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15 November 2005

Mangrove murder, Sleeping bag, Soykino, Harere, German cheesebox

Mangroves, Fishponds, and the Quest for Sustainability
"As I write on this late June afternoon, my heart grieves amid news that a young couple, dearly loved former research colleagues living in the north of Panay Island in the Philippines where I work, had been shot over a fishpond dispute. The owner, it seems, did not want them to use a shortcut on his property that led to the pond the couple was renting from him. Bullets shattered the jaw, collarbone, and colon of the husband, a marine biologist who miraculously survived, but they proved fatal to his wife, an aquaculture nutritionist and university instructor."

Is it possible to use fossil fuels without the negative effects?
Holmgren: Well, the example we give within permaculture is that right from the beginning there has been a strong emphasis on earthworks, using bulldozers to create dams, house sites, appropriately constructed roads and earthworks to direct the flow of water. The idea is that properly designed and constructed earthworks are one of the ancient ways in which people manipulated catchments to increase their total productivity, like the rice terraces of southeast Asia and many other structures that required the work of generations of people working with mostly human labor, sometimes animal power. We now have, as the result of technology and fossil fuels, the capacity to move earth very cheaply. Those earth structures, if they're well designed, can be maintained by future generations with little human labor. So that represents a very good investment of the capital capacity we have now.
in Australia the glass of milk we drink is about twenty percent oil. In Europe, it's about fifty to sixty percent oil. In Israel, it's about ninety percent oil! In Saudi Arabia they've gone further than that—they have to desalinate sea water, too. What that shows is if there's enough energy you can do anything, in a way. You might get some very perverted systems, but it's still possible.

How to Plan for Peak Oil on a Limited Budget
Chris Lisle
your Sleeping Bag
There’s only one item I recommend you buy, and that’s a good sleeping bag. A good sleeping bag is worth its weight in gold. You need a good sleeping bag for many reasons. In a true survival situation, most people die because of hypothermia, not because of lack of water or food. A person can die of hypothermia in temperatures well above freezing. Just getting cold and wet at 60 degrees can make someone go hypothermic. In any survival situation, maintaining body temperature is critical to surviving. Further, getting sleep is essential to a good attitude and essential for making good decisions. Cave men would have killed for a good sleeping bag.

Canadian Chemical Producers Association released a statement pointing out that by far the most valuable use of natural gas was to make other materials such as vinyl and plastics. The Association contends that using natural gas to make materials is far more valuable to our civilization than burning it to keep warm or to make electricity that can be produced by other fuels. Until recently there was so much gas around nobody really looked very hard at what it should be used for. Anything that made economic sense was fair game.
It’s now starting to look as if natural gas may become scarce even before oil does.

Our Village
Dmitry Orlov
As I mentioned, the collapse of the Soviet economy was barely detectable in Soykino. Reasoning by analogy, if some of the more pessimistic (or, as more and more of us think, realistic) predictions come true, and the developed portions of the United States become completely dysfunctional, much more so than they are presently, a village such as Soykino, if one existed, would remain similarly unaffected. And if you owned a house there, you could live there, and be unaffected as well.
Upon arriving, you would no doubt have to explain to the other residents what happened: "You see, the economy collapsed, and now there is nothing more for me to do out there." And they would say: "No! Really? That's a pretty big thing, isn't it?" And you would say: "Huge! Could you please pass the pickled mushrooms?"

Middlebury Institute, which “hopes to foster a national movement in the United States” that will “place secession on the national political agenda; develop secessionist and separatist movements here and abroad; . . . create a body of scholarship to examine and promote the ideas of separatism; and work carefully and thoughtfully for the ultimate task, the peaceful dissolution of the American Empire.” The authors, Kirkpatrick Sale and Thomas Naylor, note that “the national government has shown itself to be clumsy, unresponsive, and unaccountable in so many ways

When the historians come to write the history of the 21st Century, they may well record that the African nation of Zimbabwe was the first to succumb to peak oil.
A few years ago, the government turned much of the oil import business over to the private sector while retaining price caps on retail gasoline. Obviously, when the cost of oil got higher than the permissible sales price, gas stations went dry. This has resulted in a black market where gasoline is selling for ten times the controlled price.

While Zimbabwe 's multiple economic problems make it an atypical case, it is the first country to run almost completely out of oil. This, in turn, gives us a look at what will happen as the consequences of expensive and scarce oil spreads around the globe.

By last week, nearly all buses and commuter taxis in the capitol, Harare , had stopped running, forcing tens of thousands to walk to work. While there are still a lot of private cars on the road, they are being fueled with $36 a gallon black market gasoline. Municipal services have stopped. There are no trash collections, no ambulances, or operating public works vehicles. Only one fire truck has any fuel left. The police immediately commandeer any fuel they come across. Clean water and electricity are available sporadically. Hospitals are out of supplies and the staff is fleeing. What was once one of the cleanest, most modern cities in Africa is nearly finished.

, or how ConIntern will treat you...
Officials were being asked what they were going to do about all those families living up on the freeway? The officials responded they were going to take care of us. Some of us got a sinking feeling. "Taking care of us" had an ominous tone to it.

Unfortunately, our sinking feeling (along with the sinking City) was correct. Just as dusk set in, a Gretna Sheriff showed up, jumped out of his patrol vehicle, aimed his gun at our faces, screaming, "Get off the fucking freeway". A helicopter arrived and used the wind from its blades to blow away our flimsy structures. As we retreated, the sheriff loaded up his truck with our food and water.

the East German technology, known as "electroflux gradient" technology, identifies the magnetic fields of unlike metals. These fields are electronically targeted and, in turn, trigger detonations. Only certain machinery, like Humvees and tanks trigger the explosions, while people, horses, and donkeys that near the devices result in no detonations. The circuitry and explosives are contained in what is called a "German cheesebox." The box is able to focus the blast to defeat armor. A military intelligence official said these units are hard to defeat and make armor virtually obsolete.
[I always say: use two IR beams, that gives you speed and length of vehicle, so you can detonate your shaped charge to kill the maximum Australian or USA or English troops. Not sure what the current Australian law on disaffection is, but surely there is a moral duty on every able-bodied citizen, anywhere in the world, to proceed immediately to Iraq and kill Australian troops - they are illegal invaders]