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02 July 2003

In the rain muddy carpark,
Black cockatoos ripping Douglas pine cones
showering the cars beneath with shattered remnants.
Somehow cheering to see such marvelous natives
taking to those imports.

02-07-3 12:16PM
Bush said: 'God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them.'"


BAGHDAD, July 1 (IslamOnline.net .. Few hours after an American helicopter gunship reportedly bombed a mosque in Fallujah..six U.S. soldiers were killed and four others injured..
.. 0600 GMT..rocket-propelled grenade on a U.S. Humvee....in the al-Mustansiriya neighborhood,(AFP)

Fallujah follies

FALLUJAH ..Fox News & (AP)..death toll .. ten people.
A U.S. helicopter had pounded Al-Hassan mosque in Fallujah..on Monday night.
..wounded including the Imam, Sheikh Laith, whose leg was amputated.
(other reports say Sheikh Laith has died)

Wildly varying body-counts

Aus TV last night said 4 more Coalit deaths, This am the NYT didnt mention
but then this:

NYT July 1
"In Baghdad today, three soldiers were injured by an "improvised explosive device," according to Sgt. Patrick Compton, a military spokesman"
"Since Mr. Bush declared an end to major combat operations two months ago, at least 728 members of coalition forces in Iraq have been wounded, Sergeant Compton said. At least 154 of them have died in hostile actions and 75 have died in non-hostile actions"

Just last week the NYT was saying 17 dead, now its 154


(Reuters).. U.N. terrorism committee ..
"Nothing has come to our notice that would indicate links between Iraq and al Qaeda," said Michael Chandler

01 July 2003

wa qad u'thira man anthar
- don't blame someone who has already given you a warning.

NZ troops bound for Iraq [Listener returns to the web]

Wellington can now design Nuclear weapons?
Wellington's Weta Digital studio is now the most powerful Intel-based high-performance computing centre in the world.

Alas, I left Wellington for Manhattan on 1980. intent on making computer graphics movies. A crew there made about 3 frames for a proposed movie... as usual I was 20 years ahead of the times, but who would have guessed that my home town would become the world centre?

whose got the plastique?
"The military seized the 450-kilogram cache of C-4 plastic explosives.[in]. an alleged MILF bomb-making facility in Kabuntalan, Maguindanao."
the RP army is pissed off because thats more C-4 than they had...

Choppers Ahoy.

A Bogotá court has ruled to end the harmful U.S. sponsored aerial fumigation [glyphosate, and a surfactant, cosmo-flux 411f] in Colombia until a study of the herbicide has been conducted.. the Colombian government plans to appeal..and continue spraying ..

So when will the peasants in the hills of West Auckland rise up against the aerial sprayers? Word is that $400M in foreign investment in pine trees is held up until an Aussie moth is eliminated. So people are sprayed. That huge monoculure of Pinus Radiata already absorbs all the "recycled" copper in NZ to stop fungus.

Choppers here overhead again at 2:30am. I arrive rather grumpy in the rain at Redfern station. No sign of the usual bunch of police. I Say to a black man "where are the pigs, cant they stand the rain?" he replies "They're over there hassling my wife". So I goes over and commences my nutter mode (I'm wearing yellow parka & yellow rain trousers and yellow specs) I see two young cops standing over a black woman. I sez "Dont claim to be trying to make the population like you, with those choppers overhead at 3 am, you're trying to make the population hate you, and guess what, it worked" They are dumfounded, I walk away. They try the "Hoy!" shout which I gleefully ignore. They follow me .. I hope the black woman makes her getaway.

Off to the tropics for a month.
When I get back I plan to buy a keyboard (Evolution 49 velocity sensitive MIDI $220]

Also plan to become a LAMP expert [Linux Apache MySql PHP]

Thoughts on turning 55. No health problems beyond the sciatica from my 40's which I blame on sitting all night at my computer entranced by number theory.

My only "health" problem: my face, which has sagged. I understand those bad face-lifts, (Peter Fonda, Paul Hogan) The sags feel uncomfortable all the time, I would love to have 10% of the skin just removed.

Last night the Security had a chopper overhead from 3 till 4. An entire suburb kept from sleep just because they found a body in a bin in Redfern. Disturbed sleep, an effort to forget dreams, where I'm always in the wrong - my unconscious is constantly scolding me.
The press headlines this morning:
Herald: "Palestinian truce"
Australian: "Islamic truce"
Will the Australian report actions by the Zionist entity as "Jewish"?

Finished Edward Tellers memoirs. What a grotesque and dangerous liar the fellow is. However I cant resist anything written about Los Alamos. ET studied as a teenager under Werner Heisenberg,who had just shaken the world with his Matrix quantum theory with its epinominous uncertainty theory.
WH was just 6 years older than ET, so its understandable that personal loyalty means he still believes that WH did NOT try to make a Nazi A-Bomb. The general uncertainty now tends to the belief that WH did try.

ET can be amusing when not listing all the people who would still talk to him. In Los Alamos after the war the place was privatised. Signs changed from "Residents will not walk on the grass" to "Residents please do not walk on the grass" and the Pines (Los Alamos) were bulldozed. ET went off to a new bomb factory because Los Alamos wouldnt promise to build the H-bomb. The new place now called Lawrence-Livermore. ET describes Lawrence as right wing so he must have been really extreme...

ET seems to believe that a little radiation is good for you, so he never worried much about atmospheric tests. I would have to side with Pauling, Bertrand Russell and Sakharov, and the whole ban-the-bomb movement. ET was once in WA talking with Lang Hancock about using HBombs to excavate a harbour. He got along famously with Ronnie Raygun. Talks about "El Salvador" where the US helped "resistance" against a "Soviet supplied": "Communist Government" I assume he means Nicaragua, where Raygun sent contra groups to blow up schools and health centres, to overthrow an elected government. ET was in charge of the first reactor safety committee. One good idea was that reactors should be deep underground.

ET lies about his testimony against Robert Oppenheimer - lies easily seen in the transcript the book provides.

The book does not clear up the competition between him & Stan Ulam. It is clear that ET's original idea for the "Super" wouldn't work. Many say that Ulam provided the idea of compression. ET says he thought of it. He refused to co-sign a Patent with Ulam. Ulams biography says that ET came up with the idea of radiation compression. According to internet diagrams, polystyrene is wrapped around a stick of LithiumD. The C in the polystyrene convert outgoing radiation to inwards radiation to compress the stick?

One thing I learned in the book is that some A-Bombs were duds. I had previously read (Rhodes?) that no A-Bomb had ever failed. But ET says the first one they tried at Livermore didn't even destroy the tower. The second one destroyed the tower, but the tower was smaller. Rival Los Alamos were laughing. The first fusion test was also a dud. I believe the Brits first fusion test was also a dud. Its sort of reassuring to know that Abombs may fizzle.

ET seems to have found particle physics too hard, and he doesnt mention Feynmans 1948 QED papers.
He claims to have invented the clock on the cover of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, but he disavows its later anti-bomb positions.


News from Lawrence Livermore:
18kg "RadScout", uses a germanium sensor .. mechanically cooled to -280F,..eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen...gamma rays or neutrons ..analyzes the unique emission fingerprint ..can detect a radioactive weapon shrouded in lead.