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01 August 2009

Cory, Hoki, Trees, Heartland

Cory Aquino dead at 76 Colon cancer
Corazon Cojuangco.... I guess its a relative who cut trees in Palawan...
the Cojs richer even than the Aquinos?
“The answer to the terrorism of the left and the right is not social and economic reform, but police and military action.”
15,000-acre sugar plantation,

1986 , people power, I wasnt in Manila, got there a few weeks later, got in the queue to walk through Malacangang palace, saw Marcos's bedrooms, his & hers.
Imelda's with the oxygen bottle in case Ferdie payed a visit. My impression of a Dictators life... not so flash, no windows, a dictator cant afford to have windows. Lots of shirts in boxes, a bunch of shoes. Didnt seem so wonderful.
The ground floor area, which used to be open to the Pasig river, closed in... for security, to enable air-con, and to keep out the smell?
Imelda has a thing about the Mendiola bridge leading to the palace. She closed it, Cory opened it, but then her troops shot dead 19 (13?) protesters upon it. That seemed the end of a fantastic approach to freedom.
The city was alive, a dozen sudden new newspapers. I had a buddy who lived there, wrote speeches for Cory (WHO, against tobacco, we smoked ganga in the evenings. The night life was in full swing, expensive sound systems. You can be certain there wont be another time like that. Chernobyl, coral reefs, shabu.
Dictators may fall, but you wont get to walk through their bedrooms.
Cory went on street demos against Gloria.... plus ca change...

"money power will … work upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." Lincoln

The late great Professor June Pallot told me that of the very few efficiency analyses done, one showed clearly that the then 'Ministry of Works' was more efficient than private concerns in the field.
Has the NZ national library got this yet??

Fuel Cells for Soldiers
Livermore (Calif.)-based UltraCell and Adaptive Materials of Ann Arbor, Mich. Their solution: small, sturdy fuel cells that can power a soldier's clutch of mobile devices for a week on a gallon or so of methanol or propane. Battle-ready versions of the fuel cells will be available this year.
[- Why not urine based fuel cells... theres a lot of energy in that fixed nitrogen
[dontcha realise, gunpowder was made from saltpetre.... ie urine...]

cash for Clunkers
replace with new cars.... this is a really bad idea.
Much better idea: replace the computer chips in existing cars, so that they run on 2 cylinders... ie very slowly .. 30kph
...Save all that energy required to build new cars.

Rebuilding Global Fisheries – evaluating 31 marine areas...
gives NZ a tick
But: Orange Rought excluded, because they didint have the data... ie a bias against including dodgy fisheries?
"..to improve the sustainability of the hoki fishery,” Wayne McNee said. “Catch limits were progressively reduced, from 250,000 tonnes in 2001 to 90,000 tonnes in 2007, to reduce fishing pressure and enable the stock to rebuild. The recently-completed 2009 assessment shows that the stock is now within the target range.”

After the fish are gone,, you get giant jellyfish?

Independent science consultants Dragonfly ... 2006-7 ..
3107 seabirds and 542 marine mammals were killed in our trawl and long-line fisheries,

"Major Conservation Policy Issues for Biodiversity in Oceania' is available for download at the SMC Resource Library.
????? not seen


Forestry plantings
trees plantations

570,000 ha post 1990 - I cant understand this report
"LUCAS has mapped post-1989 forest (Kyoto forest) area as 566,106 hectares. This is 18,000 hectares lower than the estimate of eligible Kyoto forest area used in the 2009 Net Position Report based on the NEFD."
Is this good or bad news??

Natural Gas
USA has a lot:
2,074 trillion ft³ of domestic natural gas ( ng)reserves = 350 E9 bbl oil, = Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves

....displacing large numbers of gasoline-fueled vehicles with natural gas....
USA consumes 390 million gallons of gasoline per day. .[.A gallon of gasoline 115,000 BTU]
45 trillion BTUs per day. [ng 1,000 BTUs per standard cubic foot (scf)]
.. to replace all gasoline consumption would require 45 billion scf per day,... 16.4 trillion scf per year. Current U.S. ng= 23 trillion scf per year ..replacing all gasoline with ng = a total usage of 39.4 trillion scf per year, an increase of 71% .

2,074 trillion scf...= 53 years of combined current ng and gasoline consumption

USA has absurd high licence fees to convert cars to cng.... they could maybe learn from Muldoons NZ think big cng conversions?
But not from the absurd catalytic gas to petrol ???

the big lie in Afghanistan

Alice Walker in Gaza
"The best place one could be on Earth"
...Rolling into Gaza I had a feeling of homecoming. There is a flavor to the ghetto. To the Bantustan. To the "rez." To the "colored section." In some ways it is surprisingly comforting. Because consciousness is comforting. Everyone you see has an awareness of struggle, of resistance, just as you do..............
We don't hate Israelis, Alice, she says, quietly, what we hate is being bombed, watching our little ones live in fear, burying them, being starved to death, and being driven from our land. We hate this eternal crying out to the world to open its eyes and ears to the truth of what is happening, and being ignored. Israelis, no. If they stopped humiliating and torturing us, if they stopped taking everything we have, including our lives, we would hardly think about them at all. Why would we? .
...we are lucky to live at a time when all lies will be exposed, along with the relief of not having to serve them any longer.
....Israeli military has destroyed over two and a half million olive and fruit trees alone since 1948.

National Socialism??
almost all land inside Israel’s 1948 borders, including West Jerusalem, has been registered as “state land” managed by a body known as the Israel Lands Authority.
The authority allows neither Palestinians nor Israelis to buy property on state land. Instead long-term renewable leases are available to Israeli citizens and anyone eligible to immigrate to Israel under the country’s Law of Return -- meaning Jews....................
...Settlements in East Jerusalem -- now covering 35 per cent of the eastern city, according to Mr Seidemann -- are also built on land declared as “state land”, in violation of international law


Christopher Johnstone Landscape Paintings of New Zealand
I have just now noticed this 2006 book at Unity books.
It covers the intellectual landscape from Frank Pound's "Frames on the Land" 1982 [the sublime], to the Kelliher prize, awarded from ca 1956-1977 [the ridiculous]
Our entire family would regularly visit the Dominion Museum for the Kelliher. Even as an 11 year old I knew it was horrendously lowbrow (cousin Frank had perhaps educated me)
We would comment on how the more distant hills were more blue, and how true to life this was. How we loved the Dominion Museum, with its cluttered glass cases of stuffed animals. We went there a lot as a family.
Te Papa with its awkward angular shapes and dioramas (how tediously 20th century is a diorama?) - how could it arouse such affection?
I'm glad to see CJ's cover is a Don Binney. (Despite being the boss of the art school?) DB's reputation has wavered towards the lowbrow. I have a vested interest. I own a charming Binney Charcoal of Mana island, which I bought in 1970 (for $120?) from Peter Mcleavy's gallery in Cuba St. I suppose I am the first owner. Mcleavy's was new and thrilling then. I recall a 2m oil by Colin McCahon which I declined because it was too expensive ($250?). OK a McCahon family friend told me, they have heaps like it.
Pressure cookers??? KFC recipe is now public?? when will we see the big come-back of pressure cookers?
My youth was filled with the small hissing of an aluminium pressure cooker, aluminium of that early pitted non shiny kind, cooking ham-bone soup with split peas (were they a kind of lentil?) the long slow cooking was overseen by Granddad Tom, who was also responsible for coal fire. Both tasks tinged with danger (explosion or fire from unextinguished ashes) Serious tasks for the old civil servant, living in his daughters house.
Occasionally the weight would blow off the small aperture, and soup would hit the ceiling.
But Granddad never caused a fire in the newspaper-wrapped ashes, in metal rubbish bins...
Heartlands Institute: Blame it all on El Nino

he two-year study by three Australasian scientists was published yesterday in the American Geophysical Union's Journal of Geophysical Research ..

Auckland U Chris de Freitas, Bob Carter James Cook U Townsville John McLean have concluded that little or none ...Climate Science Coalition..

So the denialogues have got a peer reviewed paper explaining an upward trend by cyclic causes.....??
I am fascinated by the emotional basis of these denialogues, several prominent members seem to reside in NZ
A desire to stand out, an anti-establishment, an anti-authoritarian urge? Its difficult to understand these guys who cheerfully prepare to submit their grandchildren to a world of deserts, starvation and warfare.
I remember as a young adolescent having a "popular mechanics" delight and firm belief in technical progress. Nothing could, or should stand in the way of industrial progress, Werner Von Braun's popular book on rockets burned in my measles feverish mind. It took a lot of human intercourse to temper this glorious vision. Oppenheimer over Teller?
Anti-authoritarianism is a healthy principle. However the ability of carbon containing gases to shift light into the IR frequencies is well demonstrated. 2 Watts per m², so far...
Its not so difficult to understand how this shift will crank the world temperature up.
Humans will undoubtedly adjust. Its just that this adjustment will involve crop changes that will mean civilization shifts, which, sans planning, will surely involve famines, giant refugee movements, nuclear war, huge massacres. Its planning which is required. Hyper-individualists like denialogues seem to despise planning. Which is a position of such naivete, evidently they havnt heard of Keynes ("most practical men are indeed in thrall to the ideas of some long dead economist") Sadly giving up Planning to GM - whats good for America, is now defunct, since GM itself is defunct. How I used to pore over and memorise the new years new cars, how excited I was when we got a "Valiant"
I begin to see denialists as early adolescent holdovers, stuck in a teenage truculent refusal to submit to cleanlilness, tidiness, respect, cooperation. Indeed a refusal to submit to socialisation. A nasty carelessness. If this infantile attitude manages to carry the day, and derails efforts to plan for a fuel-less world, then we can expect a tantrum ridden world, messy with depleted uranium ridden rubble heaps.

Leopard vs Crocodile