolis Schools were seeing a higher rate of Somali children with autism than children of other nationalities.
two to seven times higher
Autusim phthalates to blame?..
Swedish families were asked..a variety of questions related to the indoor environment. ... 4,779 children between the ages of 6 and 8, 72 had autism,... 60 boys.
The researchers found four environmental factors associated with autism: vinyl flooring, the mother's smoking, family economic problems and condensation on windows, which indicates poor ventilation.
Infants... who lived in bedrooms with ... PVC, floors were twice as likely to have autism five years later, in 2005, than those with wood or linoleum flooring.
..Children in the study also were twice as likely to have autism if their mothers smoked cigarettes. The autistic children also were more likely to have asthma.
it appears they measured "autism spectrum disorder" which this sciam report is calling "autism"

Why are NZ military supporting Obama's Pipe-line route invasion?

the new Shia Family Law negates the need for sexual consent between married couples, tacitly approves child marriage and restricts a woman's right to leave the home, according to UN papers seen by The Independent.

We are propping up this government - a government which purports to legalise the abuse of women and children, and implements the gender slavery of Sharia law - with armed troops. It's long past time we stopped. Instead, the government has recently extended their deployment until 2010.

This raises the obvious question: how bad does Afghanistan's government have to get before we admit that it is not worth the life or time of a single New Zealander? With the US demanding a greater commitment to their war, it is a question we are going to have to answer - and soon.

given that the Taliban are a bunch of seminarians who have no idea on women's rights or health... surely intervention/regime change should have a time limit of 18-24 months? Why persist in failing? Why support robot planes bombing wedding parties, in aid of corrupt opium dealers? - Opium is a fine thing, but contraband dealers are not.

Even though Moscow never planned to occupy Georgia long-term in its 2008 war ... by briefly cutting off the BTC oil flow, Russian troops made it all too clear to global investors that Georgia wasn't a reliable energy transit country. In other words, the Russians made a mockery of Zbig's world.

For its part, Azerbaijan was, until recently, the real success story in the U.S. version of Pipelineistan. Advised by Zbig, Bill Clinton literally "stole" Baku from Russia's "near abroad" by promoting the BTC and the wealth that would flow from it. Now, however, with the message of the Russia-Georgia War sinking in, Baku is again allowing itself to be seduced by Russia. To top it off, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev can't stand Georgia's brash President Mikhail Saakashvili. That's hardly surprising. After all Saakashvili's rash military moves caused Azerbaijan to lose at least $500 million when the BTC was shut down during the war.

If it keeps on rainin, levees goin to break
between 1961 and 2003, sea level has risen 50 percent faster than computer models predicted.
In the Pliocene era 3 million years ago, the sea level was 131 feet higher

Rome could not break Persia
Psychobabble is the last resort of capitalist ideologues, academics, experts and financial page editorialists. Unwilling to face the breakdown of real existing capitalist markets, they write and resort to vague utopias such as ‘proper markets’ distorted by ‘certain mindsets’. In other words, to save their failed ideology based on capitalist markets, they invent a moral ideal the ‘proper capitalist mind and market’, divorced from real behavior, economic imperatives and contradictions embedded in class warfare.

fascinating how zionist is Obama

dogpatch great old Kauri houses in San Francisco

Stolen Generation
remembering the 60s - the early 60s
when thousands of young women who 'got into trouble' who got pregnant while not married, had their babies stolen.
In New Zealand and Australia, perhaps around the western world.
This was a 'rationalist' project - actually a christian project, hence the scare quote marks around 'rationalist'. The pregnant girls were sent a distant province. The newborn was taken from the mother, she was not permitted to hold the child. This was a rationalist project. Attachment was rationally not permitted to develop. The child was given out to adoption, the mothers were made to swear on a bible that they would never attempt to contact their children.
. This huge mass abduction of young is unique in human history.

. I see this 'rationalist' project as part of a policy to make poverty impossible. Not that people wouldn't be poor, but the poor lifestyle was being marginalised, driven out of the rationalist picture.
Poor culture deals with extra-marital pregnancies is a matter-of fact way by giving the baby to known, nearby, usually near family, women who can care for them. Just as poor culture deals with housing by ignoring 'rationalist' building codes, and simply building structures. Rendered hollow block, unpainted plywood partitions. rational shelter for loving, extended families.

My own family had a large house in central capital city. A succession of unwed mothers from the provinces became 'maids' in our household. I only clearly recall the last one "Trish" who was somewhat bolshie - unwed mothers were presumed to be ignorant working class. I dont recall how much housework Trish did. She had her own room, and got well fed in the high fat chops & dairy way of the early 60s. Way better than she would have got in the 'homes' - xtian boarding institutions that housed bulk pregnancies on slim rations.
. As a 12yrold I obviously had a crush on Trish, and got rather jealous when she developed an attraction to the butcher boy, who she would clandestinely meet in Aitkin street on the way back from Sunday mass at the Basilica.
. I sometimes think that father had a thing for pregnant women. He became an Ob/Gyn, Mother had 10 pregnancies. all those pregnant maids...

Robert Ogden, owner of fat 55m boat Masquerade which is docked in Wellington. Hope he is amongst the first to get the guillotine when we eat the rich.
I passed by his grotesque boat, lackeys were polishing it, I chucked some over-ripe bananas against the hull to give them something to do, since they jeered at me.
Seems the old villain made his initial pile with a "coal-washing" business. How suitably vile.
I might get some black paint to splash on his filthy rich hull.
The Guardian says he is a great guy, gave half a mil to poor lads in Yorkshire. Got a knighthood for charity to palliative care. I still hate anyone who private jets to wherever his stupid boat is docked.
I dont relish the Guardian toadying to a 'tycoon' (sic)
Guess Ogden has built a terrific image, well why wouldnt you give a million to youf if you had a billion..

leaf-cutter ants fancy biotics and anti-biotics

update: why would I link to 'nature' - that selfish organ of the Royal Society, which now seems dedicated to keeping knowledge from the masses?

Satellites whizzing around

Argentina, formerlly a major grain exporter, now a dust exporter.?

Cell Lab on a fluidic chip

..Massachusetts General ... lab-on-a-chip that can sample and analyze the circulating tumor cells from just a teaspoon of blood..
Most carcinomas shed malignant cells that enter the bloodstream ... These circulating tumor cells (CTCs) constitute just a tiny fraction of blood cells, often fewer than one in a million, ..The team has adapted microfluidics technology.. ... CTC-chip ... a silicon-etched chip fitted with microscopic columns, a chamber to enclose the fluid and chip, and a pneumatic pump. ...
The CTC-chip relies on 78,000 microposts to grab cancer cells from a mix of normal blood components ... The posts are coated with antibodies to the epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM). Nearly all carcinoma cells bear EpCAM ... Normal blood cells lack EpCAM

In their first test of the chip, described in the December 20, 2007, Nature, the researchers used blood samples from 116 patients with lung, prostate, pancreatic, breast or colorectal cancer and successfully isolated CTCs in all but one case. The CTC-chip finds cancer cells as rare as one in a billion blood cells, making it at least 100-fold more powerful than the most widely used conventional method..

This is major important. In the future, we will spend a big part of our time and attention feeding small blood/saliva/sputum samples into hand held fluidic logic devices that will check the immune & MHC markers on selected leukocytes. Sounds weird, but this will be a daily thing. Various synthetic viral vectors will be shooting stop codons into endogenous retroviral chromosomal spots, and squirting anti-sense RNA strips into cells we dont like. Good sequences will be gold. Proven N5H1 antibodies will be flash loaded into B memory cells. Why rely on stochastic random antibody production from vaccines. Simply shoot the good script straight into your bodies repertoire.

Ashley has to be the favourite twin

29 March 2009

LiveJournal is BugMeNot blocked

feel free to impersonate me on livejournal
eg comments to The Independent
username and password:


Seadragon, Biochar, Torrefaction, Dobet Gnahore, Circumcision

Arnold Toynbee...civilizations rise under the leadership of a creative minority, who are able to offer a vision of human destiny and possibility strong enough to overcome the inertia of tradition and launch a new phase of social integration. As long as the creative minority continues to come up with successful responses to the challenges and curve balls the world throws at every human society, the society they lead continues to expand. Sooner or later, though, the creative minority becomes so deeply committed to some particular set of solutions that it keeps on trying to apply those solutions, whether or not they actually fit the challenges. At that point the creative minority degenerates into a dominant minority, ruling its society by increasingly blatant coercion rather than inspiring it with the force of its ideas. Unsolved problems pile up as failed responses are repeated on an ever more lavish scale, and the death spiral of decline and fall begins.
a small company in New Zealand, EcoInnovation Ltd., that builds micro-hydro systems – ... What sets the EcoInnovation systems apart from others, though, is that the generators used in them are salvaged washing machine motors.

new Computer Interfaces Amazing videos of

"computer vision algorithms have registered these images spatially" Blaise Aguera y Arcas at Microsoft

Bad Virus
Confliker C. The recent report by SRI makes for some chilling reading. On April 1 (that is, next Wednesday!) the virus is set to…well…do something. It’s not clear what, but with so many millions of computers will do it. ... Variant C, which emerged on the Internet at roughly 6 p.m. (PST) on 4 March 2009. T

Biochar Again
George Monbiot is arguing against plantations for charcoal on 'degraded' land - GM apparently dislikes spruce. I wonder if he would support DOC crews who poison "wilding" pines because folks dont like them. because Montery pines are not enzed 'native'.

. GM is very harsh on Massey U's Peter Read who sees former forests as 'degraded land' where plantations will lead the impoverished into the joys of a 'waged income'.
My personal experience of logged rain forests, in Palawan, was armed guards keeping the peasants off. The particular guard who squashed next to me in the front seat of a jeepney, had the disturbing habit of playing with his M16, displaying the loaded clip. His weapon had the grenade launcher attachment, which seemed somewhat overkill. As a timid 'Haribon' tee-shirt wearer I was already heading out of town. He was escorting sacks of something, I believe they were coral.
The big boss boasted that he was saving the forests by scaring off the poor. Only a few had been shot, people got the message. The boatman in the harbour refused to go with rifle-shot of the ship obviously illegaly loading round-logs for export.

In the early 90s the green movement believed that tropical rain-forests once logged became sun-baked lateric desserts. Paleo-Billionaire Ludwig famously failed in a plantation attempt in the Amazon.. Recently, however, it has become evident that with enough fertilizer and alkali, ex-jungle can grow soy-beans to the horizon. This perhaps puts rainforests even more at risk.

Wandering through Central American Jungle (nb the word Jungle is non-PC in green circles, be careful where you use it) Alarmed by rushing herds of peccaries. Awed by the enterprise of leaf-cutter ants. Various mounds, I later learned, are remnants of the Maya civilization - which signed off 1,111 years prior to my visit. Looked like 'natural' rainforest to me. Apparently it is enriched with fruit trees, indicative of human modification. More mammals because of the fruit trees.
Throughout the Amazon large lenses of black earth indicate prior human settlement - the stuff grows back, you can harvest some of it and sell it - buyers get shards of pre-colombian pottery with their 'humus'.
I watched a video of some anthropologist standing on a bend of the Congo river, bent down and picked up pottery shards. Seems the Congo forest was populated also. Dont know what Pan did then.

During torrefaction, woodchips go through a machine ..– to remove the moisture and toast the biomass. ..drier and easier to crush.
The torrefied wood ... retains 80 percent of the original energy content in one-third the weight. .. NC State ... Autothermic Transportable Torrefaction Machine (ATTM), is field portable and self-heated. ... reduces the cost of transporting tons of woody biomass ..
[ add a stirling engine generator, and what more do ya need?]
pritchardpower - Pritchard had 2-man lifted biomass Stirling engines,

Dobet Gnahore wondrous singer


LNG tanker

216,000m³. say 100 kilotons if it was mixed with air thats 100+ kilotons, a thermonuclear sized blast.
Fortunately its difficult to get the air mixture right.
The density of LNG is roughly 0.4 1 to 0.5 kg/L, ... The energy density 60% of that of diesel fuel.[1] ... LNG ... 1/600th the volume of natural gas

circumcised men had a 25% reduced risk for infection. for Herpes. 35% less HPV (warts, most cervical cancer
Foreskins seem to invite infections. Perhaps the SQE cells had a role in presenting possible infections for inspection. HIV infects the inspectors. I dont know if HSV and HPV similarly circumvent the immune system.
I was circumcised. I had HPV. - since burnt off with chemicals. A girlfriend died of cancer. I was not informed of her death, nor was I told if it was cervical cancer. Thats a hideous burden to carry