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20 December 2006

DOD, DHLawrence, Mayan , eclipse

Violent attacks in Iraq have risen to the highest level on record, the US defence department has said ..
.. average of 959 attacks every week between August 12 and November 10.
..More than two thirds of attacks in the country were aimed at soldiers serving with the US-led terrorist "multinational force" but most of the casualties were Iraqis.
[I threw in that terrorist, since the NYT refers to Non-USA forces as terrorists, turnabout is fairplay]

D H Lawrence, and Fascist Underground armies in Australia

cybersydney dhl
I speculated that much of the “mystery” of Kangaroo – its Diggers and Maggies secret army material – might be explained had Lawrence run across a man called Jack Scott in Sydney in 1922. ..The genesis of the Darroch theory
does his use of the word “Diggers” refer to the KEA or to Australian ex-servicemen generally? Nowhere else does L refer to Australian ex-servicemen as “the Diggers”. The only use he makes of the word is to describe the “front” organisation behind his “Maggies”. Indeed, the dual nature of Callcott/Cooley’s organisation – “the Diggers clubs*” and the “secret organisation” behind them, as Trewhella refers to it (see 29/1/78 & K [Heinemann] pp 160-61) - so reflects Brookes’ APL arrangement (see 15/3/78) as to make it well nigh indisputable that here L is referring to the KEA, & his (admittedly fuzzy) understanding of Rosenthal’s organisation.

Rosenthal may have been a part-model for the authoritarian ex-soldiers' leader Benjamin Cooley in D. H. Lawrence's novel, Kangaroo (London, 1923). Rosenthal had been founding secretary in 1921 and later president of The King and Empire Alliance, with which Lawrence had been in contact, probably through W. J. R. Scott.

SCOTT, WILLIAM JOHN RENDELL (1888-1956)..1921-23 he held executive office in The King and Empire Alliance. ..Jack Callcott in Lawrence's novel Kangaroo (1923) may have been based on Scott...
In November 1925, acting on the instructions of Prime Minister S. M. (Viscount) Bruce, Scott selected 500 ex-A.I.F. men to assist the police should plans to deport the union leaders Tom Walsh and Jacob Johnson instigate a violent response from the labour movement. In 1931 Scott became chief of staff of the 30,000-strong Old Guard, a predominantly rural secret army .. Even after the Old Guard's disbandment in August 1932, a nucleus of its leaders held meetings in Scott's office.

The Pro-Hitler, Fascist Origins of the Liberal Party
The first of the fascist citizens leagues, the Who’s for Australia League, was formed in late 1929..headed by A.E. Bennett, occultist, theosophist..a major figure at Sydney’s theosophist-founded radio station, 2GB, named with the initials of 16 the Century gnostic philosopher Giordano Bruno... Theosophy and its sister cult, freemasonry, played crucial roles in organising both the citizens leagues, and their associated fascist militias ..

[Giordano Bruno would like to clearly disassociate this blog from the Liberal Party, The Bennetts, Mussolini,and Fascist militias. GB would also like to dissociate himself from radio 2GB and the execrable Alan Jones, a PRN if ever there was one. GB remains a huge fan of DHL, and a huge fan of Krishnamurti, and wishes to state that he resents the appropriation of his initials.]

Merry Christmas
Mayans and Apocalypto nonsense:

There is no Egyptian or Mayan record of predicting solar eclipses.

There is no mention of recorded total solar eclipses, or discussions in the Codex for how to predict these events.

This is the main Man for eclipses:
Since the days of Edmund Halley in the 1600s, there has been some type of eclipse predicting, but with limited access and accuracy. In the 1970s there were two or three prediction books worldwide, but these were usually only available at science libraries. The US Naval Observatory published predictions of individual eclipses a year or two in advance,
Zachary X. Hruby wrote recently in the San Francisco Chronicle: “There exists no archaeological, historic or ethnohistoric data to suggest that any such mass sacrifices -- numbering in the thousands, or even hundreds -- took place in the Maya world.”
[most of the murals show high status individuals cutting their own flesh, lips or penis]

Coincidences... Zero appears within 18 years on 2 continents:
The only civilizations to have Capitals in tropical rainforest are Maya & Khmer [ie those that left major ruins. Amazon and Congo have many pottery shards, indicating major populations]
..The oldest Maya artifact employing both positional notation and a zero is Pestac, Stela 1, Feb. 8, CE 665
..According to Iffrah, a heavy point for zero appears in a Khmer inscription of 683CE found at Trapeang Bay Cambodia
[it is assumed that the Khmer zero derives from Indian culture, because India has a greater tradition of mathematical literature] [ps Iffrah may be late in his Asian zero date?]
Coincidence: #2
Mayan: The highest pyramid Tikal IV is 212ft
Khymer: the highest tower in Angkor Watt 212ft
(either a spooky, subterranean Ley line connection, or a limitation on laterite construction?]

Reprint of my Mayan experiences:

Wander amongst the pyramids in Tikal, realise that the Mayan people didnt vanish, they are still here, weaving now with Industrial dyes, brilliant colours that mark each village. One day they realised they didnt need to work dragging stones, enough pyramids for the Lords, they just walked away. Worked fine, then the Xtians arrived.
In March 1525 Cortez spent part of a day in Nojpeten, the island in Lake Peten [Guatemala] he obtained "small gold of inferior quality" He left, with his band of 230 Spanish and 3000 Mexica auxiliaries - most of which never made it home. It is said he left behind an injured horse. In 1617 some Franciscans visited and destroyed a statue of a horse, Tzimin Chak (Thunder & Lightening) - they were promptly killed. The Izta held out on NojPeten until the Camino Real arrived in Feb 1697. The last Mayan hold-outs in CentrAm.
On 13 Mar 1697 ( or 4 K'an 7 K'ank'in) The Spanish under the Basque Ursúa conquered the island, having built a galeota on the lake shore. Ursúa was rewarded with the governorship of the Philippines, the big prize. A mission uprising briefly recaptured the island in 1704, and AjChau, the former rulers nephew, held out as an independent ruler in Belize for some years, ended up in a mission town.
In March 1980 I spent an afternoon in Flores (formerly Nojpeten) now connected to the mainland by a causeway. I arrived there after what I fervently hope was my last flight in a DC3, from Guat City. In those days I was still traveling by the rule - use the locals transport. The Lake had risen to drown the outer ring of houses - this had never happened before, the street plan was the same as pre-Cortez. The locals seemed stunned. Flores is apparently now a pretty tourist town with recommended restaurants and paddle-boats. Then it was silent. I was un-afraid, having just escaped Jamaica in full spook mode, and I had no realization that great massacres were about to occur. Most everyone I saw would shortly be murdered. Israeli torturers were already at work, teaching the death squads how to inject chemicals to make the entire body swell up in agony like a balloon. The local Mayans were not Iztas, but recent migrants, the few remaining Izta families were across the lake. The locals seemed to look through the tourists as if they weren't real, such trivial concerns and such blithe ignorance of the gathering evil. I had a vague knowledge that some revolutionaries had recently sought refuge in the Spanish embassy in Gaut city. The military had immediately shot everyone in the building, an immediate disdain for diplomatic privilege that should have alerted us to the abuses to come. (200,000 disappeared)
Bus to Tik'al. Dry road, metre high drifts of dark red dust. A jaguar (or margay?) with a bushy striped tail charged in front of the bus. Guess I'll never see another jungle predator like that. Walk in the jungle amidst the ruins. Pigs (Agoutis? Peccaries?) crashing alarmingly by. Tree covered mounds, you realize they were buildings. Stone blocks and tree roots, the base of Temple IV. 1,111 years since the last dated inscription. Some steel ladders to assist the climb. Climb above the canopy. Jungle to the horizon on every direction. Broken only by temples I & II. I spent an hour in the little chamber beneath the roof comb. A Fokker flew by, tourist flight to the nearby strip. I climbed down. Ventured into some underground chamber, wonder what did they did here. Immediately a savage pain strikes me in the gut. I cant walk for a while, then I stagger back to the low rise luxury cabins. Two doctors inspect me and declare its not a Mayan curse, merely colic. Noone will cash my Deutchmark TCs (In those days one carried travelers checks, sometimes not in US dollars). So I cant afford the tourist Fokker, I must fly from Flores tomorrow (4 hour but trip back to Flores to board the Fokker which then flies back to Tikal) This absurdity does give me the enforced chance to sleep out in a hammock in the Jungle. Strangely I never heard the famous howler monkeys. They say that these days you are not allowed to climb to the top of IV. Also Temple I is forbidden (The steps are nightmarishly steep - I clung to the supporting rope- it would take sublime confidence to walk down facing outwards)
These days I would [also] go to Belize.
[ps Dec06 The climb up Temple IV may still be legal, someone told me in 2005]

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